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Should I trade this gun?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by chaim, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. chaim

    chaim New Member

    I'm not a big .40S&W fan. I don't want to start a caliber war on this thread, it is a decent enough round- it just doesn't do it for me. I'm perfectly comfortable with good quality defensive 9mm ammo and cheap .40S&W is no where near as cheap as practice 9mm ammo, .40S&W is about the same price as .45acp and I by far prefer .45 to .40 for either fun or defense. So for me having a decent .45 and 9mm means that the .40 doesn't really serve a purpose.

    Anyway, I have a CZ 40B which I do like quite a bit but I don't really use that much (not in small part due to the chambering).

    As a range gun there are certainly better options. First, I'm simply not as accurate with this as my other CZ (or as my S&W revolvers or my 1911). Also, it does have the shorter barrel (4.4") and lighter alloy frame (29oz) in comparison to the full sized CZs causing it to lose a bit as a range gun.

    I may go to grad school in a carry state (hopefully next year- I'm in the process of applying), about a 50-50 chance I'll end up in a carry state for grad school anyway, so I've been thinking about carry guns. I've got a few guns I can carry, heck I am big enough that a full sized 1911 or CZ would probably be ok, but I could use a good smaller belt gun in case I end up in a CCW state (my S&W 65LS will probably be most used for that but an auto would be nice). I kinda figured the CZ 40 could fill that role but, possibly being closer to actually needing it, I'm not so sure it is an improvement over the full sized CZs. It is alloy so it is lighter, but the full sized 75s aren't that heavy (28 or 29oz v. 33 or 34), and it is a little shorter but not by much (4.4" barrel v. 4.7 or 4.8). So I could either go with a full sized 75 for more accuracy or something significantly smaller and/or lighter for more carry ease.

    The gun itself does fit me well, but no where near as well as an actual 1911 or CZ 75B. Another problem for me is with the .40S&W chambering which is harder recoiling v. 9mm, or sharper recoiling v. .45 causing it to have less ideal (for me) handling characteristics (this part would be a non-issue for someone who actually prefers .40 to 9mm of whom there are many, or to .45 of whom there are a few). Both of these are potential issues for carry and for target use.

    Basically it is only a slightly cut down full sized gun. Thus it really isn't ideal for either target use or carry. Good gun, decent middle ground- but I have plenty of better target options (and there are better target options I'd consider to replace it) and I could use a better carry option (well, about a 50-50 chance of that)

    Now don't get me wrong, I do actually really like the gun, it is just that (for me) it is a compromise on a few levels that I'm no longer sure about going with the compromise. I have limited funds until I finish grad school and I have several wants and even some needs I'd like to fill before I go. If I had more money I'd probably indulge and keep this gun but since that may keep me from some of the other needs and wants that are stonger than my desire to keep this one I'm thinking strongly about trading.

    I know, you should never trade a reliable gun that you are happy with. I'm actually usually one of the first to say this. However, I really don't use it much, and I would be trading it on something that would make a lot more sense for me.

    I would trade it on either the CZ 100 in 9mm (for another 9mm gun but something a little different- I don't yet have a polymer pistol, plus it is light and very narrow, a great carry gun), a CZ 75BD (I love my 75B and I love the SA safety, but since I'm thinking about grad school in a carry state next year and even though I can, and sometimes do, lower the hammer on a loaded cartridge I'd prefer the decocker for DA when I chose to go DA and I already have the 75B for SA carry), a P01 (though, horrors, it didn't impress me as much as I expected and seems a bit overpriced), and a CZ 97 (I've long wanted one and it would be a great target gun).

    There are one or two non-CZ options I'll think about if I trade. I've had my eye on a Taurus 450 (2" .45lc snub) for some time. I'd love the new Taurus 905 (2" 9mm snub). The S&W 908 is economical, 9mm and just about the perfect size for a belt gun (3 1/2", 24oz). There are a few others as well, however I don't think I can bring myself to trade a CZ for anything but another CZ.

    Anyway, advice and comments would be greatly appreciated.
  2. chaim

    chaim New Member

    Oh, I can't well put it to you for advice without all the facts (you mean there is more):

    The gun has been as close to 100% reliable as one could hope (only one hiccup during break-in during the first 100 rounds) and I have about 1500 rounds +/- a few.

    After trading or selling a few guns, I have regretted almost all to some degree. The Ruger P89 I regretted when I first traded it though I don't miss it now and I was right to get rid of it (though it bugged the heck out of me for a little while). The Taurus 82 was just the opposite- I now regret that one but I didn't regret it at first. The Mossberg 500 I only sold because I desperately needed the funds and I wish I could have found any other way than to sell a gun to get the cash. I even regret selling the Taurus 605- while I made the right decision I should have waited until I could replace it w/ the 85 or now w/ the 905.

    So normally I would be one to say "don't do it" because of that record. However, while it is a good gun that I do like, I very rarely actually use this gun. I'd be trading it immediately for something that I would get far more use out of and that would cover a greater need/want for me. Really, a .40S&W pistol for me isn't very useful- I only got it because the CZ 40B was only available in .40 and I wanted the gun and at the time I could afford to indulge in a gun that didn't serve a real purpose for me that would get only occasional use. However, as said there are others that would match my needs much better and my money is currently fairly tight.

    One last comment to consider, the CZ 40B is discontinued. If I change my mind later it will be impossible to buy a new gun to replace it. I'll probably replace it with another CZ and there will be many other, better (for me), CZ designs out there for later as well. However, I doubt I'll change my mind and even if I do there will always be used guns (not to mention the very similar in size and function S&W 410s and Taurus PT940s).

    So, short recap. The only reason I am considering getting rid of it is to replace it with something a little more useful to me (either a better range gun or a more effective carry gun before I go to grad school). I wouldn't be selling this gun without replacing it (probably with another CZ), well unless I was nearing bankruptcy anyway (which I am not).
  3. Hal

    Hal New Member

    There's your answer. Never, never, never sell anything you like.

    I suggest you simply clean it well, lube it and put it in storage for a year or so. I've done this with a couple of guns and it worked out well for me. I found that after an extended period ot time, after going back and shooting the guns again, I recalled certain charcteristics of them that I hadn't noticed when shooting them regularly or even semi regularly. Even if you can somehow manage to find a replacement it's not going to be the exact same one that you have now. There's certain little quirks and such that individual guns have that make them quite unique.
  4. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier New Member

    After reading your post ,I would say keep your CZ especially since its discontinued and its been reliable for you. If you need another gun for concealment just put a few dollars away every week you be surprised how fast it adds up.:)
  5. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho New Member

    Just get ammo at the gun shows... and shoot a lot more than you normally can!

    Don't trade, don't sell, that's the mantra I always say. 'Cause if you lose it, you will want it back 99.9% of the time... unless you are trading a SW99 for a P99...
  6. chaim

    chaim New Member

    The only thing with it being discontinued is that if I decide I made a big mistake I can't do anything about it (unless I go used, and I haven't seen any local used CZ 40Bs, heck I don't even remember any on GunBroker). With the Taurus 82 I decided I made a mistake, and in the next year or two I'll probably be buying another simply for nostalgia if nothing else (it won't be the one I sold, my first ever handgun, but it will at least be the same thing). I can't do that as easily w/ the CZ 40B.

    However, while I do like it, it isn't really my cup of tea (as they say). It is my widest gun (or at least the squared and bulky slide and frame make it seem like it). I like the trim look and feel of the BHP, my CZ 75B and my 1911s (at least they seem trim and thinner) and I do like small concealable guns. This gun doesn't seem much smaller and is almost as bulky as my old Ruger P89 was (though it does seem a bit more svelt, a word I wouldn't usally use for the CZ 40B). It does seem short but side to side w/ the 1911 and CZ 75 and it really isn't that much shorter. I'm also not that big a .40S&W fan. So it is too big to be any real improvment over the CZ 75B for carry (the reason that I decided after buying was a reason to keep it). Also, it just isn't any more than combat accurate, the ammo is expensive (if I am paying that much on ammo I want to buy .45acp or revolver magnum ammo) and the recoil of the gun (while not bad for a .40 at all) is both sharp (like 9mm) and hard (like .45acp) so you lose the advantage of both-- it just isn't anywhere near ideal as a range gun either.

    While it has been almost perfect functionally I just noticed that it does now have one of the most common problems these guns can develop. The rear sight is loose. It is an easy fix, just tighten the screw and use locktite if needed, but when I was already thinking of selling it, well... Also, while examining it yesterday I just noticed that the guide rails at the rear are shaped for the CZ 75/85 not for the different shape of the 40B so there is a piece back there that just doesn't seem to look right (one of those things that can get under your skin when you are thinking of selling). However, noticing this stuff can simply be the stuff one does when trying to justify a sale.

    Don't get me wrong. I do like this gun (though I didn't at first). I've always thought it was one of the best bargains in .40S&W and may even be one of the best examples of a combat gun in .40S&W, and I continue to think so. It just isn't for me.

    Well, being a substitute teacher I don't make a ton of money. Applying to grad school is expensive (figure 5-10 schools, $30-50 application fee per school, ~$10-15 to get my transcrips from the colleges I attended to one grad school, $50-500 depending upon the school's location for each interview though not all schools will demand it, ~$10 to send my GRE scores to each school, and you have an idea). I'm also trying to pay off some bills before I go since I won't have much money while in grad school and I want to have at least $1000 in the bank when I go so that I have some money to get set up in an apartment before I get my first student loan check and before I set up a job. In addition to all that I have several guns I either still need (a shotgun, a snub, a .22lr pistol) or strongly want (a mil-surplus bolt gun, a new or newer used bolt gun, a BHP, a .223 semi-auto- finally, and if I'm in a CCW state a more suitable belt gun in an auto though my S&W 65LS will be most used and in my 1911 and CZ 75B I have autos that will use).

    To get what I want I may need to trade this gun, that I like but not enough, and that doesn't fit its niche in my "collection" as well as I'd like, to get one that fits better.

    That is a possibility. I could buy more in bulk which will take more cash up front (maybe I can buy a few cases before grad school and have as much ammo for this gun as I will shoot while in grad school). I could also use grad school as an excuse (financial necessity) to finally get into reloading as I've been considering.

    Note: I know it may seem that I've already made up my mind, however I haven't quite done so yet. Even when I think I'm sure I want to trade, I will take it for an extended range trip (with the sight tightened) to be sure before I do anything.
  7. chaim

    chaim New Member

    Oh, one more thing. Something that would be enough to "save" this gun for me is if someone produced a 9mm barrel for it. I think there are one or two .357sig barrels out there for it. Does anyone know if someone makes (or has in the works) a 9mm barrel for the CZ 40?
  8. Tecolote

    Tecolote New Member

    Make sure you like the CZ100's trigger pull before making the trade. It's really long.

    PS Don't mean to flame but you'll get more responses if you don't write such long posts.;)
  9. 10-Ring

    10-Ring New Member

    I sold off all my 40's a few years ago & haven't missed any of them. If it's a caliber you're not gonna be using & there's a gun you want, sounds like a trade or sale in the making.
    Get the gun you'll use & enjoy!
  10. chaim

    chaim New Member

    I've tried it dry firing at the store only. No one around here has one for rent. What I can tell by dry firing is that I like it as much as just about any DAO I've tried (with the exception of Kahr- none are that nice). I actually don't mind the trigger and I think it would feel fine in actual shooting. I like it a lot better than the Glock trigger (no springy feel) and I like it about as much as, though maybe a little less than, the Springfield XD trigger.

    What do you mean? The thread starter was one of my shorter posts.:what: :neener:

    Seriously, I know I can sometimes be long winded but sometimes I just can't really think of any info that I can lose and still say (or ask) what I want.

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