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SHOT DAY ONE: Fox Fury lights

Discussion in 'SHOT Show Coverage' started by Derek Zeanah, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Derek Zeanah

    Derek Zeanah System Administrator Staff Member

    This is a family owned business that seems to be run by an inventor, so changes seem to happen rapidly here.

    The first interesting flashlight is this one:

    This is a white version of the light which also comes in black. The white version has three modes: 65 lumen LED, red LED illumination, and strobe. The black is the same, except the second illumination option is UV instead of red. The most interesting this is that they run on one AA battery rather than CR123's. Run time is 50 minutes, it's waterproof to 6 feet, anodized aluminum housing. Retail is $85. (The white version is evidently just a "market research" version they did to see how female SHOT attendees reacted!)

    Its big brother takes two CR123 batteries, or one 18650, and is compatible with the rechargeable 123 batteries. 130 lumens, UV and strobe modes, and a theorist is aboutthe same. Retails for $115.

    They also make a pistol light, shown below. Two versions are available: one with a red laser built in, and one without. Costs $168 or $210 depending on version. Modes are instant touch, constant on, and strobe. Takes one CR123, runs four hours (plus an additional half hour at low intensity), 140 lumen, waterproof to 60 feet, and supposed to be able to withstand a fall from two stories.


    This is kind of cool: a $40 survival light that comes with white LEDs or white/red LEDs. 3 aa batteries, 24-100 hour life depending on usage, 20-28 lumens, and durable as all get out. They have a YouTube video you can find that shows them turning the light on, freezing it solid while operational, and pretty much working to destroy it to the point of pouring gasoline on it and setting it on fire. The burnt one on display (still operational) is the one i the video.

    Very nice lights.

  2. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    Of perhaps limited utility, but a very cool piece of gear, is the Fox Fury Nomad 3600. This spotlight comes with a removable diffuser lens that changes the beam to a wide 120' area light.

    This is a rechargeable with three modes, with a "low" of 1200 lumens and a 9 hr life on the Lithium-Ion batteries, to a high of 3600 lumens and 2.5 hr burn time. The Nomad has a telescoping neck that extends to give up to 95" total height, the head swivels and pivots, and the entire system can be folded down into an easily portable tube.

    Not cheap, but the Nomad seems cheap for what it is.
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