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SC IDPA match on Saturday

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by LiquidTension, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Well-Known Member

    I'll be at Mid Carolina on Saturday morning to renew my membership and watch the match. Anyone else interested? After the match we could make an afternoon of shooting.
  2. Red_SC

    Red_SC Well-Known Member

    Where is Mid Carolina? I'll be out of town this weekend, but am interested later.
  3. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    You can find a link to Mid Carolina under "Places to Shoot" at Grassroots SC .

    Big Picture-20-30 minutes SE of Columbia.

    Dangit LT, where were you for the high power match a couple of weeks ago? I managed to go to that one, and even shooting with the wife at MCRC the day prior. Now we've got another load of privates to train and I don't get Saturdays off until the end of May. :(
  4. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Well-Known Member

    Well Lang, I don't really have a weapon suitable for high power. Honestly I haven't been shooting in a few months. Apparently I had sexual relations with Murphy's daughter in a past life, because something ALWAYS happens when I plan to go shooting. Anyway, I'll be there in the morning.
  5. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    Dang, it's the state championships, too, isn't it? And my wife's out of town today too...drat drat drat.
  6. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Well-Known Member

    No, the state championships are on 4/24.
  7. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    Dangit...we've got Phase II testing that day. :( Another thing I can't skip.

    Well, now I feel less bad about missing today. How'd it go?

    And just so's ya know...I shot the high power match with one of my K-31s. :cool:
  8. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Well-Known Member

    I didn't compete today. I really just went up there to renew my membership. I did test out my first handloads though. Gotta adjust the taper crimp and all will be well :cool: Also fired my FAL for the first time in about a year...long story, don't ask. Weather was good, but a little warm for my tastes. Overall not a bad trip.

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