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Should I buy this 1989 9mm W German Sig P226?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by dave2, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. dave2

    dave2 Member

    Greetings to all at The High Road. I found a 1989 W German 9mm P226 for sale in my area. I am inclined to buy it for it being a W German pistol as well as I've wanted a 226 9mm for a while. I wanted to run it by the good folks at The High Road first - I need opinions and advice please.

    The seller says he wants $625, he has had the night sights replaced about 10 years ago, and that mechanically the condition is 9 of 10 but the finish is a 6 or 7 of 10 with it showing holster wear. He purchased the pistol in 1998, and has 3 Sig mags and 5 aftermarket mags but does not have the original box. In the pictures the gun looks pretty good and I will get to see it but not fire it on Sunday night.

    First: is this too much to pay for this pistol?
    Second: are there any negatives that I should look for or be aware of when I examine the gun on Sunday?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    It sounds priced a little high to me.

    LE trade-in SIG 226s go for $400-$450 locally with 3 mags. The maker of the other mags will have a large bearing on what they add to the price. They could add $O (Promag) to $100 (factory) to the price

    The useful life of night sights is about 10 years.

    The important thing when looking at a used SIG is to inspect the frame rails. If the anodizing is worn through on the rails, I'd walk away
  3. dave2

    dave2 Member

    Good info 9mmepiphany. I will inspect the rails for sure. They should look black right... not shiny.
    He didn't know the maker of the 5 extra mags. 3 are Sig and 5 are not. I will not buy ProMag mags... they are junk.

    So for a W German 9mm P226 - you think $400 to $450 is fair?
  4. hirundo82

    hirundo82 Well-Known Member

    I think $500-550 would be fair if it is in good condition internally and the mags are MecGar (who makes, or at least used to, OEM mags for SIG) As has been mentioned, the night sights are about at the end of their life--the half-life of tritium is about 12 years.
  5. dave2

    dave2 Member

    If the current owner replaced the night sights 10 years ago then they are almost gone.

    Did Mec-Gar make the mags for the W German P series pistols back then?
  6. defjon

    defjon Well-Known Member

    If the rails are sound, and the extra mags are factory or mec gar, I'd go up to 585, but not more...check out gunbroker...
  7. dave2

    dave2 Member

    I will do a google search for W German P226 for sale and see what I get.
  8. almherdfan

    almherdfan Well-Known Member

    I traded a Ruger P944 & $100 for a German P226 & 2 mags (reg sites). $625 seems a bit high to me.
  9. dave2

    dave2 Member

    What is the Ruger P944 worth?
  10. almherdfan

    almherdfan Well-Known Member

    $325-$350, more or less.
  11. sirgilligan

    sirgilligan Well-Known Member

    Which years where the "mud rail" Sigs? Mid 80's I think.
  12. dave2

    dave2 Member

    The 'mud rails' were an issue in guns made around 1986 and 1987. Serial numbers U137xxx --- U157xxx I believe. This gun is after they revamped the rails.
  13. wgsigs

    wgsigs Well-Known Member

    I believe it was '86 - '88.

    I also think $625 is a little high, even with the extra mags. It's my feeling that the price of a gun should include 2, or maybe 3 (especially if it was a LE gun), mags. I'm thinking the gun with 3 mags is $450-$525 with the extra non-SIG mags worth maybe $10-$15 each.
  14. dave2

    dave2 Member

    So that puts your P226 at about $450 or so. That seems to be a good price for one used with holster wear but not too many rounds (police trade in type gun).
  15. wgsigs

    wgsigs Well-Known Member

    I believe the SIG mags back then were made by SIG. If they are then they will have dovetail or zipper backs. I guess that is something to check.

    I did win an auction on GunBroker at $601 about a year ago for a '90 P226 with almost no external wear and very few rounds with the original box, manual, test target, and two mags. I thought it was a very good deal so you can use that as a data point, but the seller backed out of the deal.

    I personally don't give much value for extra mags unless they are the SIG dovetail or zipper back ones, or are hard to find like P220 9mm ones.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  16. dave2

    dave2 Member

    wgsigs: What was the winning price for the 'P226? Your description of that gun sounds like what I'm looking for with perhaps a bit more external wear from being carried.

  17. wgsigs

    wgsigs Well-Known Member

    My winning bid was $601 (I didn't realize I had left the winning bid off of my previous post), which is why I thought it was a great deal, and may have been why the seller backed out. But while I thought it was worth $650-$675, I personally wouldn't have gone that high. I think my bid for a gun in the same condition but with more external wear would have been fair.

    Of course, all of these numbers are my personal opinion, and my goal is always to get a good deal (even if it means passing or losing out), never paying what I think they are worth, that is, what I perceive the market price to be. I think the key is patience and some luck. I finally got a very nice P226, but it is a '96 (no W) Germany with a SIG plastic case, test target, NO manual, and two 10 round mags for $535.

    I should qualify my remarks about not paying what a gun is worth to refer to GunBroker auctions, not face to face transactions. With a face to face transaction a mutually agreed price is what I would think was fair.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  18. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    I think $500 would be a very good price and $550 a fair price for a gun with 3 mags...you'd have to figure what the extra magazines are worth to you
  19. dave2

    dave2 Member

    I will keep thinking about the pistol today. But I am on the verge of backing out of it and looking for a nicer one with fewer mags and around $500.

    Thanks to everybody for their thoughts. You may have saved me some money.

  20. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    In the interest of full disclosure, the original price is considered pretty fair in most of CA with anything under $600 being good

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