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Sig 2022 in 40 cal. any good

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tblt, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. tblt

    tblt member

    I found this gun at budsgunshop for 469 is it anygood?
    How does it compare to a steel frame Sig.
    I have a P95 and its ok
    I think most poly guns are loose compared to steel frame guns.
    Please let me know if you have this gun and how you like it.
  2. Psywarrior13

    Psywarrior13 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I do not own a 2022, but I do own its older brother, the 2340. Personally I love my SIG PRO. It will eat ANYTHING you feed it, so ammo is never an issue. They are easy to clean and maintain, and I have not once had a malfunction in over 2k rounds. I have spoken to a couple of 2022 owners who I have ran across at the range and they have said nothing but great things about them. Just my thoughts on the matter. :)
  3. Samuel Adams

    Samuel Adams Well-Known Member

    I had a 2022. It is a good gun but didn't fit my hand right so I traded for a CZ75. It shot well and was reliable. If Bud's wants $469 for a used one, that seems a bit high.
  4. finz50

    finz50 Well-Known Member

    +1.......only thing I don't like is it's a pain to take apart sometimes
  5. bamachem

    bamachem New Member

    very good gun. (i have one in 40S&W)

    if that price is for new, then it's pretty good. if it's used, then it's high. you can get used for $400 or less. new is usually approaching $500 for a good deal.
  6. rcellis

    rcellis Well-Known Member

    Liked mine in .40 S&W - some say it has a better trigger than the 'all metal' SIGs - I certainly had no complaints, though I regularly shoot my 229 and 239 these days.
  7. MarcusWendt

    MarcusWendt Well-Known Member

    Many people feel the Sig Pro line is one of the most underrated gun on the planet.

    It's every bit as good as the all steel guns. Yes, take down in a bit different, but not that bad. If I can do it anyone can.

    I own a Pro 2022 in .40 S&W and I love it. I wish I'd bought the pro line much sooner.

    I well respected and trophy winning competition shooter, Bruce Gray carries one for his CCW as I recall.

    I blame Sigs total lack of marketing. Had they marketed this gun like they did their steel framed line It may have given Glock a run for it's money.
  8. tblt

    tblt member

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2008
  9. Newton

    Newton Well-Known Member

    The essentially identical SP2340 was ruled out of the City of Memphis selection process in 2004 because of the excessive number of failures.


    Having said that, my SP2009 Blueline 9mm is probably my favorite gun.
  10. Psywarrior13

    Psywarrior13 Well-Known Member

    You may be able to find a used one for less, and as a good consumer you should look for the best possible price. That being said.... $469... Worth EVERY penny :)

    There is a used 2022 in the gun shop near my house that I frequent for about the same price.
  11. Psywarrior13

    Psywarrior13 Well-Known Member

    Not to argue, more curious than anything. What type of testing did they do? Mine has performed wonderfully. Today I fired over 500 rounds of the ultramax re manufactured ammo in under two hours not to mention the 100 rounds of my HD ammo after words. Still not one malfunction. Dirty, but flawless.

    By the way, I really want a 2009 to add to the family. Then, I may just buy a 2022 to complete the set.
  12. Newton

    Newton Well-Known Member

    Trust me - I was as surprised as anyone that the Memphis tests determined the SP2340 to be an unreliable weapon. I have no idea of the details beyond what you see in the link.

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