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Shot a 1911 for the first time today.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by bdjansen, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. bdjansen

    bdjansen Well-Known Member

    Granted, it was a 9mm (springfield). But what a fun gun to shoot. It made one big ragged hole through the middle of the target. It felt great in my hands. What can I say? It was love at first shot. :)

    I have never shot a 45 before. So that's what I'm gonna do next time at the range. And then there'll be even more 1911's to try. I'm guessing 45 ammo is really pricy though.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement. I get what all the 1911 lovers are about.
  2. scubie02

    scubie02 Well-Known Member

    ohhh, i'm sorry to hear that...you're doomed now! :D

    my first 1911 was a springfield, and also shot one ragged hole...it's eerie...;)
  3. 308win

    308win Well-Known Member

    They are kind of like peanuts - can't eat just one. My 1911 is my favorite handgun and one I shoot best although my S&W Model 19 is a very close second in both regards. Come to think about it, my XD9-SC shoots almost as well and balances almost as well; and my 642 shoots better than I can; and my 22A shoots really well and I am getting better with it as I shoot it more; and, my HS Sentinel Delux has a much better trigger than an under $40 gun should have. I guess I am just flighty.:eek:
  4. pdowg881

    pdowg881 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure in a few moments I'm going to get dragged out of my house for saying this but, I don't care for the 1911. All history and respect for its creator and design aside, I've given it many chances and there's just so many more out there I like so much better. First time I've ever said it to anybody and I probably shouldn't have. (I wouldn't dare say it to your faces):neener: especially since most of you are packing.
  5. giturgun

    giturgun Member

    Have loved the 1911 for many years, hated the decision when the military abandoned them. Strange thing is I have never bought one as much as I like them. Guess deep down inside I am a true rifleman
  6. Baneblade

    Baneblade Well-Known Member

    I love the 1911... but have only had poor experiences with them. For me, they are just a fun gun, not a SD/HD/carry gun.
    I recently spent $1500 (with tax, night sights, and a 3rd mag) on a very nice 1911. 150 rounds into it the rear sight fell off and the front sight drifted to the far left.....
    However, I love my Springfield GI 1911. $400 and it is my favorite 1911.
  7. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    There are a lot of guns I like and have one of, sometimes two, but I have multiple .45 1911's. Sometimes they change, but I always have between 3 to 5 around. It's 5 right now.

    Some folks put 3 to 5 to shame, they have em in bunches. :)
  8. Ninja42

    Ninja42 Well-Known Member

    Funny. I shot a 9mm springfield 1911 at the range last week, and I was not really impressed. The trigger felt kind of rough, it was hard to get a proper grip in the pistol, and for some reason my shots just scattered all across the target.
    While I was shooting it I just couldnt help myself thinking about how much I just wanted my CZ 75 SP-01 back. Maybe the gun I tired was a lemon, but I sure didnt feel the magic that I was hoping for after hearing all those great thing about the design.
  9. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard, some people love them and some don't. For those that don't that's why they make so many different kinds. IMHO the H&K USP is the best weapon sold, but it's too big for my hands. That's why I have a Les Baer PII, and is by far the best gun I have ever shot and would never give it up. If you guys would like to see some really nice 1911's and other guns go to randgfirearms.com he has some really nice ones and is great to deal with.
  10. fletcher

    fletcher Well-Known Member

    They're great guns. I hope to have one in 9mm someday ;)
  11. brashboy

    brashboy Well-Known Member

    I love my Kimber Classic 5" in .45. Nothing feels better in the hand and nothing shoots better, recoil very mild. Their thin-ness makes even the Gov't size fairly concealable, though a smaller model would be better for CC and works quite well for that purpose even though some don't like to carry C&L. A well-tuned trigger makes the 1911 about the best shooter out there. Almost anyone can shoot the 1911 well first time out, while some (like me) never shoot DA very well. In college I used to date a lot and take the girls shooting - hey, it worked and was more fun than a movie. They were all amazed at my old Gov'ts low recoil and even the worst of them shot it decently.

    I also love my CZ97, great shooter, low recoil. Aside from the 1911, I think there is no better .45 if your hand is big enough for it. But I am far more accurate cocking the CZ and shooting in SA mode. The DA trigger can only be made so smooth. For close-up SD, the trigger is not such a big deal, but on the range, different story.

    The only thing keeping the 1911 from sweeping all DA's before it in popularilty, IMHO, is the single-stack mag. Flaming may begin now...
  12. Sniper X

    Sniper X Well-Known Member

    I have never shot a 45 before.

    You still haven't! But I think you would like it even though it does have more recoil than that 1911 9mm you did shoot! I love and have 1911's and only have one other auto pistol, a P22, I like wheel guns and SA'a too but have only .45acp 1911s for full size autos. Nothing feels as good in my hand and nothing shoots like the 1991 for me. Welcome to the 1911 lovers club!
  13. Boats

    Boats member

    I have owned or extensively borrowed, the following handguns over the past 22 years:

    Colt Python
    Colt Detective Special
    Beretta 92FS
    Beretta Cougar in .45ACP
    Beretta Jetfire
    Beretta 21A
    Browning High Power
    Glock 20 (2nd Gen)
    H&K USPc .45
    Walther P-99
    S&W 38
    S&W 638
    S&W M&P9 (belongs to my wife)
    SA XD9
    Colt GM
    Colt Combat Commander
    Colt Officer's Model
    SA Loaded Champion 4"
    Ruger KGP-141

    My favorites by a large margin are the last two listed. If I had to pare down to one semi and one revolver, it'd be those two. I only like my Springer better than my Colts because of the former lacking the Series 80 piece that slightly complicates the detail strip and reassembly.

    That said, I keep sampling too. My next two handguns are a Beretta PX4 in 9mm and a FN FNP-9.

    I am set on a .45ACP platform for the rest of my life. I don't care for 9mm 1911s. All of the weight and none of the capacity, the latter of which is really the 9mm's only compelling calling card in a full size pistol.
  14. bdjansen

    bdjansen Well-Known Member

    I'd like to try a hi-power. I think I'd like those since I like the 1911. I like a big gun. I don't carry so weight is not a concern and I have really long fingers so I need the size to have a comfortable grip. My range doesn't have any hi-powers to try though. :(

    I also like my brothers cz75. His is in 40 so I havent shot one in 9 yet. But it's a nice gun.

    I'll see what I think about shooting 45s. Next time I'm at the range.
  15. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    It is pretty hard to beat the speed and accuracy of this design. My problem has been finding one that functions reliably. My replacement SIG GSR (the first one was a dreadful lemon) shows a lot of promise, however.

    Although the ammo costs about 30-40% more, I think you will have a lot of fun with a real one, i.e., a .45. :evil: The recoil, assuming standard 230-gr. ammo, is still relatively soft, and of course the holes are much bigger.
  16. scubie02

    scubie02 Well-Known Member

    I guess I've been lucky--I've had numerous 1911's (all 45's except for one 38 super) and have never had a bad one--all totally reliable, and in general the most accurate handguns I have owned.
  17. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    We all evolve to the 1911 at some point. Many are seduced by her charms, many move on. Remember, not all 1911's are created equal. You will find some that seem to have great personalities while others leave alot to be desired -- some are high maintenance while others are not.
    Good luck now that you've been bit!
  18. bdjansen

    bdjansen Well-Known Member

    Why do 1911's cost so much? And it seems like the ones that are under a grand are built over seas. I do like it when things are built here at home.

    Are 1911's generally more accurate then others? If yes why is this?
  19. Sniper X

    Sniper X Well-Known Member

    Springfeild loaded 1911s are not a grand, not even close and they are great. You can get somenice Kimbers for around $750.00.
  20. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    As for mechanical accuracy, the average 1911 is probably no more or less accurate than other semi-autos out there. However, the ergonomics of the pistol work extremely well for a lot of people, which makes the gun point very naturally. Not everyone, but quite a few.

    Springfields don't necessarily have the nicest out-of-the-box triggers in the 1911 world, especially the GIs and Mil-Specs. They are usually gritty and on the heavy side for 1911s. My SA Mil-Spec had a horrible trigger pull NIB. I was throwing shots and shooting waaaaaay left. I had a trigger job done on it (pull is now around 4.5 lbs) resulting in a clean, crisp break. I still prefer the DA and SA trigger pulls of my S&W wheelguns, but my groups improved immensely after the work was done. And that 1911 trigger now beats the pants off my old Springfield XD9's.

    Maybe that was the problem you experiened.

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