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shooting ranges in NW Iowa

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by JEB, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. JEB

    JEB Participating Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Douds, IA
    i just recently moved into town in sioux center Iowa so i cant shoot in my front yard anymore :(. so now i need to find a place to shoot. ive done a fair amount of searching and googling but so far i have not found much. it seems that they are building a range just outside of town which will be nice (http://www.sandyhollow.org/) but it dosent look like the pistol/rifle range will be open untill next year. i found that their was supposed to be a range just North of Ireton but i drove by that way and couldn't find it. so far the only thing i HAVE found is is Gary's Gun Shop in Sioux Falls, SD but really dont want to have to make the drive all the time and i wouldnt be able to shoot rifles there (indoor, pistol/small caliber rifle only).

    with my total lack of success, i figured that THR was the place to go. so does anyone here know of any shooting ranges in my area? any help is greatly appriciated!
  2. tornadochaser

    tornadochaser New Member

    Jun 4, 2011
    I would just talk to your co-workers or friends in the area and see if anybody has a farm outside of town you can shoot at.
  3. Rembrandt

    Rembrandt Senior Member

    Feb 1, 2003
    Here's a list of Iowa ranges.........


    # Big Springs Shooting Complex, Searsboro IA 50242
    # Izaak Walton League - Ames, Ames IA 50010
    # Izaak Walton League - Anamosa, Anamosa IA 52205
    # Izaak Walton League - Boone Valley, Webster City IA 50595
    # Izaak Walton League - Des Moines, Des Moines IA 50321
    # Izaak Walton League - Dragoon Trail, Elkhart IA 50073
    # Izaak Walton League - Dubuque, Peosta IA 52068
    # Izaak Walton League - Grundy Tama, Reinbeck IA 50669
    # Izaak Walton League - Linn County, Cedar Rapids IA 52407
    # Izaak Walton League - Mahaska County, Oskaloosa IA 52577
    # Izaak Walton League - Maquoketa, Maquoketa IA 52060
    # Izaak Walton League - Three Rivers, Waverly IA 50677
    # Izaak Walton League - Waterloo, Waterloo IA 50701
    # Keokuk County Ikes Range, Keota IA 52248
    # Madison County Sportsmens Club, Winterset IA 50273
    # Northwest Iowa Outdoor Sporting Complex, Sioux Center IA 51250
    # West Liberty Gun Club, West Liberty IA 52776

    # American Outdoors, Mt. Pleasant IA 52641
    # Anamosa Bow Hunters, Anamosa IA 52205
    # Archery Field & Sport, Altoona IA 50009
    # Archery Park, Madrid IA 50156
    # Arrowhead Hunting Club, Goose Lake IA 52750
    # Bait & Archery Shack, Dubuque IA 52001
    # Bancroft Gun Club Inc, Bancroft IA 50517
    # Black Hawk Pistol Club, Vinton IA 52349
    # Boone County Sportsman's Club, Boone IA 50036
    # Buena Vista Rifle and Pistol Club, Storm Lake IA 50588
    # Cedar Falls Gun Club, Cedar Falls IA 50613
    # Central Range, Dubuque IA 52001
    # Charles Butch Olofson Shooting Range, Polk City IA 50226
    # Chase The Adventure, Decorah IA 52101
    # Clarinda Rifle and Pistol, Clarinda IA 51632
    # Clinton County Sportsman's Club, De Witt IA 52742
    # Corning Gun Club, Corning IA 50841
    # Council Bluffs Rifle & Pistol Club, Council Bluffs IA 51502
    # Coyote Run Sporting Clays, Eldora IA 50627
    # Daryls Gun Shop and Shootin Range, State Center IA 50247
    # Davis Farm Sporting Clays, Boone IA 50036
    # DLS Gun Club, McCausland IA 52758
    # Docs Hunt Club, Adel IA 50003
    # Double A Archery, Waterloo IA 50701
    # Eldridge Sc, Eldridge IA 52748
    # Farmington Rod & Gun, Farmington IA 52626
    # Flood Creek Sporting Clays Ltd, Rudd IA 50471
    # Flying B Limited of Iowa, Guthrie Center IA 50115
    # Flying B/Guthrie Center, Guthrie IA 50115
    # Fredericksburg Sportsman Club, Fredericksburg IA 50630
    # Goddard Territorial Justice Committee, LLC, Colfax IA 50054
    # Hanover Gun Club, Alta IA 51002
    # Happy Apple Archery & Sporting, Norwalk IA 50211
    # Highland Hideaway Hunting, Riverside IA 52327
    # Humboldt Rifle and Pistol Club, Humboldt IA 50548
    # Hunters Knob Gun Club, Saint Charles IA 50240
    # Iowa River Gun Club, Marshalltown IA 50158
    # Ireton Sportsmans Club, Ireton IA 51027
    # Izaak Walton League - Bloomfield, BLOOMFIELD IA 52537
    # Izaak Walton League - Burlington, Burlington IA 52601
    # Izaak Walton League - E Davenport, Bettendorf IA 52722
    # Izaak Walton League - Keokuk County, Harper IA 52231
    # Izaak Walton League - Warren County, Indianola IA 50125
    # Izaak Walton League - Williamsburg, Marengo IA 52301
    # K-Bar-C Hunting Preserve, Davis City IA 50065
    # K-Bar-C Hunting Ranch, Lineville IA 50147
    # Laurens Sportsmens Club, Laurens IA 50554
    # Lazy H Hunting Club, Woodbine IA 51579
    # LeMars Sportsman's CLub, LeMars IA 51031
    # Little Cedar Gun Club, Osage IA 50461
    # M & G Gun Club, Schaller IA 51053
    # Marion Co. Sportsmens Club, Knoxville IA 50138
    # Marshall Gun Club, Marshalltown IA 50158
    # Muscatine Archery Club, Muscatine IA 52761
    # Nashua Fish & Game Club, Nashua IA 50658
    # National Law-Enforcement & Security Institute (NLSI), DES MOINES IA 50309
    # New Pioneer Gun Club, Waukee IA 50263
    # North Kossuth Gun Club, Swea City IA 50590
    # Northern Iowa Rod & Gun, Mason City IA 50401
    # Oak Hill Gun Club, Blue Grass IA 52726
    # Oakview II Hunting Club, Runnells IA 50237
    # Oakwood Sporting Resort, Sigourney IA 52591
    # On Target (IA), Oskaloosa IA 52577
    # Otter Creek Sportsmen's Club, Cedar Rapids IA 52411
    # Ottumwa Ikes Trap Range, Ottumwa IA 52501
    # Palmer Conservation Club, Palmer IA 50571
    # Pheasant Haven, Kanawha IA 50447
    # Pleasantville Rifle and Pistol Club Inc, Pleasantville IA 50225
    # Pocahontas Pistol Club, Pocahontas IA 50574
    # Raccoon Valley Sportsman Club, Adel IA 50003
    # River City Rifle & Pistol Club, Clear Lake IA 50428
    # Rock Rapids Gun Club, Rock Rapids IA 51246
    # Royal Rifle and Pistol Club, Peterson IA 51301
    # Shelby County Trap & Skeet Ltd, Harlan IA 51537
    # Sioux Shooting Park, Sergeant Bluff IA 51054
    # Southeast Iowa Skeet Club, Fairfield IA 52556
    # Sports Outfitters, Inc., Cedar Rapids IA 52404
    # Stanek Brothers Gun Club, Fort Dodge IA 50501
    # Steelclay Shooting Sports, Ltd., Eddyville IA 52553
    # Stockdale Gun Club, Ackley IA 50601
    # Sutherland Gun Club, Linn Grove IA 51033
    # Targets On The Move, Ackley IA 50601
    # Timber Ridge Ranch, Castana IA 51010
    # Titonka Gun Club, Titonka IA 50480
    # Training Specialists, Des Moines IA 50305
    # Tri State Gun Club, Montrose IA 52639
    # Triple H Ranch Hunting Preserve, Burlington IA 52601
    # Ventura Gun Club, Ventura IA 50482
    # Waltonian Archers, Toddville IA 52218
    # Watters Gun & Archery, Baldwin IA 52207
    # White Pigeon Trap Club, South English IA 52335
  4. JEB

    JEB Participating Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Douds, IA
    thats good advice, and i would but since we just moved here i know absolutly nobody, and i work alone on third shift for now, so not really any co-workers either.

    thanks for the list! i used google maps to find most of the towns and now have a list of the closest ones that i will try to follow up on.
  5. armarsh

    armarsh Member

    Nov 17, 2009
    Southwest MN

    There is a free state-run range 2 mi east and 3-4 miles south of Sibley, IA. Pistol and shotgun only.

    There are three rifle ranges just east of Sioux Falls. Here is one:

    http://www.garretsonsportsmensclub.com The photo is old, the rifle ranges are covered now. $50 for yearly card-swipe entry.
  6. JEB

    JEB Participating Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Douds, IA
    dont suppose you would happen to have a name or adress for the range near sibley would you?
  7. Stormin.40

    Stormin.40 Member

    Feb 17, 2011
    This goes back about 10 years, but when I was in College in Orange City, IA there was a free public range just south of town. 10 years makes my memory fuzzy but I know it was by an old sand quarry. Should be less that 1/2 hour from Sioux Center.
  8. Tim the student

    Tim the student Senior Member

    Feb 1, 2009
    Rembrant's list is great, but not all-encompassing. It seems that it doesn't list taxpayer funded ranges.

    In my area (Waterloo/CF area) , there are a lot (well, kinda) of public ranges. You could try calling the local conservation folks and seeing if they know about anything in the area.

    Within 15 miles of my house are 2 public ranges. Within 50, at least an additional 1. Within 70 are 2 more - I think, there may be only one.

    There is a publication that lists all public lands, and what is available on them. I think it is called the Sportsman Atlas. Worth looking at if you see it in the store.

    If I remember, I'll take a gander at mine tomorrow and let you know if I see anything in the area.
  9. armarsh

    armarsh Member

    Nov 17, 2009
    Southwest MN
  10. JEB

    JEB Participating Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Douds, IA
    wow, thanks so much guys! i feel like im finally making some progress! keep 'em coming if anyone knows any more!
  11. Hk Dan

    Hk Dan Active Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    NE Iowa
  12. dirtykid

    dirtykid Active Member

    Nov 15, 2010
    I thought the only thing in NW-Iowa was Corn !! and MORE Corn and Oh,yea some beans too !! just kidding, i have nothing constructive to add to this conversation
  13. Han Tzu

    Han Tzu New Member

    Apr 17, 2011
    Nice. I've been looking for just such a thread.
    Best places to shoot in iowa are still private land. Get to know a farmer.
  14. Tim the student

    Tim the student Senior Member

    Feb 1, 2009
    Hey, I looked in that book that I mentioned, and couldn't find anything that I would consider to be close. Sorry.

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