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selling 9mm ammo to 18 year old?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by chevyforlife21, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. chevyforlife21

    chevyforlife21 Well-Known Member

    well im 18 and planning on getting a hi point carbine. do any of you know who will sell/ship me 9mm ammo without being 21? i know cabelas does but they are over priced. j and g sales doesnt. but what other companys are out there? particularly i want wolf or brown bear at a good price.
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  2. pkoch62

    pkoch62 Well-Known Member

    Ammunitiontogo.com will, they're good to deal with too.
  3. SteveCase

    SteveCase Well-Known Member

    Just have you parents of older friend buy it for you. Under federal law you cant buy handgun ammo, the internet wont help either cause they can sell to any one under 21 for handgun ammo. you can probably get away wit it at wally mart.
  4. natman

    natman Well-Known Member

    From the ATF Firearms FAQ:


    "(F7) May a licensee sell interchangeable ammunition such as .22 cal. rimfire to a person less than 21 years old? [Back]

    Yes, provided the buyer is 18 years of age or older, and the dealer is satisfied that it is for use in a rifle. If the ammunition is intended for use in a handgun, the 21-year-old minimum age requirement is applicable. "

    So you can buy ammo, but you have to convince the seller that the ammo is intended for use in a rifle. A good way to do this would be to bring the cased, unloaded rifle to the shop (not Walmart or similar) and ask for the correct ammo to match the gun.

    Mind you this is FEDERAL law. Your state laws may vary.
  5. Wanta B

    Wanta B Well-Known Member

    Long gone are the days of taking your deer rifle with you on the school bus to go huntin' at a freinds after school. Oh how I miss those days.:(

    Today I would get thrown in the klink for how I dress,wallet on a chain,boots,plaid button-up shirt,ballcap,black duster:eek:...and I used to carry my owne asprin!!!! Even gave some to a freind in pain once!!

    I would never make it as a kid today...:banghead:
  6. Wanta B

    Wanta B Well-Known Member

    natman,excellent helping the guy out with the info. And,by extention,the rest of us.
  7. RevolvingGarbage

    RevolvingGarbage Well-Known Member

    Even though the law says they are supposed to sell you the ammo if you are going to use it in a rifle, ive never been able to convince a salesman at any gunshop ive been to or at walmart that this is the case. I feel like I need to write the ATF and get a notarized letter I can start bringing with me...
  8. Nick5182

    Nick5182 Well-Known Member

    I don't own any long guns chambered for handgun rounds, but every time I buy ammo at Wal-Mart, the cashier always asks if it's for a rifle or a handgun, so it might also depend on what store you buy the ammo at?
  9. chevyforlife21

    chevyforlife21 Well-Known Member

    well i wanna get a 500 round value pack through the mail, then buy a box from walmart here and there. its kind of annoying that i cant just stop there and get it, that i have to bring a parent. i can sorta understand as there is not that many rifles chambered for 9mm but still it would be nice if it wasnt a hassle.
  10. John Parker

    John Parker Well-Known Member

    I'll never forget the time a buddy and I went to Wal-Mart to buy a huge amount of ammo. The cashier asked "Is this for a rifle or a handgun?" Without missing a beat or breaking a smile, my friend looked into her eyes and said "Submachine gun."

    She sold it to us.
  11. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    Have you considered the shop you pick up the rifle at?
  12. chevyforlife21

    chevyforlife21 Well-Known Member

    i dont got the gun yet, but ill probly get it at gander mtn or order it from there
  13. BigMustard

    BigMustard Well-Known Member

    Good luck with wally world, I get carded to buy .30-06 ammo. As for the internet some sites just state "must be 21 or older to order, if not an adult signature is required." I'm 20 and the UPS man has never carded me. I can't remember the site I ordered 1000 rounds of 7.62x39mm but it said 21 or older, or adult signature...The UPS man could really care less about anything. Technically I am not 21, but I am an adult, so I signed. Didn't lose any sleep over it.
  14. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    Well, the fun thing about Gander is that the guy at the counter (no matter how nice/helpful he is) won't remember you and your 9mm rifle next week. That's assuming that he/she is there, even.

    Now, buying from a local shop, you have a chance of getting a much better deal, and probably can point out that you'll be back for ammo once in a while and would prefer not to have to go through the "show them the carbine, prove that it really does take 9mm, etc etc" thing every time.

    Personally, I think it is a stupid and unenforceable law, but arguing with some minimum-wage counter-guy at WalMart is not going to solve the problem, while bringing your carbine into WM or a franchise/chain shop might cause some amusing panic (amusing to ME, because I'll just be reading about it). Generally, when prices are equal or close to it, I buy whatever I can from local shops, particularly the ones that offer a cash discount or are willing to make a deal. Not to say I don't get ammo from WalMart, I buy it cheap and stack it deep when I can ... but I wouldn't put up with any hassle to shop WM, in fact I'm about fed up with the counter guy always trying to drag me into an "obama's gonna take our guns and then take our jerbs!" conversation.
  15. mrbeefy

    mrbeefy Member

    When I was 19 I had a hi-point carbine. My local wal-mart would ask "is this for a handgun?" I'd simply say no, and they'd sell it to me, no more questions asked. That probably doesn't happen now though. I also knew the owner of the gun store that I bought the gun at and he would sell it to me since I bought the gun there and he knew what it was going to. Don't know how it would work these days.
  16. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    What did he mean by "take our jerbs"? Or was that just a typo?
  17. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    Probably just something the yutes worry about.
  18. shibbykins

    shibbykins Well-Known Member

    wow im never asked if for handgun or rifle at Wallyworld. prolly depends where you live?
  19. Max C.

    Max C. Well-Known Member

    If you go to a gun show I'm pretty sure you'll find a reasonable sales person who is at least familiar at some level with those laws.
  20. nwilliams

    nwilliams Well-Known Member

    A lot of online ammo sellers do not ask for proof of age, Ive never had to verify my age to buy ammo online. Some of them require that the person who accepts delivery be 21 or older but I doubt very much that the FedEx or UPS delivery person is going to check the ID when they deliver it. I've even had ammo shipments left at my door by UPS:uhoh:

    Also I think Midwayusa.com only requires you to be 18 to order ammo, I would check them out. They are my favorite online source for all things gun related. Also there are plenty of pistol caliber carbines out there now, if the ATF rule states that you can have to be 21 to buy ammo intended for a handgun then as long as you are buying it for a carbine you are legal IMHO.

    It's a South Park reference
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