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Show us a picture of your reloading bench

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by James THR, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Neutered10mm

    Neutered10mm Well-Known Member

    Looks great ... a little word of advice: If you are going to forgo the front legs, make sure you lag bolt rear legs to studs in the wall. If your legs don't align with wall studs, I'd opt to lag a 2x4 or even a 4x4 between the last two legs (nearest the press) and then cross bolt those 2 legs to this wall brace. I have found that my bench will slightly rock if I press down hard enough in my rhythm. I'm waiting to install drywall before doing this, but I have found that it's needed with my setup, you might find the same. Great stain matching with the old toolbox! Kudos :D
  2. GT1

    GT1 Well-Known Member

    blarby with the duct tape light mount for the winner.

    Right out of Red Green. :D
  3. JagerMachine

    JagerMachine Member


    I thought about bolting it to the wall, but it is extremely sturdy and doesnt lean/flex a bit when I really crank down on the press. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'm really happy with how the stain came out.. that is just one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut.
  4. Neutered10mm

    Neutered10mm Well-Known Member

    inspected my bench after writing that thinking it might be the case ... found a slight wobble in one of my legs ... about 1/16" shorter than the rest ... shimmed and now is rock solid as well ;)
  5. blarby

    blarby Well-Known Member

    Look closely....its duct tape OVER zip ties.... that son-of-a-gun just wont stay STILL !
  6. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck Well-Known Member

    Thats what a hot glue gun is for! I had to do it to a light just like that in my old reloading room.
  7. grandutefan

    grandutefan Member

    Jager, I see orbs in your second photo. Is your house haunted?:neener:
  8. scythefwd

    scythefwd Well-Known Member

    new bench, new shed...

    Things left to do.. pegboard surround, paint, quick change mount for a progressive and shotgun press, shelf for the scale, shelf for the PM, hang 3' shop light

    The top is 2.5" thick, the bolts on the press are .5" thick. Bench top is 49.25x 29.25
  9. aerod1

    aerod1 Well-Known Member

    My bench

    This are pictures of my reloading bench. This is my first attempt at posting a picture. I hope it comes through okay.

    Attached Files:

  10. marinetowgunner

    marinetowgunner Well-Known Member

    I'll play. We just moved into a new house and this is my corner for now till I get my shed up in the back.
  11. dap22

    dap22 Well-Known Member

    Need to build some shelves for more storage.....it's getting there slowly.
  12. skyflyer

    skyflyer Active Member

    Mine has evolved over the years here is the latest picture.

  13. GLShooter

    GLShooter Well-Known Member

    That is great looking. I wish I had a bit more OCD in my make-up so I could be as neat as that.

  14. popper

    popper Well-Known Member

    You really DON'T want a pic of mine!
  15. GLShooter

    GLShooter Well-Known Member

    Yes we do. Now that you snitched yourself off , inquiring minds gotta know. :evil:

  16. LouisianaJoe

    LouisianaJoe Well-Known Member

    I always clean up before I take pictures too! :D:D:D

    It only takes a couple of days for things to return to normal.
  17. gahunter12

    gahunter12 Well-Known Member

    Well I guess I will play now! Not as top notch as some of these, but I'm proud of my setup since its my first.

    Attached Files:

  18. OldmanFCSA

    OldmanFCSA Well-Known Member

    You need more LIGHT in your reloading area.
  19. gahunter12

    gahunter12 Well-Known Member

    Looks like it, but the shop light above the bench really does supply more light than what it appears. I also have a 12 led adjustable light on my press. Trust me I made double sure I had enough light. Most of the time I leave the ceiling lights off in the shop because they drown out the light above the bench. There's nothing on that bench thats not got light on it. Bad camra phone pic also
  20. Warp

    Warp Well-Known Member

    Total reloading newb here. I just made the decision to finally get into it, oh, yesterday. But when I make up my mind, that's it.

    Went to Home Depot today and put this together. Now I just need to make sure that what I have in my cart at Midway is what I really want to order so that I can equip it!


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