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Should I get an M38?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Nolo, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Nolo

    Nolo Well-Known Member

    Well, I officially am part of the US militia today (I'm 17), so it's my duty to arm myself, no? I was wondering whether I should get a Mosin-Nagant M38 or M44 rifle from the local gun shop. Well, should I? Or should I hold out for a Garand?
  2. Mikee Loxxer

    Mikee Loxxer Well-Known Member

    Ideally you should get the Garand which is much better rifle but will cost a lot more. Personally I like the M38 better than the M44 but the M44's tend to be in better condition (especially the barrel).
  3. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    get an M44 cheaper, better condition, un counter bored barrel

    consider an SKS's intermediate power round, twice the round count, semi auto, and not much more green
  4. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    You can get a Mosin for about a tenth what you can get a Garand for.

    Get the Mosin.
  5. Slugless

    Slugless Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday, Nolo!

    Age old question, what are you going to use it for?

    I bought a 38 war vet just to have, makes a great decoration hanging from the ceiling.

    If you can get a cherry Mosin, go for it. I still wish I had gotten a Finn back in the day but I'm not interested in a Russian shooter.

    If you can't get a real nice one - well, do you have a .22lr yet? Shoot the heck outa that while saving for your Garand.

    Heck, I saw your post on Swedes. Get 'em while you still can.

    Shoot something! (firearm, not target)
  6. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Get the M38 or M44 and then get a Garand, M14, AR-15 etc etc... It doesn't end with the purchase of a rifle it merely begins. At your age I had an SKS. And personally if your open to other options the SKS is probably the best rifle to start with. Very little recoil decent power for deer etc and FUN to shoot.
  7. Nolo

    Nolo Well-Known Member

    I want to shoot it, as well as to be able to say "I'm ready to defend my country, are you?" What does a cherry Mosin look like, exactly?
    I don't have a .22 yet, but my dad does and he's pretty liberal with it.
    And where would I get a Swede?
  8. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Well Nolo I have three Nagants and wouldn't carry any of them in to battle to defend my country my house etc. If I had to choose a bolt action it would be a Lee Enfield...probably the best bolt action battle rifle. Of course the next obvious choices for me would be one of my AR-15, an AK, a SKS or my recent aquisition at Romanian PSL. But a Nagant? Sure they once roamed the battlefields but they weren't the best rifle then and they still aren't. They are cheap so if that's what you want -that's what you'll get. An SKS on a budget is a far better rifle for "defending your country"!

  9. Nolo

    Nolo Well-Known Member

    You make an excellent point but I am a rifleman. I don't expect to get enough money for a Lee-Enfield (though I agree with you, they weren't used into the 50's for no reason), so I think a Mosin or SKS is what I'm gonna get. I really like the Mosin and my dad already has one, and they shoot really well. Plus, they just have character. And can go through most body armor. ;)
  10. Slugless

    Slugless Well-Known Member

    A cherry Mosin would be one with a good bore, good crown, matching serial numbers & good stock. Looks good, shoots good.

    My Swedes are like that with the exception of the cleaning rods whose numbers do not match. (as if it matters)

    Oh, and I got my first Swede from a Houston Gun Show. The second one was mail ordered from SAMCO - $129 back in the day.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2007
  11. Nolo

    Nolo Well-Known Member

    How much does a cherry Mosin cost?
    Is it just a selection thing?
  12. Slugless

    Slugless Well-Known Member

    Mainly a selection thing although the good ones likely cost more.

    Check out the MNs at the bottom of the link


    The "Special Select" will be the "cherry" one. Hmmm. Maybe I should get one of these....

    Some of the Special Selects may have matching bolt/receivers. You can always call and ask them if they'll hand select one for you.
  13. BsChoy

    BsChoy Well-Known Member

    Personally Nolo, I would splurdge on a Mauser design of some sort M98, M96, M38 or springfield....Great guns, accurate, dependable, and classic. If funds are short the M91/30 with the longer sight radius is my pick
  14. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    a 38 is a fine choice, they are light , easy to take apart, easy to do a trigger job to lighten the pull, and one in good shape, or unfired is easy to come across, for about 100 bucks.
    I highly suggest you get a Small size , slip on pad for the back, even thought I am a big dude, about 20 shots from this will put a kink in your winkies.
  15. Vaarok

    Vaarok Well-Known Member

    Getting started with an M-1 isn't a great idea. Ammo's spendy and the rifle costs a lot to buy. The Mosin's cheap and ammo's cheap, so you can enjoy it now, and lots.

    Plus, mosins are good.
  16. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    I love my M38 for the cheap ammo and the look on peoples faces the first time they fire it. LOL
  17. Kalashnikov

    Kalashnikov Well-Known Member

    Yes I got one and love it. It's my basic deer rifle.
  18. esmith

    esmith Well-Known Member

    Out of the two options you prosposed I say Garand. Garands are going to increase in price a lot faster than mosins will. Mosins aren't going anywhere. I say buy both, but garand first.
  19. SpeedAKL

    SpeedAKL Well-Known Member

    Mosins are good, cheap fun. You can get one for under $100 if you look around. They work reliably, they're reasonably accurate, and they make a titanic muzzle blast and fireball that's bound to get looks at the range. I'd get one and then save up for something nice like a Garand or AR.
  20. KiltedClaymore

    KiltedClaymore Well-Known Member

    i would go with the mosin m-38. however, if i could add another choice, go with the Finnish M-39. all the fun of the m-38 but in tackdriver grade.

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