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Shoulder Holster Recommendation

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by ArtP, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. ArtP

    ArtP Well-Known Member

    I would like to carry a handgun in the field while hunting/camping. It's a 5.5" Super Blackhawk, non scoped and I think a shoulder holster would work best. Any recommendations? I found Uncle Mikes makes one, but am looking for other choices.

    The ability to detach the holstered gun from the rig (strapping), easily, would be a big plus. For instance, to take off the gun without removing the belts/straps.

    I have belt holsters now and like them for smaller auto's, but find them awkward for heavier guns like the SBH.
  2. swinokur

    swinokur Well-Known Member

    Look at Galco, They have some
  3. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

  4. Thorgrim

    Thorgrim Well-Known Member

    Unless you're wearing a backpack (and good luck finding a holster to go with that) I favor a crossdraw. I've had shoulder holsters but they seem to drag at my shoulders over the course of a day, whereas a good crossdraw rig on a 2" wide dedicated gunbelt is supported by the pelvic girdle and is hardly noticed after a bit of breaking-in. On a separate gun belt you simply unbuckle it, wrap the belt around the holster and stow it - you can still draw it from the bundle if you get a "surprise".
  5. ArtP

    ArtP Well-Known Member

    You got a link or manufacturer?
  6. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    Most of those Simply Rugged holsters have 3 slots. It allows you to use the holster either strong side or cross-draw.
  7. Lucky Derby

    Lucky Derby Well-Known Member

  8. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I'm with Thorgrim.
    I have carried a Blackhwk nearly every way known and have settled on crossdraw as my favorite by far.
    Mine is a Roy's Original picked up at a flea mkt. Wish I had another for my son.
  9. jgiehl

    jgiehl Well-Known Member

    Check out Diamond D Holsters.
    He makes an EXCELLENT shoulder holster, I have one for my smith and it is a joy to carry in the field.
  10. rattletrap1970

    rattletrap1970 Well-Known Member

    Idaho leather makes some gorgeous stuff. I have one of his "Last Man Standing, single rigs".
  11. IncredibleGord

    IncredibleGord Well-Known Member

    "I would like to carry a handgun in the field while hunting/camping. "

    Is that legal?
  12. Darkside

    Darkside Well-Known Member

    I second the Diamond D Leather Guides Choice holster and can't say enough good things about it. I bought one for my 629 during deer season and can't think of a reason you would have to take it off, it's that comfortable. :)

  13. weisse52

    weisse52 Well-Known Member

    Another vote for SimplyRugged. Great holsters and a great price. Service second to none.
  14. Carne Frio

    Carne Frio Well-Known Member

    "I would like to carry a handgun in the field while hunting/camping. "

    " Is that legal? "

    It is here and a wise practice. It might not be legal if you are
    hunting muzzle loader or bow season. Depends on your state law.

    Simply Rugged products are excellent.

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