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Secure storage for a lage pistol collection?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by hAkron, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    I have a Liberty Fat Boy safe. It would be good if I had a lot of long guns, but I have maybe 6 long guns (shotguns mostly) and more than 50 handguns. Most of the safes I see on the market seem to be primarily for long guns and toss in a few shelves for hand guns. I have a few of those wire racks and wire hangers to clip onto the shelves, but everything seems haphazard and getting a gun out of the back of the safe usually results in a collision of a few gun clanking into each other. I'm half convinced I'm going to need to just gut the shelves and start over, but I'm looking for ideas. My Liberty Fat Boy is deep, but not very tall (about 5" tall). I would like to maximize my space, be able to see what I have and keep every thing from bouncing around, and this is a growing collection, so I'd like to keep available space for new additions.
  2. barneyrw

    barneyrw Well-Known Member

    You can put 1/4" peg board on the inside of the safe door and use 1" hooks to hang pistols from the trigger guard. Dip the hooks into a liquid rubber coating that you can get at a hardware store. This will keep the metal hooks from scratching the trigger guard. You should be able to hang about 15 pistols from the door. Below is a link to a picture:
  3. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    The door of my safe has 'pockets' that can hold about 12 hand guns, but at my current rate of acquisition, that won't even get me through spring.

    I need something that is built like a safe, but inside is like a series of drawers or something.
  4. sota

    sota Well-Known Member


    I'd start with looking at those, and see what comes to mind.
    I don't know what the dimensions of your safe are, or specifics of your storage needs, but maybe an inexpensive jewelry drawered box/cabinet could be put inside the safe?

    oh and I chose jewelry as a search term because the drawers/cabinets are almost universally lined to protect the objects in them.

    alternatively if you know anyone who's a cabinet maker, they could probably help you come up with ideas to adapt what's there already.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013
  5. PowderKeg

    PowderKeg Well-Known Member

    Handgun safe storage

    Go talk to to a custom cabinet maker. IMHO your best alternative is to completely remove the shelves, racks, and vertical partitions and have a shallow drawer cabinet built to fit inside the safe. Guess-timating @ 3" overall height per drawer allows for 4 drawers per vertical foot, so if you go @ 4' high with the cabinet you would have 16 drawers (add @ an inch or two to overall cab height for base and top). Depending on how wide you decide to go - full width of the accessible door opening or less to allow for some limited long gun storage on one side - you ought to be able to fit from 6 to 12 handguns or likely more per drawer, also depending on their size and how tightly you arrange them within the drawer. Alter the height and/or width to reach whatever potential capacity you're comfortable with.

    Couple things to keep in mind if you go with a custom cabinet are:
    - interior depth with the door closed, including anything hanging on the door
    - is the safe floor flush with the door opening or is there a lip - you'll need a taller riser on the cab base for the bottom drawer to clear a lip
    - the actual accessible door opening width. Since your safe has internal hinges the door won't swing 180 degrees to fully clear the entire opening. You're going to loose an additional 4-6" or so of total opening width to the door blocking it when open. You might be able to recover that wasted space by storing long guns on the door hinge side, just allow enough room between the cabinet edge and the door to slip them in and out.

    The problem with just buying some ready-made cabinet and sticking it in the safe is that you'll have a lot of wasted space around it - unless you're incredibly lucky and find one sized perfectly. If that's the case, then skip the cabinet route completely, play the lottery with your luck, win several mil, and build a new McMansion with a whopping big gun vault. But I digress....
  6. enine

    enine Well-Known Member

    I can't find the thread now on another forum but there was someone who took a normal safe and removed the shelves then mounted heavy duty drawer rails along each side and then custom made small drawers. There must have been two dozen small drawers from top to bottom, then each was lined and had a half dozen pistols inside.

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