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Salt Gun?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Sam C, May 7, 2007.

  1. Sam C

    Sam C Well-Known Member

    While browsing through for sale ads for guns, sometimes I see the claim "not a salt gun", what exactly does that mean? Thanks!
  2. NCLivingBrit

    NCLivingBrit Well-Known Member

    Maybe it means the metal hasn't been artificially aged buy burying in rock salt? I know I've used that method to make iron and steel look faux old before.
  3. boomvark

    boomvark Well-Known Member

    Maybe they're trying to say "not an assault gun"?
  4. SDC

    SDC Well-Known Member

    This is a specific reference to a lot of Browning firearms; one of the ways that Browning used to dry out their stocks was to stack the blanks in salt, which would draw out most of the moisture in them (but it would simultaneously draw some of the salt INTO the wood). Then, after the blanks were turned into finished stocks, that salt would corrode the steel where the wood touched. After this all came to light, Browning stopped using the process, but it's something you still have to look out for when buying a used Browning.
  5. Shadow Shock

    Shadow Shock Well-Known Member

    maybe it refers to back in the old days when farmers would lod their shotgun shells with rock salt to keep people out of their crops. the salt wouldn't rally hurt anyone, but it would sting and combined with the smoke and sound, would scare the beggebus out of anyone. by "not a salt gun" perhaps they mean this gun is powerful, and shooting someone with it will do more than scare them and give them a whelp
  6. Highmaster

    Highmaster Member

  7. Sam C

    Sam C Well-Known Member

    Thanks SDC & Highmaster, we all learned something tonight!

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