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SF Bay Area Shoot 04.03.04

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by Combat-wombat, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Combat-wombat

    Combat-wombat New Member

    THR Northern California Spring Shoot
    Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

    Finally, it's here! Saturday, April 3 at Los Altos Rod and Gun Club, 9 AM to 5 PM.

    Los Altos Rod and Gun Club
    14750 Skyline Boulevard
    Los Gatos, CA 95033
    (408) 867-3106

    Map and Driving Directions
    Range Rules

    Range Features
    -7 to 25 yard handgun range
    -40 yd Tin Can Range (water filled jugs ok to 1 gallon)
    -25 and 50 yard rifle
    -shotgun patterning board
    -100 yard rifle range
    -electric and manually operated trap
    -black powder ok
    -soda machines, bottled water, snacks (chips, cookies, ice cream bars), coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.

    Last shoot was a real blast (no pun intended), and I'm really looking forward to this one. I hope to see you all there. Sorry, I can't get the images to work on this thread, but you can see them in previous gathering threads.

    Previous gatherings:
  2. Sgt Stevo

    Sgt Stevo New Member

    I am there..

    I know I should know this. What is a wombat? I know, its some kind of animal. But it is bugging me. I will be there. Stevo
  3. QuarterBoreGunner

    QuarterBoreGunner New Member

    A Wombat?

    Well you have door #1
    Or door #2

    Door #2 is more a more accurate portrait, but door #1 is closer to the spirit perhaps...
  4. 45R

    45R New Member

    Wait you forgot door # 3 :) This is a spy photo of Combat-Wombat just before he opened up a can of whoopie. :D


    I'll try and make the shoot. I maybe going to Az for a seminar that weekend, but if I dont and the weather is good, I'll make the trek.
  5. Combat-wombat

    Combat-wombat New Member

    Well, "wombat" really isn't some special symbol to me or something like that, as many people think. I just came up with it out of the blue, and it seemed cool.
  6. 45R

    45R New Member

    Would you like for me to bring out the 10/22 "sniper"rifle :)
  7. Combat-wombat

    Combat-wombat New Member

    Yeah, 45R, that would be great. I've been wanting to shoot an upgraded one, so I can evaluate whether it would be worth it to upgrade ours, too.

    And, if you could...
    Bring those sweet Ti Chopsticks!

    We'll be bringing:
    Stock 10/22
    Browning Buckmark
    S&W Model 19
    (It's all we have :( )
  8. 45R

    45R New Member

    If I can make it out I'll bring out the 10/22. Regardless the upgrades are worth it, esp the trigger work. A VQ target hammer makes a huge difference in the trigger pull. All that for just 40 bucks. Are you shooting irons or scoped?

    I'll bring out the chopsticks also :) I gotta use something to eat my food.

  9. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

  10. stv

    stv New Member

    I'm there. The 10-day for my new (to me) Colt is up Saturday, so I'll bring a bunch of ammo for people to try it out. :)
  11. talbalos

    talbalos New Member

    The Hodaka Combat Wombat

    PURPOSE: Racing, trailbike

    PRICE: 789


    ENGINE TYPE: Piston-port two-stroke single

    LUBRICATION: Pre-mix

    IGNITION: Mag. flywheel

    TRANSMISSION: 5-speed, left side shift

    CLAIMED HORSEPOWER: ? @ 8400 rpm

    CLAIMED WEIGHT: 192 pounds

    WHEELBASE: 53 inches

    GROUND CLEARANCE: 9.5 inches

    FRAME: Steel tubing

    FRONT SUSPENSION: Telescopic Hodaka

    REAR SUSPENSION: Hodaka shocks

    FRONT TIRE: 3.00x21 knobby

    REAR TIRE: 3.50x18 knobby

    WHEELS: Steel

    FUEL CAPACITY: 2.0 gallons


    COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURE: Oregon/via Japan
  12. QuarterBoreGunner

    QuarterBoreGunner New Member

    talbalos- I think we have a winner.

    Ted? Is that you from calguns.net?
  13. Combat-wombat

    Combat-wombat New Member

    Pretty cool video, Sven, but what do you think my parents thought when they saw "jugs.mpg" on my computer?:eek:
  14. 45R

    45R New Member

  15. natedog

    natedog New Member

    Hey Wombat- I may be able to make this one. If so, I'll have my Mini-14 (stainless w/ Hogue stock), Colt .38, Win 12, 10/22 (these 10/22s are pretty ubiquous, aren't they?), and k-31.
  16. Gordon

    Gordon Active Member

    Ireally wanna go me some guys, but wouldn't ya know this is the weekend of my long awaited Luis Auwerbach rifle&carbine course in lovely Turloch!!!
  17. chink

    chink New Member

    unforturnely I will be memorial park watching little kiddie running around looking for plastic eggs. I anyway want my collection of cans and plastic containters let me know
  18. QuarterBoreGunner

    QuarterBoreGunner New Member

    More good news; I just received my two cases of Fed M193 .223- Great stuff, Lake City brass of recent vintage and all NATO spec. I highly recommend Wholesale Hunter.com; $3.19 a box of 20 (I just missed the $2.99 sale) and delivered fast.

    So that puts me at around 3k rounds of .223... better bring another AR to the shoot.
  19. 45R

    45R New Member

    I will be going to Az for a seminar that weekend so I wont be able to make it.
  20. QuarterBoreGunner

    QuarterBoreGunner New Member

    45R- Well I guess that means we'll just have to have ANOTHER range day later in the season when you can make it.

    What a shame, making us meet up again to shoot guns in the great outdoors like that. You'll probably make us cook and eat some barbecue as well. ;)

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