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Scope Opinions Please

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Prof, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Prof

    Prof New Member

    For around the same price ($250) I can get either a Weaver V16 4-16X42 or a Leupold VX-1 4-12X40 scope. The Weaver has slighter greater magnification but the Leupold has the legendary Leupold reputation. Does anyone have experience with both of these scopes? Which would be brighter, etc.? Thanks!
  2. Prof

    Prof New Member

    Anyone? :confused:
  3. cheygriz

    cheygriz New Member

    Leupold! No contest!
  4. cratz2

    cratz2 New Member

    Well, I usually recommend the Weaver Grand Slams but I'm not sure how the V series scopes compare. One thing I'd recommend is to certainly not get caught up in worring about having the most magnification... get the scope that looks best to you.

    In my opinion, you can never really go wrong with Leupold. Maybe not the best or brightest or the highest magnification or the most features, but always a solid choice and as mentioned, a great warranty. I really like the Weaver Grand Slams. Their 3-10x40 is excellent at the price and I'd put it against the Leupold VariX III 3.5-10.
  5. Urban Warrior

    Urban Warrior New Member

    I second the Leupold. ......UW
  6. Swamp Yankee

    Swamp Yankee New Member

    The Leupold is good, can't comment one way or the other on the Weaver.

    FWIW in the same price range is the Nikon 4.5-14X40 Buckmaster. I have one of these. The optics are outstanding for a scope at this price point. The fit, finish, and function are Nikon all the way. Nikon backs the scope with their lifetime fully transferable warranty, though I doubt you would need it.
    They are available from www.swfa.com or www.bearbasin.com
    Take care
  7. Prof

    Prof New Member

    Thanks for the replies so far. I have mostly Leupold scopes already but I do know that the VX-1 scopes don't have the multiple lens coatings that the VX-2 and VX-3 have. Hence my question about brightness. Anyone with a Weaver who could give me input on how bright they are in comparison? Swamp Yankee, I will check into the Nikon scopes. Appreciate the information.
  8. aerod1

    aerod1 New Member

    Jim Hall
  9. Warner

    Warner New Member

    There's seldom any doubts about Leupolds - only about the rest.

  10. cratz2

    cratz2 New Member

    Again, it always sounds like I'm knocking Leupold when I gloat about the Grand Slams, I'm really not. I just think the Leupolds are a bit over priced when looking purely at optical quality, esp the VariX III.

    I have three Grand Slam 3-10x40 scopes and they are very bright. Much brighter than my newest Leupold VariX II 6-18x40. And comparable to my friends two year old VariX III 3.5-10x40. The difference optically seems to come down to the fact that the Leupold looks like you're looking through good quality glass, the Weaver seems like it's super sharp resolution. I hate to use layman's terms but that's what the difference seems to me.

    At $240-$250 shipped, Grand Slam is absolutely better in every way shape and form than the VariX IIs at a similar price. It is comparable to the VariX IIIs at a much lower price. For reliability, I can't speak with much experience. I have one on a 25-06 that I've put about 880 rounds through and it still looks super and has held it's zero perfectly. I have another on a ADL in 270 that I've put about 1100 rounds through and I bought the rifle and scope used. Perfect in every way. My last one is pretty much brand new so I can't comment.

    You will not go wrong with either a Leupold or Weaver Grand Slam. Leupold has a great and well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability and it's hard to recommend against them. I just can't recommend a $240 VariX I when you can get a scope optically similar to the VariX III for the same price with a bit less magnification.
  11. Fatelvis

    Fatelvis New Member

    Cant go wrong with the Leupold.
  12. Prof

    Prof New Member

    Okay, I've made a decision. Thank you all for your advice. I do appreciate it! In distilling down everything that was said, and checking prices, I've decided to go with a 3-10X Leupold VX-2 scope. Less magnification that either of the original two I was considering but should be brighter than the VX-1. To cratz2 and Swamp Yankee, I don't have a shop locally where I can look through scopes so, since I have Leupolds and know how they look, I'm sticking with them for now. However, I will be buying more scopes in the future and will do some driving to a shop where I can check out both the Nikons and Grand Slams. Thanks again!
  13. cratz2

    cratz2 New Member

    I'm sure you'll be very happy with the VariX II... they're good scopes.
  14. Quack

    Quack New Member

    the hidden scope bargain is the Sightron. i've heard of quite a few die hard Leupold fans making the switch. i just picked one up the other day and am very impressed with it.
    i got the SII 6-24X40AO TT for $337
  15. cratz2

    cratz2 New Member

    I bought a rifle that came with a SII 4-16 and I wasn't that impressed by it. Of course, I sold it for a fair chunk so I liked it for that.

    I'm told the SIIIs are significantly better than the SIIs but the SII I had didn't compare to the Weaver Grand Slam series.
  16. 106rr

    106rr New Member

    Sightron 4X16X42 -- I like it.
    It has got to be one of the all time great bargains in optics.
  17. swifter

    swifter New Member

    I have the VX-l in 4-12. Not bad, but the Swift Optics 4-12X 50 I have is a better scope for about $70 less.:rolleyes: I can't comment on the Weaver, except to say the 3-9 I swapped for is surprising in use. Pleasantly surprising...:D

    The most disappointing scope I've had any experience with was Sightron. Customer service perfectly matched crap product!:cuss:

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