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Shimming your AR for a tighter fit.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Bottom Gun, May 14, 2003.

  1. Bottom Gun

    Bottom Gun Well-Known Member

    My Eagle Arms lower and Bushmaster upper combination had a little too much play between the upper and lower receivers for me. The slop didn’t hurt anything, but it annoyed me.
    I considered putting an Accu-wedge or one of those expandable pins into the rifle but, as I examined it, I noticed that much of the looseness was attributable to side play in the pivot joint between the two receivers.
    I scrounged around in my junk hardware can and found a thin flat stainless steel washer about .010 thick to use as a shim.
    I pushed the pivot pin out of the lower receiver and, with a little effort, managed to wedge this shim washer into the pivot joint formed by the clevis or yoke of the lower and the lug of the upper.
    I pushed the pivot pin through the washer and back into place, closed the receivers, and engaged the takedown pin.
    I was very pleased to see this eliminated every bit of looseness between the two receivers and resulted in a rock solid fit while the receivers still pivot.
    Just wanted to share that with you guys.
  2. Longbow

    Longbow Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing!

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