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Scope For Cz

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Man With A Gun, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Man With A Gun

    Man With A Gun Well-Known Member

    Just got a 452 LUX in .22LR and need suggestions on a scope for shooting in general but those little iron pigs waaaaaaaay out there.

    My rifle has military sights and I've been told I should use SEE THROUGH mounts.

    Ideas please. Thanks.

    BTW. this is the best deal I've ever seen on a good rifle with a good trigger.
  2. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    I've got a Weaver T-15 on my .17 HM2. The scope is fairly barebones, but functions well for what I use it for. The cost was also quite reasonable.
  3. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Let me guess who ever told you that owns a marlin 336 or remington 7600 with those god awful see thru rings. See thru and mounts rings are the crappiest scope mounting system mankind has yet devised. I literally have a box full of the things, cause when I get a rifle that has them on it the FIRST thing I do is remove thm.

    While there's nothing preventing you from scoping your LUX in my opinion you should have bought a 452 American instead. What's the point of the long barrel and nice sights if you're gonna scope the thing.

    if you insist on putting a scope on your rifle be aware that your rifle use an 11mm dovetail NOT a standard 3/8 like other 22's. I've had good luck using Millet angle-lock 22 rings. Because they clamp from both sides you can get them to hold onto the smaller 11mm dovetail cut into your reciever
  4. corncob

    corncob Well-Known Member

    Krochus is right, you should have gotten a 452 American. You won't get a normal cheek weld on the Lux with a scope, but it may not bother you. Get low rings that are made for the 11mm dovetail and a small scope. I have a Leupold 2-7 rimfire (I think it has the VXII glass) on my American and it is small and light enough not to be noticed. It is pretty clear--a good value unless you want to spend some real money. I have it in cheap Aluminum rings which I lapped just a bit.
  5. hksw

    hksw Well-Known Member


    I've never been able to use low rings on my 452s and (dad's) 453 due to bolt handle clearance issues. Medium is my standard height and have not had any issues with cheekweld.

    Whether the American or Varmint are better than the Lux in terms of mounting a scope, the point is moot, he has a Lux.

    I've had luck with the CZ 11mm rings, but they are, IMO as there is no real standard height designations, medium-high. One of the suprisingly good values, again IMO, are the Accushot rings. They may require some slight filing on the bearing surfaces of the clamps to get the perfect angle fit to the dovetails but they are quite solid. (Aluminum) Have crappy Millet Angle-Locs on my 452 American for position shooting to keep weight down which also seem to work OK. The problem with the Millets is that they are easy to misalign if you are not careful (which would introduce some stress to the scope). A lot of folks also like the Burris rimfire rings (have them on one of my other 452s).

    If something is needed to correct the comb height, there are a few accessories out there that attach to the buttstock to provide the proper height.
  6. corncob

    corncob Well-Known Member

    Yes, sorry, "low rings" means medium rings on the CZ because of the bolt handle. I forgot all about that. Also I would not recommend vertically split rings to my worst enemy. I got them because I find them aesthetically pleasing, but they were a serious pain to install and lap.
  7. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    also , if you like a good close up view of your targets, I love the weaver fixed scopes, 16 power or over , but they will cost you. Other wise , the Tasco Varmint series, comes in a variety of powers. I have two of them , in 6.24.42, and they are great scopes, for about 100 bucks. Otherwise, there is a guy over on rimfirecentral, that is selling an older japanese Tasco, variable power, and any time you can buy some older japanese glass, that is a very good thing.
  8. Riverblue

    Riverblue Active Member

    I have the CZ 452 Lux in 22lr and did not have to use see-through mounts for the scope. I did not remove the iron sights either. I did however end up with the scope (Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x, 40mm objective) objective end with only about 1/16" or so of clearance above the rear iron sight. But it could be done, and there are smaller objectives to be had too (32mm) so I don't think you should have to use see-through mounts, which someone advised me against at some point. (I forget why).

    I don't shoot my 22lr rifles beyond 75 yds or so because the bullet starts dropping a lot after that, but I've heard of people who shoot the 22lr out to 100 and 125 yds and even more, knowing how high to hold the shot. I determined that for myself, for every 100 yds distance, I wanted at least 9 or 10x magnification power, to hunt small game or for target shooting. So for 100yds 9x is fine, for 150 yds I want 15x, for 200 yds I want 20x. For bigger animals I think less magnification is needed but 22lr won't be used on those.
  9. Kilgor

    Kilgor Well-Known Member

    Shooting .22lr at 300 yards is a blast...

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