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Shiny New Remington

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by gbeauvin, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. gbeauvin

    gbeauvin Active Member

    The suspense was getting to her, so my wife made me open my christmas present on christmas eve! (we do have a tradition of opening one present on christmas eve)

    To my (feigned) surprise, I found a shiny new Remington "1858" New Model Army revolver from Cabela's! I took it out to play with it, and realized it was all greased up. The grease is mostly on the metal, but some is on the wood as well. I don't have appropriate screwdrivers to take it apart yet, so I hesitate to wash it down with water. Is there a particular way I should remove the packing grease? I'm thinking just rub it off with a towel for now, but I dunno if it will need a more thorough cleaning before I take it to the range.

    I couldn't buy any supplies for it yet since it was supposed to be a surprise (she got all wierd when my Cabela's club card came, so it was pretty clear which item on my wish-list she had purchased), but I figure I'll do a little post-christmas shopping for the bare esstentials :). Powder, caps, and projectiles of course. Some sort of powder measure, and I was thinking a can of ballistol. Will a standard pistol cleaning kit have the assorted brushes and rods that I'll need for cleaning this beast?

  2. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Well-Known Member

    I use a large pot full of (almost) boiling water (lightly soapy) for cleaning my pistols. Your standard cleaning kit might or might not work, depending on the caliber of the brushes and swabs. Remember when brushing and swabbing, do the barrel from the rear. The cylinders are done from the front, of course. Remove the nipples and drop them in the water while you take the rest of the pistol apart.

    I remove the nipples, grips, barrel, cylinder and drop the metal parts in the water while I clean the grips. Then pull up the barrel and clean it with brush and swabs. Get into the little nooks and crannies and wedge slot. Set it aside on a large cooky tin. Grab the cylinder and clean it, using a pipe cleaner on the nipple holes. Set it aside on the cooky tray. Grab the frame and clean it using rags and pipe cleaners. Set it aside on the cooky tray. Slide that tray into the oven preheated to 180F or so (not over 200F.) Pull the niples out and blow them out with a squirt from the Ballistol can. (I don't use the aerosol Balistol, but the 16 oz can with the pump sprayer.) The stuff in the oven should be dry by this time, so pull it out. HOT, HOT, HOT!!! When it cools to the point you can just barely handle it, spray it lightly with Ballistol, inside and out. The barrel will be the last part to cool enough to handle.

    When the frame and barrel get cool enough to handle easily, wipe it down lightly and reassemble.

    I use the same basic procedure with my rifles, but finish with a wipe down the bore of the barrel with Natural Lube 1000 or Wonder Lube while it is quite warm.

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2012
  3. towboat_er

    towboat_er Well-Known Member

    My new Cabelas pistols get wiped with a cotton tshirt. Then a coat of rem oil. Ballistil is great also.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2012
  4. messerist

    messerist Well-Known Member

    Check out Duelist1954's videos on youtube. He has several that talk you through the loading, shooting and cleaning process. Congrats on the new arrival...NOW POST SOME PICTURES GEEEZE!:D
  5. gbeauvin

    gbeauvin Active Member

    Pictures soon! First though a question -- when I put the hammer at half-cock, I can rotate the cylinder in one direction. When it "clicks" into place, the cylinder under the rammer aaalmost lines up, but it's gone just a wee tiny bit too far for the plunger to go in the cylinder. Is it supposed to be like that? If not, is there a fix?


  6. towboat_er

    towboat_er Well-Known Member

    Most are that way. It wont be a problem once ya put the ball on and press it in.
  7. Old Dragoon

    Old Dragoon Well-Known Member

    I do not charge the cylinder when it is under the rammer. But down bbl up charge the cylinder nearest the rammer Lay the ball on top of the cylinder you just charged, and gently roll the cylinder and ball under the rammer. drop the rammer and let it center theball and cylinder. ram it home. do 5 if you want an empty cylinder, or all six. Then cover cylinder mouth with ball lube, so it won't chain fire.
    I use virgin olive oil for lube on the cyinder pin and to lube the innards when I clean them ater shooting. if you get too much powder residue while shooting I clean again with the olive oil. Remy's are easy to clean and oil on the range.
  8. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Well-Known Member

    Old Dragoon has it. Except that I load one, skip one, load the rest if I want only 5 loaded.

    I've never used olive oil, but have heard it is pretty good for that lube. I like to use a graphite grease if I'm going to store the piece for a long period, otherwise I use Wonder Lube.

  9. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    When I got a revolver new, all I did was grab a rag and go at it while watching a western. It gets a good amount of oil off the steel, but you still leave enough on to protect it from rust.
  10. gbeauvin

    gbeauvin Active Member

    Thanks, guys. I wiped it down with a t-shirt to where it wouldn't drip when I showed it off. Here's a terrible pic to prove it exists ;)


    I've got 250 pre-lubed Big-Lube conicals ordered, and I found a local source for 3F Goex (at $23 a pound, though, I'm thinking I might need to find some local CAS folks and get in on a bulk buy).

    The only percussion caps I could find at Gander Mountain were Winchester #11's (which I read somewhere on the internet are simply rebranded CCI?), so I picked up a tin of those. I haven't seen ballistol on the shelf anywhere.

    My boolits should get here next week, and there's a relatively nearby NCOWS event on January 19th... I asked my wife for a porch-pass for my birthday, so the little guy (who is VERY proud of his new cowboy hat) and I will go check it out. I'm hoping there will be some other BP shooters there, which seems like an ideal time to dirty up my new toy :).

    Only thing left to locate/purchase is some cleaning supplies -- with any luck I'll be making smoke before the month is out!

  11. Fiv3r

    Fiv3r Well-Known Member

    Congrats:) The 8" Pietta Remington was my first cap and ball too. It's still one of my favorites. Easy to load, forgiving, and easy to clean and maintain.

    Enjoy getting to know your new gun:)

    I grease the cylinder pin of mine with a Teflon based lubricant. It withstands temps up to 425 degrees, wipes right on, and doesn't cost much (since I just swipe it from work;)). So far, the infamous Remington Fouling Bind has never been an issue. I'll usually just wipe the pin down with a rag every 6 cylinders or so.

    At any rate, enjoy it:) BP is a lot of fun. Historical, practical, cost effective, and nice way to experience a Zen Moment or two. I find that when I shoot modern guns, I blast away. With cap n ball, I can take my time, enjoy the loading process, and I always get a kick out the heads that turn at the range when a foot of flame blasts out of the end of my gun:evil:
  12. Lunie

    Lunie Well-Known Member

  13. gbeauvin

    gbeauvin Active Member

    I'll dig up links later, but the conicals in question were designed for the Ruger Old Army. They have a large lube groove to remove the need for a lubed wad. Whyte Leather Works casts and sells a variety of such bullets. I'll dig up links to both the caster and the mold vender when I'm at an actual computer.

  14. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    gb, I believe my Pietta 58, uses #10 caps the best w/o falling off and jamming the cylinder. In fact I use Remington #10's. :D
  15. jeeptim

    jeeptim Well-Known Member

    Ordered mine on the 11dec12 still not here killing me it should ship the 25th .
  16. Hagen442

    Hagen442 Well-Known Member

    Pietta 58 Remingtons

    My Old 2 Cents:

    I Shoot Cowboy Action - SASS - I am a Rookie Frontiersman Catagory (Cap & Ball Pistols)
    After some experimenting and Words of Wisdom from other Cowboys. I have found the following best for my needs.
    Treso Nipples
    #10 Remington Caps
    451 Hornady Balls
    35 Gr American Pioneer Powder FFF Per Chamber (Unless I am Reusing Balls)
    Lubed Wonder Wads
    I Load Powder / Wad / Ball
    Nipples are Picked between reloads
    Lube Action with Milatec / Clean Barrel , Cylinders and Nipples with Windex (Vinegar)
    1380 Rounds Between these 3 58s - No Chain Fires or Miss Fires , So Far So Good.
    Hope This Helps

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2013
  17. 72coupe

    72coupe Well-Known Member

    Nice rig!
  18. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    35 grains per cylinder?

    How do you get the ball to come out of the barrel?
  19. Hagen442

    Hagen442 Well-Known Member


    Talk About Laughing At Myself.
    I Point the Revolver at the Ground and let ithe Balls Roll Out when I drop the hammer
    It does save Money on Balls but it sure is Embarrising due to the Little Bit of White Smoke
    Seriously: Thanks for pointing out the error. Made My Morning
    Wife thought I had lost I was laughing so hard

    I will correct the Post now that I have stopped LAughing

  20. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    I didn't laugh at your mistake, but I did chuckle a bit at your answer. You're welcome.

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