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Scoped Rifle pics

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by WAshooter, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. WAshooter

    WAshooter Active Member

    I'm designing a tee shirt that says reach out and touch someone with a picture of a long range rifle on it. Just wondering if anyone has some good angle shots of a scoped rifle. Thanks
  2. kaizer

    kaizer Well-Known Member

    I like it, use a .50 and I will certainly buy one.
  3. 2TransAms

    2TransAms Well-Known Member

    Here's one,however,this is not my rifle or photograph so you can figure out the legal stuff. It's just an awesome picture.

  4. ClickClickD'oh

    ClickClickD'oh Well-Known Member

    Shameless plugging of my Saiga:

  5. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

    Paging Oleg...I bet he has a couple nice shots for ya.

  6. GunTech

    GunTech Well-Known Member

    I can try and take som better shots of this one if you are interested.

  7. Nolo

    Nolo Well-Known Member

    WAshooter, I'd looking into turning an image into a silhouette, they look infinitely better on T-shirts.
  8. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member



    Here's a few from my photo-pile. Not too great, and I'm sure Oleg will come along and seriously one-up us all.
  9. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    Attached Files:

  10. CheyennePilot

    CheyennePilot Active Member

    Wow. After getting a close look at the Weatherby Mark V and the ammo, I'm glad to be loading my 338/378 ammo. $89.95 for a box of 30/378? I guess it's all perspective. Won't be long before gasoline will be $6.00 a gallon.

  11. Mute

    Mute Well-Known Member

    2TransAm, thanks for posting my pic and saving me the trouble. :D

    Here's a couple more for your consideration:


  12. 2TransAms

    2TransAms Well-Known Member


    I thought I got that picture here on THR! Very nice rifle. Hope I wasn't out of line...I'd have given credit to you if I remembered where I got the pic from!
  13. irishvet

    irishvet Well-Known Member

    I just finnished this rifle.:) It is my first try, it came out great! It's a 1903A3 action, hand carved stock (free floated barrel, glass bedded and bipod), Timmeny trigger, Herter's comp. and a Barska 8-32x50 scope.:cool:

    Attached Files:

  14. kaizer

    kaizer Well-Known Member


    That is sweet, how about some info on that fine rifle?
  15. MJ

    MJ Well-Known Member


  16. Mute

    Mute Well-Known Member

    Rifle is built with a Surgeon action in an AICS. Built by Gardner Precision (GAP). .308, 22" barrel. Badger rings. Scope is a U.S. Optics SN-3 SSDS.
  17. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

  18. sturmgewehr

    sturmgewehr Well-Known Member

  19. WAshooter

    WAshooter Active Member

    The pics are great so far. I'll Probably use Mute's 308. Unless I find something that makes me salivate even more. I'm still waiting to see some pics from oleg. When I have the shirt finished I'll post a pic of it.

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