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Shipping Powder

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by viking499, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    What do most places charge for shipping powder?
  2. jwr747

    jwr747 Well-Known Member

    don't know what you mean by most places.if you talking about Midway,Graf's,ect. most places charge "shipping" on everything you buy.if you talking about the "HazMat fee"it was a way for the "carriers" to make some extra money for handling that "dangerous" gun powder.stuff might blow up on the truck.so for a little $$,they will take that chance. jwr
  3. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    I guess I ment to ask how much they charge above normal shipping costs. Hazmat fees or other charges they normally add to powder shipments.
  4. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Midway USA
    Powder ships separately and may arrive at a later date. $20 Haz Mat and additional $9.99 Shipping fees. Powder ships ground freight, 48 lb max. Powder cannot be returned. Check local regulations. Signature required at delivery.

    Powder & primers cannot be shipped together and there is a seperate HazMat & handling fee on each.
  5. pinkymingeo

    pinkymingeo Well-Known Member

    Midway ships powder and primers separately, with two Hazmat fees. Everybody else ships them together. To my knowledge UPS and Fedex charge the same for powder/primers as anything else, plus the $20 Hazmat.
  6. sig2009

    sig2009 Well-Known Member

    Midway Usa is not telling you the correct story. Powder and primers CAN be shipped in the same shipment!!!!!! The reason for them saying that is because they do not stock powder. The powder you buy from Midway is actually shipped from Powder Valley Inc. I have ordered from Powder Valley and Natchez and they both ship powder and primers up to 70 lbs in the same package for 1-$20 hazmat fee.
  7. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, that was what I was looking for.
  8. If not buying large quantities, powder is one of the very few things that it makes more sense to buy locally - higher price plus sales tax plus gas is still less than shipping plus hazmat fees. This is because the box stores can order large quantities and spread out the hazmat fee for you.
  9. bender

    bender Well-Known Member

    I order from midway all the time, but I've never ordered hazmat stuff.
    Does this mean they charge regular shipping, PLUS an additional $9.99, PLUS the $20 hazmat? what a rip, if so...!
  10. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    It's not just Midway.

    Powder & primers get hit with a $20 buck UPS HazMat fee regardless of who ships it.

    The packing fee is to cover the government required EPA HazMat paperwork & DOT package labeling.
  11. bender

    bender Well-Known Member

    yeah, I know about the $20 hazmat being everywhere. I was wondering about the $9.99 extra shipping fee.

    I still wouldn't order this stuff thru the mail, especially when powder & primers are 2 separate $20 fees. I would maybe go in with a buddy on a powder/primer order from PowderValley or somewhere that ships them together. Does PV eat the hazmat fee on large orders?
  12. sig2009

    sig2009 Well-Known Member


    Tony will pay the full hazmat fee if you order 4-8lb jugs and he will eat half of that if you order 2-8lb jugs.
  13. Hairballusmaximus

    Hairballusmaximus Well-Known Member

    Midway charges 20$ haz mat and a set 9.99 for shipping on powder no other shipping charges.

    Grafs charges no shipping except 4.50 per order fee and hazmat 20$,32lbs or more powder they pay the hazmat fee. I just placed a 25,000 primer order and they gave me a bulk order discount that completely offset the 4.50 order fee and the hazmat 20$ fee.

    So far Midway and Grafs are the only ones I have dealt with.
  14. Wilburt

    Wilburt Well-Known Member


    1. Shop at Sportsman's Wharehouse (Decent Prices)
    2. Be an Alaskan Resident and live elsewhere (Don't Pay Tax)
    3. Get the military Discount (5%)
    4. Have that Sportsman's on your direct route to work (No gas cost)


    Only bad thing is they didn't get there Thursday powder shipment so they are really low....:cuss:
  15. bender

    bender Well-Known Member

    I drive right by a Sportsman's Warehouse every day on the way home from work. It would be nice if they had powder & primers in stock more often.

    3 times out of 5 they are out of whatever I'm looking for.

    Hairballus... thanks for that info.
  16. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    Sportsmans Warehouse- hmmm..used to like that place but l'm beginning to have concerns...bought some Speer Gold Dot .45 bullets from them last week, after I got home I realized it was a box of 50 with a price same as everyone else's internet price for box of 100, then today picked up a Lee Perfect Powder measure, they didn't have the other brands I was considering on hand. Got home and found it all over the net for $18-20, SW was $28!
    All my fault, gotta research more before buying, but :fire:

    I do buy powder and primers there to avoid the shipping problems...bought a number of guns there for a fair price too, but I'm beginning to realize where they make it up...
  17. Wilburt

    Wilburt Well-Known Member

    It's true... SW is not the most competivie but when you don't pay tax and get another 5% off I find it hard to beat it with online stuff. That is IF they have it in stock which is not the case most times. I mosly buy powder and primers there when they have it b/c of the hazmat and previously stated reasons.
  18. sig2009

    sig2009 Well-Known Member

    I see SW does not have an on line catalog so how do you get prices and order?
  19. Sounds good to me! :)
  20. interlock

    interlock Well-Known Member


    "1. Shop at Sportsman's Wharehouse (Decent Prices)
    2. Be an Alaskan Resident and live elsewhere (Don't Pay Tax)
    3. Get the military Discount (5%)
    4. Have that Sportsman's on your direct route to work (No gas cost) "

    5. don't live in the uk where a 1 lb tub of powder will cost about £35. ($60usd)



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