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Shocked I say. Local Wal-Mart has 5.56

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by T Slothrop, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. T Slothrop

    T Slothrop New Member

    I was stunned this afternoon while wandering through my local (eastern burbs of Charlotte, NC) Wally World. Perhaps their 3 box per day per person limit is having some positive effect: They actually had a hundred or so 20-round boxes of Winchester White Box 55 grain FMJ 5.56 on the shelf. They also had several boxes of 9mm and a few of 45. Still no .22lr except snake shot. No 38 special or .357, and surprisingly no 40 S&W. Still this is the first time I have seen 5.56 in that store since the week before Sandy Hook.

    I dutifully purchased my three boxes.
  2. ID-shooting

    ID-shooting New Member

    If you don't mind, were they at at pre-stupidity prices?
  3. C5rider

    C5rider Member

    Just picked up some bulk 22 at pre-silliness prices at Wally world. I know it's not 5.56, but I don't OWN a 5.56 shooter. :D
  4. HankR

    HankR New Member

    They are at pre- the most recent stupidity prices at my local walmart, and there are signs of restocking and selling going on. I was in there last night getting some other stuff, and cruised down the ammo aisle. There was some .40, only the spendiest kind of .45 ACP, some .380 and some .38 special. Little boxes of .22LR (not the bricks) and lots of (hunting) rifle and tons of shotgun ammo.

    Had to go back today (to get Valentines for the daughter to hand out in school, an actual can't wait emergency) and they had more and different types of ammo. It was obvious the shelves had been re-stocked and, again, the bargain bulk packs of blasting ammo were gone but there were some of the more costly stuff (in different calibers, .44 Mag, some .45 (long) Colt, a different sampling of .38 special, etc).

    The price stickers on the empty shelves are around December 2012 prices for the stuff I actually buy (Federal bulk .22 lr was very low $20s, so not "pre Obama", but "pre Newton".

    (No I didn't buy any, probably would have tracked down a sales droid if there'd been any of the Federal bricks of .22 lr).
  5. Akita1

    Akita1 Member

    Lucky you! Still bare shelves in Central FL (except 17 hmr of course)
  6. T Slothrop

    T Slothrop New Member

    Not exactly. $12/20-rnd box, or $0.60/rnd. Much better than the $1.50/rnd that the crooks at CTD are asking, but more than the ~$0.45/rnd Wal-Mart was charging in November.
  7. msrfrog

    msrfrog New Member

    All 3 local Wally's here are barren. But a small fishing shop that has been closed for 2 months was open today so I went in and found .22lr I just grabbed 2 50 round boxes of federal for 3.69 each. He told me since he opened up people have been grabbing a lot of the 22lr. All bricks gone. And he did raise the prices . I paid like 1.99 in the summer for the same stuff. Also a LGS had some 22 and 223 in small quantities.
  8. pikid89

    pikid89 New Member

    Brand new walmart in Gainesville FL had 2 boxes of .270, and a few boxes of .410, and nothing else
  9. blaisenguns

    blaisenguns New Member

    Well there is only one thing to do, buy several different fake mustaches and sunglasses, and keep going back for 3 more boxes. Then you can sell them online for double.
  10. Milamber

    Milamber New Member

    Maybe central GA is different but I have picked up .40sw anytime I needed it at our local WW. They still had a SIG 556 on the shelf Christmas week
  11. izhevsk

    izhevsk New Member

    Quite a bit of ammunition at the local Walmart this morning as well. First time I've ever seen XM193 on the shelves there.
  12. vamo

    vamo New Member

    Actually saw some .223 at the local bass pro today it was the $1 per round hunting ammo though.

    The local cabelas in the St Louis area has actually had a ton of 7.62x39 for awhile now (steel cased but pre panic prices). Also saw some 9mm there, but it was a bit too rich for my blood; it was not gauged just a very expensive load.
  13. Jim Mac

    Jim Mac New Member

    stopped by wally world last night to buy a bike helmet. As I was walking back to the sporting section, I see alot of guys heading out with ammo in the plastic bags and smiling. I stopped at the counter and they had WWB 9mm 24 bucks a box of 100. So I picked up 3. Then as I cant find any adult helmets, I go to ask the guy at the counter and they have carboard cartons of WWB .45. I wanted to return the 9mm for the .45 but there is no exchange or refunds on ammo. So I did what any other redblooded American would do. I asked my wife to buy me 3 boxes of .45 100 round bulk packs. Now I may have to go shooting sunday.
    3 weeks ago they did have american eagle .223, $11.27 for the 50 gr. varmit soft tip and $8.07 for the 55 gr. jim
  14. 76shuvlinoff

    76shuvlinoff New Member

    I'm pretty well stocked in 22lr .38 9mm .357 .40 .45 .223 and 12 ga, I have more 30-30 than I'll use this year.

    My local Wally's seems to have plenty of shotgun fodder and 30-30 on the shelf, I might pick up some 30-30 for my redneck AK.

  15. CJW

    CJW New Member

    My local Dunham's has 5.56 in stock, including Remington 250 round bulk packs. They limit 1 per customer on the bulk packs and 3 per customer on 20 round boxes. Also have plenty of 22lr at normal prices.
  16. gym

    gym member

    I'ts starting to ease up, as long a sthere are no incidents on the horizon this should get back to normal
  17. Mine has dust bunnies running running around on the shelf.
  18. bluetopper

    bluetopper New Member

    I am soooo very thankful I started reloading my own a few years ago.

    I have thousands of each component in all calibers.:)

    It's just crazy not to roll your own these days.
  19. Singletracker

    Singletracker New Member

    Walked into my local WM this morning. There were 17 boxes of Winny, WB 9mm value packs on the shelf. Myself and two guys right behind me reduced that by 9 boxes (3 box limit) and the guys behind the counter took two phone calls from guys checking if anything was on the shelf, so I'm sure they are gone now too.

    Virtually nothing else except the expensive hunting ammo, but at least something is dribbling in.
  20. blaisenguns

    blaisenguns New Member

    Well I am in a fix because I used up all my components just before this nonsense, and now I cant get any more :mad:

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