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Savage 30-06 sale at Big 5?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by NAVY SEABEE 303, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. NAVY SEABEE 303

    NAVY SEABEE 303 Well-Known Member

  2. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    I had one in 7mm Rem Mag a couple years ago that I got from Dicks Sporting Goods. I think I got mine for $370 on sale. It was a very accurate rifle. The only reason I sold it was because of the ammo price. I don't know of the quality of the scope though because I switched mine out for a different one.
  3. Tom609

    Tom609 Well-Known Member

    I too bought one from Dicks a few years ago for around $375. I have the 30-06. I don't believe this model has the accutrigger, but I have not been sorry that I bought mine. Even without the accutrigger, it's very accurate at 100 yards. The scope isn't much, but what can you expect for under $400.
  4. NAVY SEABEE 303

    NAVY SEABEE 303 Well-Known Member

    I have never owned a Savage but I have alway been told they are a great platform, is there a model to stay away from? Big 5 also carries the Remmy 770 and I know they are not a very good rifle.
  5. CowboyTim

    CowboyTim Well-Known Member

    Don't count the Mossberg out so fast, know a couple of guys that have them who absolutely love 'em. They were the bottom end prizes on a local gun raffle couple of years ago.
  6. ants

    ants Well-Known Member

    I have no idea how long they last

    Here's my interesting experience with 'cheap' bolt action rifles.

    I bought several just for kicks (no Savages, so I can't comment on that make). Two Rem from Big Five, and one Mossberg from WallyWorld (it was $297).

    Cheap rifles are generally uncomfortable, sometimes not easy to live with. The fit and finish aren't great. Often the controls are not easy to use. The magazines don't fit well, and/or the rounds don't fit into the mag boxes easily. The bolts aren't very smooth. The stocks are cheap and feel 'funny', mostly due to the grip surface but also the stock dimensions are just a bit unusual. The triggers are never good. Seldom are there good aftermarket choices to replace anything you don't like. If it comes with a cheap scope combo, the scope picture is generally a bit substandard (a little cloudy outdoors, to my eye). They have annoying parallax. The center of the glass is generally in focus but outside the center it gets unfocused.

    But boy they shoot extremely well!!! I got sub moa from both cheap Remingtons (770 and 710, the 770 was by far the best) and a Mossberg (that one came with no scope, I mounted a nice Elite 4200 on it).

    So the bottom line about cheap rifles (according to me):
    They probably shoot better than you do,
    but they're harder to live with than a nicer rifle.

    So is it right for you?
    I bet most owners shoot less than 2 boxes in the life of their rifles.
    Take to the range once to make sure the scope is sighted in.
    Then again after 5 years.
    Maybe a deer hunt once every few years.
    Then give it away to a family member.
    Who literally never shoots it.

    So what's wrong with that? Those cheap rifles are PERFECT for those owners.
    And remember, they can shoot extremely well.
    At least I can shoot them extremely well.
  7. FC

    FC Well-Known Member

    I have one of those package rifles from Savage in .308 Win. The scope sucks, the stock is a bit flimsy and the rifle is impressively accurate. If you get one just dump the scope it comes with (save it for a fish bonker) immediately for even a $50 Bushnell and you will be much happier with the setup. So far the only thing mine doesn't shoot well is Winchester 180gr, that stuff groups like buckshot.

    Edge/Axis rifles can be had as a camo combo for around $320, they are great rifles but have a non-adjustable trigger and their scope sucks as all package rifles seem to come with that same fish bonker grade bushnell. You can do a little work to lighten the trigger on an Edge/Axis rifle pretty easily, plenty of instruction for it on the net.
  8. NAVY SEABEE 303

    NAVY SEABEE 303 Well-Known Member

    It sounds like if I replace the optics I would have a good rifle, how's the moa on it?
  9. FC

    FC Well-Known Member

    I actually haven't tried any "good" ammo in mine but it shoots 150gr Federal SP to about .5-.75 MOA and Silver Bear 145gr FMJ to about 1 MOA. The only other stuff I tried was the Winchester 180gr and it was horrible.
  10. bergmen

    bergmen Member.

    I agree. My step son bought the -06 a few years ago. Fabulous rifle crap for scope.

    It's still a good buy even if you make a lamp out of the scope instead of using it.

  11. Kachok

    Kachok Well-Known Member

    I bought the 270 win package gun a couple years ago, the scope was ok in full daylight, the rifle shot moa or better with most ammo types I tried. I just hate the super cheap plastic stocks on the synthetic savages. I really wish Savage would make a sleek sexy fiber stock like my tikka has. What is the difference? Think Tonka vs Corvette. Sadly neither one of them makes a 24" barrel on a 25-06 so I have to go with another brand on my next rifle. Every savage I have owned has been a shooter and I am on number five right now.
  12. slowr1der

    slowr1der Well-Known Member

    If it has the accu trigger it's a decent price. If not, it's not a good deal imo. You can get them for $387-397 at Walmart with a scope and the accu trigger. Prices vary between the two I listed depending on which Walmart, but I've never seen one with it higher than $397. IMO it's one of the best deals going as the accu trigger really is just a good trigger.

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