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Shooting high and low.

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by K.A.T., Jul 26, 2008.

  1. K.A.T.

    K.A.T. Well-Known Member

    I put a Hawkens together and it is shooting high then low, back and forth out of control. I read a post somewhere, don't remember where, and the guy had the answer to this problem. I'm shooting the old maxi-ball 320 gr. in a Green Mountain 1-28 twist barrel.
  2. oneshooter

    oneshooter Well-Known Member

    What powder and charge? It can make a lot of difference in accuracy.

    Livin in Texas
  3. K.A.T.

    K.A.T. Well-Known Member

    What charge

    I tried Pyrodex FF with a felt wad between 100grns. of powder and the maxi-ball. I also tried Goex FFF with a 100grn. charge.
  4. frontiergander

    frontiergander Well-Known Member

    Use a bore wad. Ox-Yoke makes a good wad.

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