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Shotgun Pics!

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Lightsped, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Lightsped

    Lightsped Well-Known Member

    You know, shotguns are one of the most versatile types of guns around. I would venture to guess most of us here have at least one.

    How about a shotgun photo or two? Doesn't matter if it used for hunting or home defense. Any and all shotgun pics are welcome! Lets keep text posts in this topic to a minimum, and instead focus on the "porn".

    Here is mine.
  2. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    Mossy 590 marinecote
    Remington 1100 Magnum, Franchi AL48

    not particularly good pics, but whaddayagonnado?
  3. Blue .45

    Blue .45 Well-Known Member

    Not the best pic, but...

  4. proud2deviate

    proud2deviate Well-Known Member


    Need to take new pics, now that it has a rear sight on it.
  5. Fast Frank

    Fast Frank Well-Known Member

  6. Phelptwan

    Phelptwan Well-Known Member

  7. Tijeras_Slim

    Tijeras_Slim Well-Known Member


    Slim's family of A-5's
  8. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

  9. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    Mossberg 590A

  10. jmt1271

    jmt1271 Well-Known Member


    Tactical turkey(LOL)
  11. Rshooter

    Rshooter Well-Known Member

    Crop'em boys

  12. jahwarrior

    jahwarrior Well-Known Member

    mossie 500 tac cruiser, with friends:


  13. james_bond

    james_bond Well-Known Member

    My 870 Mmmm 10+1

    I like yours proud2deviate
  14. Blue02Formula

    Blue02Formula Member

    I just got my 870 last week. I have a Knox Spec-Ops stock, Houge pistol grip sleeve, Houge forend on back order.

  15. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    Great pics. Now let's see some with......

    WEAR MARKS!!!!!....
  16. The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Dave, didn't you know home defense guns are about looking cool? Blue02 is the only exception. I'd post mine but I don't have a digital camera. I think you would be impressed :)
  17. Phelptwan

    Phelptwan Well-Known Member

    Wear marks? I haven't even had the gun for two weeks yet...but I've already put a case Federal Target loads through it...in one afternoon.
  18. Todd A

    Todd A Well-Known Member

    wear marks

    First,secure storage space is limited..otherwise it would not have a folder(it stings abit).Photos are blurry,sorry.:uhoh:


    Last edited: Feb 1, 2008
  19. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    I just may be,TDH. Well used shotguns have their own charm.

    Pwelp, you're off to a good start. Repeat frequently.

    A nice set, Todd. Keep going....
  20. bkjeffrey

    bkjeffrey Well-Known Member

    mossberg 9200 and me

    it's got a knox spec ops stock, a surefire, Knights forward grip, blah blah blah.

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