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Should I take my ladyfriend to the Knob Creek machine gun shoot?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by clintpup, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. clintpup

    clintpup Member

    I am torn on this one guys... I've just been on one official date with her, but everything seems to be going great... Not to long ago I tried to get a rise out of her by asking if she wanted to go with me, much to my surprise, she wasn't too put off by the idea. I guess I just assumed that she would be an "anti" because she is a liberal that sort of, ya know, hates George Bush. Anyway, this is luckily not the case since she is from a small town and some of her relatives are gun enthusiasts. So, should I take her? Here are some pros and cons.
    Pros: I get some quality alone time with her, She would want to go whereas the other person who might go, my father, doesn't seem to be to interested in going, I would get an ego boost of having a cute blonde by my side in front of my gun buddies, I would get my jollies from seeing her handle big guns...
    Cons: I live in NW Indiana (Lafayette), so the car ride will be a several hours each way, will I be able to maintain a conversation? I will have a glazed over look on my face and I will be ogling at guns all day, she says that "full auto is just scary" and doesn't know if there are any pistols, rifles, and/or shotguns for her to shoot...
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2005
  2. rot13enatre

    rot13enatre Member

    If you're not sure if she'll enjoy it/have an open mind, I say leave her. If you've only had one date, why risk messing up a Knob Creek trip. There's nothing worse than a great trip spoiled by a bad date.

    If things go well, there'll be more shoots to take her to. You never know someone until you travel with them, but a couple more dates would give you a better idea.

    - Just my $0.02.
  3. hayseed

    hayseed Well-Known Member

    I call bad idea. Speaking from experience, if the girl is a keeper, I would not take her to any place/event where I might be tempted to ignore her and focus on the event. This is especially true if this is a second or third date, and if she's not into said thing as you are. I say this because you seem to say that she is merely a fencesitter. Being a gun nut and being open to going to the range are two different things IMO. I took a girlfriend of several months to a carshow once and it was all downhill from there. From what I understand about Knob Creek, it is something that a "non-gunny" type would be completely bored with, or at worst, frightened by. Maybe too much too soon.

    Take this FWIW, I'm no ladies man by any stretch. My wife takes comfort in this fact. ;)
  4. Sam

    Sam Well-Known Member

    I am going to vehemently disagree. If teh young lady has any interest at all you need to take her. You also need to ensure that she has a good time there. Get her in there and get her a little playing with something beltfed.
    Can't physically intimidate her and she will have a ball.
    If you do not include her in your life now, you probably never will.
    Just make sure she enjoys herself. Likewise you need to participate in her activities too.

  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I'd take her. The worst that could happen is that she wouldn't have fun. That can happen at your average dinner, movie, et cetera.
  6. stevelyn

    stevelyn Well-Known Member

    Since you've only been on one date with her, I say take her. Here's why.

    Dating is kinda like taking ships out on shakedown cruises or taking new cars out on test drives. What you see isn't always what you get. A long road trip coupled with an activity that may be of marginal interest to her will reveal negative things about her that could take years to find out after you have invested a significant portion of your life into a relationship that's destined to sink.
    By the same token it will reveal to her up front what your interests are and some of the things that make you tick. So later on when Brown delivers those long packages on your doorstep or another gunshow treasure follows you home, she can't claim she never knew that side of you.
    It will also reveal whether or not you share similar core moral and political values. I think this is probably the most important aspect. It really dosen't matter if you share the same interests as long as you share similar philosophies. That means no latent anti-gun-for-the-children tendencies or hidden control-freak syndromes.
    By the end of the trip you'll either accept each other for who you are or you'll part company before it ever turns ugly.
  7. Tokugawa

    Tokugawa Well-Known Member

    Stevelyn nailed it. and as one guy said , "A faint heart never won a fair lady!"
  8. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Eh, I think it would be too much saturation from the sport.

    Think of it this way, a lady you just met takes you to a major Star Trek convention, and you don't really watch the show. She gets so into the gathering that she ends up just toting you around as if on a leash.

    Machine guns are cool and all but I think you'd better skip that as a date option.
  9. DelayedReaction

    DelayedReaction Well-Known Member

    You know, this may sound like a really crazy and insane idea... but why not just ask her? Tell her the concerns you have, and let her make the decision. Make sure you emphasize that it's a lot of fun though; put a positive light on it but be honest about the negative aspects.
  10. repsychler

    repsychler Well-Known Member

    I agree, ask her. Let her know what it will be like, and the fact you may be so mezmerized by Gun Mecca that she may feel ignored.
  11. Kharn

    Kharn Well-Known Member

    If she's into seeing grown men run around like 5yos in a toy store, sure, why not? :neener:

    Of course, most arent into that kind of thing. ;)

  12. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    By all means. Women can serve useful roles at gun shows--toting ammo, changing tires, and general fetching things. :D

    Er, I mean, yes, it will be an educational experience for her. She will she all sorts of people having a great time with guns in a safe and sane manner (just don't tell her about the 10/95 shoot and you're fine).

    Take her to the Patton Museum, it's educational, afterall it's a museum. Wear a tweed jacket and suck on a pipe and rub your chin while there. :D

    Take her to Kiesler's for great deals on guns and ammo. Think of all the money you'll save, sweetie! :D
  13. BB62

    BB62 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to disagree with the "bring it on!" crowd. I agree that it is good to acquaint a woman with your interests, but I don't feel it is necessary to do it all at once.

    Have her shoot a .22 pistol/rifle while plinking or target shooting and have her try her hand at skeet/trap, but...

    Knob Creek is not only an assault on the senses (ears), even with hearing protection, but it, and any other immersion into what I would think to be "another world", without context or any chance to develop an appreciation/understanding of firearms is a big risk, IMHO.

    I guess it all depends on what one wants/expects from a girlfriend - does one want her to be a softer, better looking version of oneself, or does one want her to at least have an acceptance of, or better yet, an appreciation or definite liking of one's interests?

    Exposing her to firearms would give her some context and appreciation - THEN bring her to Knob Creek.

  14. johnnymenudo

    johnnymenudo Well-Known Member

    Save it for your 1 year anniversary. This is too much gun time for a new gf that is not a gunnie - not to mention you might not be able to give her your attention if you are too busy shooting on ogling guns. There is time for knob creek next year.

    If she had a weekend event in one of her interests - would you feel it was too over the top for a second date?

  15. TMM

    TMM Well-Known Member

    1) ask her if she is interested in going
    2) she wants to? great! warn her that it's a lengthy drive, suggest if she wants to bring some music to listen to, to do so (if you have a CD player in your car)
    3) ask her if she is recoil sensitive, bring her to a range to find out if she dosn't know. then you'll know to only suggest her to shoot UZI's, etc.
    4) if possibly, bring some of your own semi's for her to shoot if the hammering of FA is too much for her to constantly withstand.

    IF she dosn't want to go, ask her out on the next friday/saturday/whatever, and go youself.

    easy as... uhhh.. pulling a trigger!
  16. Dragun

    Dragun Well-Known Member

    taking these statements into consideration, "...much to my surprise, she wasn't too put off by the idea." and "she is from a small town and some of her relatives are gun enthusiasts." I think you should take her. seems like many assume that it will only be men at knob creek and she will be the only woman. not true. from vids that i have seen there are quite a few ladies, young and old. most or all of them shoot. some pretty good looking too. she might make some friends there. pretty exciting night show as well, including a flamethrower and some dazzling explosions, usually. hell, bro, if she don't want to go, look me up. I'd love to go *drool*

    just had a thought... there are videos on this website. www.biggerhammer.net show her some to see her reaction.
  17. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    If she's interested, take her. Otherwise, don't.

    It's that easy.

    If she goes, make darn sure she isn't wearing anything too low cut (doin' the brass dance ain't fun...), and suggest that she throw fashion to the winds, and wear her comfiest walking shoes/boots.
  18. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    If she won't go I will. :neener:
  19. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... How far a drive?

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