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SHOT Day 2 videos

Discussion in 'SHOT Show Coverage' started by RX-178, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    Diamondback Firearms with their new AR-15 series:

    Crimson Trace's new green lasers, with actual green laser diodes.

    Magpul. ...It's Magpul!

    Sig MPX Carbine

    5.11 Tactical. Sabre Jacket 2.0 and new VTAC war belt.

    Nemesis Arms Vanquish rifle.
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  2. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    Okay, last video of the 2nd day is in the process of being uploaded as I type this (will be edited to the first post when it's done).

    I don't think I'm going to make any videos tomorrow, to be honest with you guys.

    I've been coming to SHOT every year for the past 5 years, and while I still love the event, I have to say this year's show has already proven to be unusually exhausting, physically, mentally and even emotionally. The past two days, I did sweep the ENTIRE show, row by row, in every last exhibition hall right down to the extra law enforcement sections in the ballrooms, and these videos pretty much represent everything that stood out to me as I went through.

    While there's proven to be more great developments in the industry than last year (Sig MPX, IWI USA, the Zip .22...), it's also been kind of overshadowed by the anti-gun politics brewing all around.

    Tomorrow, my plan is to do my day job, relax, take it easy, then see how I'm feeling on the last day of the show. I'll definitely still shoot a video to summarize the ENTIRE show, but with how this hotel's wifi is performing, it might not be until I'm back in El Paso before I can actually upload it.
  3. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. I have been enjoying your videos. Thanks for the ones you posted.
  4. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    Well I woke up this morning thinking I might swing by IWI and USFA even though by my reckoning they've been covered up and down.... turns out my camera battery won't take a charge. $/&*'#!!!

    It'll work if plugged in so I'll shoot the summaries still, but I'm kind of out of action here.
  5. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    first time watching the videos, and must say thank you very much for posting.
  6. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it is your emphasis or the trend of the industry, but I haven't seen anything I would walk across the street for.
  7. RX-178

    RX-178 Well-Known Member

    I'll venture that it's almost certainly just my emphasis.

    I don't like to spend time on videos of things that others are going to cover just for the sake of covering it also, which is why I didn't get the USFA zip or the Tavor (I do have some regrets of that now).

    I tend to stick to videos of things that catch my interest, and where I can EXPLAIN why it caught my interest. So, yeah, even though the Strike One is probably getting covered to death, I still felt like I could explain why I think it's a great product. Tavor and USFA zip... okay, the Israeli military uses one of them, and the other one is.... umm... it looks funky. That's not good video material in my opinion, so I didn't make them.

    I also love optics, scopes red dots, and the like... but when I try making videos of them, it ends up being a long, boring diatribe explaining how optics (in GENERAL) work, because most people don't really know what makes one scope better than the other, and boy howdy there's a lot of stuff in the four figure price range that I wouldn't pay half the price for. While I do feel it's worth trying to educate people... the SHOT show isn't really the right venue for those videos, I'll do them at home on my own time.

    I also definitely have a 'tacticool'/defensive firearm slant. I still like bolt action hunting rifles, and double barrel shotguns, and all that, I can even tell you which ones I like more than others, but I can't really articulate WHY I like certain ones better than others. So, while I handled Remington's new 782 rifle.... eh, I guess I liked it. Really inexpensive, and feels like twice the gun the 770 is.

    A few other things were /interesting/, but I didn't want to video them because there were no solid plans for semi-auto civilian versions for the US Market. For example, the Skorpion Evo 3, Bren assault rifle, and the Polish MSBS-556 were all there, but none of them had a comment on the US market except 'We'd kinda like it to happen'...

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