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Seacamp .32 acp. Opinions from owners.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by LynnMassGuy, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. LynnMassGuy

    LynnMassGuy Well-Known Member

    I'm considering a Seacamp .32acp as my carry weapon for the hot weather. The Seacamp is just about the only pocket pistol available in MA. Does anyone have any experience with this pistol. My second choice is a 38 or 357 snubbie but I'd really like something I could holster in the cargo pocket of shorts without too much printing. The average price around here for the Seacamp is $550.
  2. 98m

    98m member

    I have a Seecamp and here are my thoughts.

    The gun is a very well made weapon of quality materiels and very reliable. So refreshing compared to many of the other weapons that are being made today that often are made largely of plastic.

    The gun is very resistant to rust which is a plus and is very small and easily concealable.

    Contrary to popular belief, even though it was designed only for the short nosed Winchester Siver tips, other types of short nosed light weight bullets work in it. I have handloaded Hornady light weight bullets in the gun and it works fine. I believe they were of 60 grains.

    The down side of the weapon is that it is double action only and has no sights at all. Do not plan on hitting much with this weapon except at virtually arms length. Although its double action is one of the smoothest ever put on a pistol, when you get into a pistol that is this small they are very difficult to shoot even if it were a single action mechanism which of course it is not. This is why I wish it were a single action.l I have owned and shot single action very small automatics and have had no trouble at all hitting man sized targets way out to 25 yards even with the .22's, 25's and .32 automatic single actions but the double action only small pistols are a horse of a different color.

    I am still in search of the ultimate pocket automatic and for me small double action only pistols just do not give me the ability to hit much over arms length as compared to the single action auto's. The only problem is I am waiting for someone to invent a pistol as small as the Seecamp only in single action and chambered for either the .32acp or the .380.

    I thought about the Beretta .32 Tomcat but it is bigger than the Seecamp and will not conceal as well.
  3. Tupperware

    Tupperware Member

    I HAD a Seecamp and here are my thoughts.

    Overated, overpriced and UNDERsupported. Mine had a serious factory defect (tumbling bullets which shed their jackets) and the fax and follow-up letter requesting help both went unanswered.

    Purchased a Kel-Tec and have no regrets! It has a better trigger, sights and less felt recoil. It's significantly lighter and has more capacity. Also has the ability to shoot a greater variety of ammo. Finally, they happily support their product. I've shot over 1500 rounds through mine and when I called to inquire about replacement springs, they GAVE them to me.
  4. LynnMassGuy

    LynnMassGuy Well-Known Member

    I can't buy any new Kel-Tec pistols in MA.:banghead:
  5. Kestrel

    Kestrel Well-Known Member

    I wasn't wild about my Seecamp (sold long ago). I didn't like having no sights, but most of all, I hated the stupid magazine disconnect "safety" and the fact that you couldn't even retract the slide with the mag out of the gun. What kind of design is that?

    ALSO - you could not get a single extra mag at the time. I think they are available, now. (?)

    This was a lot of years ago - I don't know if he has changed the design since.

  6. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    Absolutely the finest deep concealment pocket auto out there. Built like a swiss watch, I can draw it from my pocket and fill the chest of a sil target as fast as I can pull the trigger. Its my constant companion.

    I dont like the mag safety either, but its designed to be a six shooter deep conceal self defense gun. At that it has no peer, none ( and I like kel Tecs too). Perfect for the 24/7 armed civilian who wants a gun witout the hassle of carrying one.

    Dont think I am shillin, but if ya want one reasonable PM me. We sell everyone we get cheaper than $550

  7. Lancel

    Lancel Well-Known Member

    The Seecamp is definitely high quality. And surprisingly accurate even without sights. Also, because it was designed for hollow points only, it doesn't suffer from rimlock like some other .32 ACP pistols.

    I still carry it as a BUG or for deep concealment, but I've lost faith in the .32 ACP for primary self defense and prefer larger calibers now.

  8. Gun Runners Alaska

    Gun Runners Alaska Active Member

    The Seecamp, IMHO, is an excellent pocket pistol and a constant companion.

    Everyone that we've sold has been under $550.00 (we'll even beat wildalaska's prices).:neener:
  9. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member

    A gentleman came to do his CCW renewal shoot at my range.

    He qualified with his .45 Kimber, but he also had his backup Seecamp with him. He actually insisted that I shoot it once. I had heard of Seecamps, but never fired one, so I agreed quickly.

    From 7 yards, I was able to keep every shot on a standard 8.5X11 inch sheet of printer paper. The group was vertically strung for about six inches, but all centered.

    The trigger pull was DA, but not near as heavy nor as long as the trigger pull on a friend's .32 Beretta Tomcat.

    Of course, the older gentleman was able to shoot a group you could have easily covered with the mouth of a standard coffee cup at the same distance, and shoot such a group as fast as he could pull the trigger.

  10. DrDremel

    DrDremel Well-Known Member

    With my Kel-Tec .32 I can hot an 8 x 10 piece of paper 100% of tjhe time at 25 yards. I never tried further. The Seecamp is nice but just does not fit my hand well. I feel like I am barely hanging on it.
  11. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Haven't owned one, but have fired two. Very nice guns to handle... They have a very solid engineered feel and heft to them but for an actual carry gun, I don't see anything that would pull me away from a P32.

  12. vanfunk

    vanfunk Well-Known Member

    Lancel, can you elaborate on this? I've been under the impression that rimlock would be a potential problem with any 7.65mm / .32ACP pistol because of the semi-rimmed case. Is hollowpoint ammo manufactured in rimless cases? I've never really looked.

    I've pondered the purchase of a Seecamp .32 for prolly 15 years. Now that they seem to be available in quantity (yes, here in Massachusetts), I've a renewed interest. I'm thinking deep concealment, for times when even my S&W 642 is "too much gun". :D

  13. Lancel

    Lancel Well-Known Member

    vanfunk :
    The magazine of the Seecamp LWS .32 is designed for hollow points (originally and specifically Winchester Silvertips); longer cartridges won't fit. This means that there's no extra space between the bullet and the front of the magazine.

    Since the cartridges don't have room to move forward, a lower one can't move ahead to get it's rim in the extraction groove of the one above. In fact, I've tried to purposely create rimlock in loading a magazine and failed. :)

    Even longer hollow points won't fit, but Speer made their Gold Dot so it does and that's my preferred load over Silvertips.:):)

  14. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    Well, I held off my reply to this post because I wanted to read the others first...

    RJ Hedley made me one of his "Front Pocket LE's" and it is one great holster! As previously stated, my Seecamp is quite accurate--even without sights. I can do all head-shots at 15 feet. I started out using Silvertips, but some "keyholed". I talked to Larry Seecamp and he said "try Gold Dots". That was the end of the keyholing problem. G-D's worked perfectly. My, slim, little Seecamp is now loaded with RBCD Ammunition. My Dillon calipers say just about the same length (VERY close) as a S-T and the flat, front portion of an RBCD bullet is about the same size as the opening in a S-T hollow point. Thus, no worries. Works perfectly.
    I own a P-32 too. Hard chrome top, gray grip frame, silver trigger shoe--it's beautiful. I carry the P-32 on one side of my Coronado concealment vest, but I don't shoot it much. It's an emergency pistol. IMHO, there is nothing like a Seecamp. I'm waiting on some more R-baugh posts (from people who've bought them). Who knows? The R-baugh just might be "in the running" too.

  15. M90A1

    M90A1 Active Member

    I couldn't get more than one round of RBCD ammo in my Seecamp mags. What's the trick?
  16. Jonesy9

    Jonesy9 member


    LMG- been drooling over these at 4S myself. hopefully in the spring! good deals on the SW642 now might be hard to pass up though.
  17. cleve land

    cleve land Active Member

    The Seacamp is one very well made and unique pocket pistol and I really like mine. I use my Keltec when a small pistol is called for.:cool:
  18. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member

    Seecamp VS NAA Guardian

    I've enjoyed reading the posts about the Seecamp. I have read various magazine and forum articles about them for years. However, (yep) I purchased a 32 Cal. NAA Guardian in lieu of a Seecamp. It was: Cheaper, had sights (altho minimul), mag release on frame, not bottom, would disassemble easier for cleaning, would shoot any brand of ammunition, as opposed to the recommended "silvertip only" of the Seecamp. Manfacturer has an excellent reputation for customer service. Manufacturer offers many options, including laser engraving for those of you who care. I thought so highly of my 1st one that I bought another. I just can't see why anyone would choose a Seecamp over a Guardian other than the name. Now, years later I would probably choose a Kel Tec over either. (my State, Georgia, has no discrimination about individual brands.. I can buy any brand I choose). I think Seecamp is the original teeny, and I've heard they are high quality. I just think that NAA improved the original, and dropped the price. Of course opinions are like.... well you know, we all have one, and this is just mine.:)
  19. 000Buck

    000Buck Well-Known Member

    I have an NAA guardian, that thing was a jam-o-matic. I sent it in for fixing, they did all kinds of stuff, I got it back, still a jam-o-matic. Except with Silvertip....very odd. I am too lazy to send it back in, the main reason because I have no faith in it now. Its a shame really. I just carry a 640PD now and deal with the extra width.
  20. LynnMassGuy

    LynnMassGuy Well-Known Member

    Because I can't buy any NAA firearms in MA.:banghead:

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