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Shawnee's M70 thread got me to thinking!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Cypress, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Cypress

    Cypress Well-Known Member

    Since I was a kid I have hunted with a Browning .270 Safari Grade. One of the older ones with a mauser type action. When I became old enough to do my own gun shopping I went out and bought the latest greatest things on the market. They all went bang and many shot better than that old Browning but NONE, not one of them, touch the smoothness, reliability, and craftsmanship. Over the last year or so I've come to really appreciate that gun and have all but sworn off any other future rifles that don't compare. Now I'm realizing that the days of rifles like that are over and anything close will be a custom job that will put me in the poorhouse. I'm beginning to question hunting with that trusty old gun now for fear that it may be damaged and I feel that it is my only gun that is not replaceable. Anyone here have any experience with these rifles? What are your thoughts?

    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    Yes, they are called safe queens. And no, they don't make em like they used to either. And no, they never will.
  3. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    These are German made Sauer Weatherbys with German made factory scopes. The bigun is a .300 Weatherby and the lil Varmitmaster is a .224 Weatherby. Both have been gently used these last 40 years, but have been to Africa in 1978. I still shoot the .224 once in a while. I have other .300 Weatherbys I still use.
  4. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    WHat's the point of owning a gun you never use?
  5. Tarvis

    Tarvis Well-Known Member

    How about as an investment?
  6. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    Are there guns that are good investments? Most guns depreciate in value over time, and potential money isn't the same as real money.

    if you use the gun, you get the enjoyment of using the gun.

    I was raised to never sell a gun unless it's to buy another gun.
  7. freonr22

    freonr22 Well-Known Member

    WHat's the point of owning a gun you never use?...

    i agree, i shoot my 1929 win model 54 w/ a stainless barrel and love it.
  8. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    See those Weatherbys I posted? I have less than $600 in each , they are worth at least $1500 cash right now each- and I used them.
  9. Cypess, the best rifle ur gonna find for the money is a Mossberg 100 ATR. Hope this helps
  10. Horsemany

    Horsemany Well-Known Member

    If I only bought guns I needed to use I'd have been done buying guns 20 years ago. The hobby is much more than just buying a tool to some of us. Hence the "gun collector". Just like people collect old cars NOT out of necessity.
  11. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah, but I like owning guns that at least in theory I could and would use if the right hunt came along or the "right" (wrong) self-defense scenario came along, however remote that may be. I don't like purpose-less guns myself, although there's certainly nothing wrong with collecting for the sake of collecting. I've been tempted to buy Barbeque guns or limited editions in presentation cases, but just cannot bring myself to do it, because dangit, guns are for shooting, and if you shoot that kind of gun, it just lost 1/3rd of its value.

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