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Shipping firearms, UPS, etc. My perspective as of 10 mins ago. Lost Cause?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gossamer, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    Today Ruger sent me back my Security Six after some repair/tuning.

    I sent it to them in a UPS Express box via next day air. It arrived without incident. They got it back to me in about a week.

    They shipped it 2nd Day Air and my driver just dropped it off.

    When he had me signed for it he asked: "New toy?"

    I said: "Just a repair."

    He said: "Yeah, only one thing this can be."

    I laughed, wished him well and he did the same.

    See the image of the packaging and labeling below. Does it get more nondescript than the way Ruger sent this back to me?



    I like my driver. He's delivered stuff to me that is worth a lot more than this SS. So I'm not worried about him.

    I just thought it was pretty funny and worth a mention with all of the things we try to do to keep these shipments under wraps, not indicate what's in them, etc. I've learned that if a driver or anyone at UPS has half a lick of sense, they're going to make it out pretty easily. YMMV.

    I've also attached a pick of how Ruger buggered up my brand new target grips for me.

  2. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    I am confused as to what point you are trying to make.....
  3. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    Given the recent threads about shipping problems with UPS/FedEx/USPS etc. Despite well-meaning advice, even the most non-descript packaging and labeling may not necessarily prevent the average delivery Co. employee from knowing exactly what's in the box.

    Forewarned is forearmed.
  4. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

  5. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Word of advice. Next time ship through your FFL. They're allowed to ship UPS ground. I've shipped a couple handguns and they only charge $9.
  6. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    How would paying my FFL to ship this have changed anything? I didn't pay for shipping from Ruger.
  7. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Well-Known Member

    I used to be an Ops Mgr for FedEx; it is the BUSINESS of the employees to know what is in the box for all kinds of reasons, legal and safety related as well as for liablity purposes. Believe me; EVERYONE who interacts with that package KNOWS that it is a firearm. The packaging may be discrete, but every time it is scanned they can see the notation. In fact YOU WANT THEM TO! When my people knew we had a item (such as a weapon) that needed extra security~it was seen to without exception.
    Theft by staff is pretty uncommon as it is tracked point-to-point and, you know, you do your best to not hire dirt bags!

    Sorry about your grips (!) What are they doing for you?
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2013
  8. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    Well, I sent them pics and they are (hopefully) sending a replacement set. They still have them NOS.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Shipping Employees.
  9. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    S&W is also nondescript for their returns
  10. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    I was always told to remove the grips from revolvers before shipping...has this changed?
  11. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but....
    the reason it's second day air, is because of theft from INSIDE the system
    so, yeah there's a bit of a paranoia when it comes to shipping.
  12. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    Well, the very kind and helpful man who I spoke with at Ruger when I got my RMA# did not mention it. And he'd been there for a few years.

    Not sure if it's standard but I wasn't told to do so.
  13. Coop45

    Coop45 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure my UPS guy has a clue about the heavy boxes from Midway. I hope his hernia surgery works out okay. Really though, after the delivery person sees the same nondescript label for years he has to know what is in the package. It's not like nobody has told him.
  14. dogtown tom

    dogtown tom Well-Known Member

    Since when?:scrutiny:
    UPS tariffs make no mention of FFL's being able to use Ground for shipping handguns.
  15. PavePusher

    PavePusher Well-Known Member

    Ummm... simple proper packaging would solve this. I.e. some recycled wadded up newspaper for padding so the gun won't move around.

    Both coming and going, for the record...
  16. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    It wasn't damaged in shipping.

    It was shipped in a padded hard case, with 4" of air packing material surrounding that. I mean I admit that it's not wadded newspaper and all, but f it's good enough for professional shipping companies...
  17. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Well-Known Member

    Glad they're taking care of you. I've been lucky enough to not need factory service yet except from SA ~ and they are close enough I drove it over.
  18. radiotom

    radiotom Well-Known Member

    My UPS gets to bring 1000 round boxes of ammo up 3 floors of stairs. He is still utterly clueless as to their contents. Michigan....there is seriously no brains up here at all.
  19. El Mariachi

    El Mariachi Well-Known Member

    After getting the runaround from both my local F/Ex and UPS stores (both wanted ninety bucks to over night a tiny Beretta Jet Fire to Florida, and both claimed that was the ONLY way I could ship it thru them), I drove it over to my 001 guy and he stuffed it in a small flat rate $4.95 Priority Mail box and drove it to the Post Office for me. Total charge to me with insurance & tracking? Eight bucks......
  20. dogtown tom

    dogtown tom Well-Known Member

    If you had read this thread you would know they weren't giving you the runaround:http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=651375
    Further, UPS tariff strictly prohibits shipping a firearm from a UPS Store or any third party.

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