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Savage 110 ba

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by armorplate, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. armorplate

    armorplate Well-Known Member

    Thinking about my next purchase. Has anyone experience with this rifle?
    I would prefer it in .338 Lapua. Three hundred yards at sub MOA does wet the appetite!

  2. redbullitt

    redbullitt Well-Known Member

    gotten to handle a few and they seemed solid. fit and finish was good.

    All the savage rifles I have shot have all ran very very well. I would think this one would shoot similarly. If you get a good deal I would go for it.

    Be prepared to dish out some cash though. 338 LM is a great cartridge, but it just costs money. I shoot it fairly regularly and it is REALLY great for distance. the 338 RUM is worth a look as is the 338 edge for similar performance.

    If you are not going to be shooting 1000 plus, it may be worth looking into something different. Just my .02
  3. armorplate

    armorplate Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I am already spending a lot of money on brass for my .338\.378 weatherby. I reload for 300wsm. I'm now leaning toward a FNH A5 SPR. Should be good to 1000 Meters. I like the short action magnums, and the rifle is about four pounds lighter.


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