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Shooting applications on phones

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by rc109a, May 9, 2011.

  1. rc109a

    rc109a Member

    I have recently just bought an android based phone and was wondering what shooting applications are out there and are they actually helpful. I have seen several for the IPhone, but little for android based phones. Anyone use these? If so what ones and links might be helpful.
  2. dmancornell

    dmancornell Member

  3. Equestrian

    Equestrian New Member

    try "gun disassembly" for itouch/phone its a great super detailed app and quite fun trying to beat your best time
  4. rc109a

    rc109a Member

    Was looking for android based apps. I don't have an IPhone/Touch. I have heard of programs being used to take pictures and then using them to be included with their reloading log. I currently use an excel database, but looking for something a bit more portable.
  5. Tirod

    Tirod Active Member

    In the context of having a easy to use method of recording data, photos, etc. the smartphone would be a great choice for the range. Otherwise a more bulky paper recordbook would do - which is still the format of choice for professional shooters who need to document settings and results. And that notebook has the ability to work without power, in a remote location, and has a low probability of disclosing the covert location of the user.

    It won't go beep at the wrong moment, or have a starburst screen. In civilian use, they get treated a lot better.

    On the other hand, I would not be surprised that 95% of the shooter programs are little used showoff apps for wannabes, much like dyno programs or fantasy sports teams. The legitimate users keep quiet about it, because so many posers have made it laughable. While there certainly are serious smartphone users, the majority I've seen are simply social enhancement and entertainment devices for those who can't face the quiet boredom of reality. :evil::evil:

    Given the requirement, I would just hop down to the Post Exchange and pick up a Write in the Rain notebook, format the pages as recommended by the pro's, and move on. I don't think an app will be a good method of recording info longterm over the years I might shoot that specific weapon. The phone is likely to be obsolete along with the app much sooner than the gun.

    Android apps are written in Java, which is limited in Iphone. I have been looking for them for my cheap bling feature phone, and there's not much out there to impress yet.
  6. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    All I want is a decent shot timer app for Android. So far no one has made one.
  7. mrbro

    mrbro New Member

    I use GunSim on my Blackberry. It is a ballistics calculator that calculates drop at range for different wind and environment conditions.
  8. Thedub88

    Thedub88 New Member

    "All I want is a decent shot timer app for Android. So far no one has made one."


    IPSC shot timmer sucks!! Waaay too sensitive
  9. ny32182

    ny32182 Active Member

    If you had a more specific purpose identified I'm guessing it would help (my phone is not very smart though, so I'm not an expert on everything that is out there); I know that Rangelog.com just released an Android app.
  10. rc109a

    rc109a Member

    Tirod-Many of use are not going to be snipping around in the middle of the night, so we don't have to worry about you or others accusing us of being a "wannabe". I have served my time at the tip of the spear and have no need to relive those times.:):):):)

    I record all my shooting data on the computer. Since I am not crawling on my belly anymore shooting I have the luxury of enjoying shooting at my own pace and leisure. I am not shooting beyond 300yrds (or much past 200 if I have my choice) and have no real need for a ballistics calculator or mildot dohicky thingamabobber.

    What I was hoping for was something that can take a photo and give the dimensions of the group. With load development this is nice (getting not only actual measurements, but the pattern as well). A nice reloading log would be a bonus. It makes it easier to share my results with others without dragging out my notebooks and numerous scratch pieces of paper.

    ny32182: I looked at that and at first I thought it was almost what I was looking for until I seen that they store your data for you. I am not fancy storing this type of information on someone else computer (they will let you keep a record of all your guns and serial numbers on their servers...not). Good concept if it was a stand alone program.
    Last edited: May 10, 2011
  11. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington New Member

    Used something similar to that described by mrbro, worked quite well too.

    I was able to hit a deli container the same size as a DVD case at over 600 yards.

    It took two shots to get almost on target, one shot to hit the lower left corner and the target & last was dead center. Just too bad it didn't go boom <- yes it was an exploding target, but a dud!

    I know some of you would probably be able to do that with one or 2 shots, but that is the farthest I've ever shot out to, ever.
  12. Thedub88

    Thedub88 New Member

    I found 3 shot timers recently.
    IPSC shot timer(beta)
    Shot timer pro
    and there's another just called shot timer
  13. Jeff H

    Jeff H Active Member

    I have "Bang" installed on my phone. It works well when the microphone is pointed in the direction of the gun. It works like crap when my brother holds the phone and covers up the microphone. :)

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