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Selling guns to the Amish

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Cover Dog, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Cover Dog

    Cover Dog Well-Known Member

    At our N.E. Ohio gun club today a interesting discussion came up about a member who sold a gun to an Amish man. The Amish told him that they (the Amish) can only buy used guns because they do not have photo I.D.'s. This was told to be true by another member who works for a FFL gun shop.

    My question to the member who sold the gun was I thought you had to see a photo I.D. to make sure the buyer was a resident of our state to be able to sell FTF. If you need a photo I.D. to purchase at a FFL licensed dealer, and the Amish don't have one, how can they buy used from a private party if the same requirement is you must see a photo I.D.?

    So, is a sale to an Amish person illegal if no photo I.D. is seen?
  2. Duke of Doubt

    Duke of Doubt member

    Private sales in my state do not require ID of any kind. But all gun sales, new and used, from an FFL require an ID, unless it is an antique.

    On the other hand, we don't have any Amish that I know of.
  3. JImbothefiveth

    JImbothefiveth Well-Known Member

    Are the Amish allowed by their own rules to have guns?

    If not, this could be a hoax by someone who isn't supposed to have a gun.
  4. sherman123

    sherman123 Well-Known Member

    Thats what I thought I always heard the Amish were against guns(also have heard they were pacifists but what do i Know) I'm no expert but I believe they are against arming themselves.
  5. takhtakaal

    takhtakaal Well-Known Member

    Yes, the Amish have firearms. They hunt, they get rid of varmints, and they slaughter animals raised for consumption on their farms, just like many other farmers. I've seen boatloads of Amish and Mennonites shopping for rifles and ammo at the Cabela's location north of here.
  6. Treo

    Treo member

    Yes Amish are allowed guns by doctrine for hunting purposes.

    I'm not aware of any Amish communities in Co. There are some Mennonite communities in the San Luis Valley. That said I'd sell FTF to an Amish person no questions asked. I'd sell 'em ammo too

    I would think the horse & buggy in your drive would be a dead give away :D
  7. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    Some Amish have guns, some don't. Kind of like Jews and pork, or Baptists and alcohol.
  8. MikePGS

    MikePGS Well-Known Member

    Oh my god that would be a sweet picture... too bad taking a photo of it would be against their religion :(
  9. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member


    We had a rather large Amish population near my home town. Oh they had guns alright! :D I had the opportunity to stop and talk with a few of the families when I was in college. They were really interesting folks, and very welcoming.

    Wow, what great memories!!

  10. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    Amish are big time hunters. As a word of caution, if you let any hunt on your land, many times they think it's a free for all and all of a sudden there are dozens.

    There are LOTS of Amish in this area. A family lives across the road from our farm. They came over to help with our barn that had been partially blown down by a tornado. Rode their bicycles. One of the daughters wearing the full long dress, headgear, etc. pulls out a digital camera and starts taking pictures.

    Don't try to make any type of sense of their laws.

    Other examples... They can't own a car, but they can ride in one if someone else drives. They can't hook to the electric company, but they can have generators. Can't have a phone in the house, but they can use someone else's phone or a pay phone.

    They have Elders that rule on how much of a modern thing is too much. Varies by each sect.

    Funniest thing I ever saw was a horse and buggy pulling an outboard powered fishing boat on a trailer. I starting laughing so hard I had to pull off the road. Wish I would have had a camera.
  11. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

    Whether they have a photo ID or not also depends on the state and the sect. Some states require it, and some sects allow it. That's the type of thing they're going to increasingly allow, you can be sure, as not having a photo ID makes things so much more difficult and at the same time is something so trivial. You've also noticed that Amish have been experiencing technology creep, as newer technology slowly starts to creep in. As the old Elders die and the next generation takes their place, the new leaders are thinking, "It sure would be nice if had that. Would have made life so much easier, and it's so trivial."

    Amish need guns just like farmers need them anywhere else. To shoot varmints and predators, and to slaughter sick or injured animals or just the animals they plan to eat. They're living proof that even if you're a pacifist, you still need guns.
  12. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Most state laws and Federal law only requires the seller to not have knowledge of or reasonable belief of ineligibility of the buyer. Most state laws and the Federal law does not require proving of such facts by the buyer in a private transaction, otherwise you, as a private seller, would also have to do the NICS check on a buyer.
  13. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Ohio does have a large "Amish Community" (for lack of a better term).

    Last time I got to deer hunt, there were quite a few Amish men 'checking in' deer at the Game-N-Fish Wildlife station.
  14. exflatlander

    exflatlander Well-Known Member

    There are major differences between Amish and Mennonite (drive cars, shop in supermarkets). When I lived in Western PA I was suprised to see women in full dress walking through Wegmans.

    I have a friend that built a house in Western PA and hired some Amish workers. They didn't own and power tools but had no problem using his circular saw and miter-box while they were there.
  15. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    They might not have driver's licenses, but many DMV's in states also offer a basic ID card. It's still a state issued ID card, but is used for folks who either cannot have a driver's license, or have been denied one, but still need a form of government issued ID.
  16. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    Probably one of those Amish gang bangers.
  17. Cover Dog

    Cover Dog Well-Known Member

    tinygnat219...when a photo I.D. is required and the Amish "by their religion" are not allowed to have their picture taken, a State issued I.D. would do them no good since it would require them to sit for a photo session.

    So back to my original question....If you need a photo I.D. to purchase at a FFL licensed dealer, and the Amish don't have one, how can they buy used in Ohio from a private party if the same requirement is you must see a photo I.D.?
  18. Cannonball888

    Cannonball888 Well-Known Member

  19. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    There is no requirement to see a photo ID for a private sale in Ohio.
  20. El Hombre

    El Hombre Well-Known Member

    "Probably one of those Amish gang bangers. "

    What goes "Clop Clop Bang Clop Clop Clop.....?

    Amish drive buy shooting! :neener:
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