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Sig 226 vs. 229

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by highcap, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. highcap

    highcap Member

    I am purchasing a new SIG in 9mm, but am on the fence deciding between the longer 226 or the 229. I know both guns are supurb and capable of bullet placement beyond my current ability. I've done my homework and have rented and fired both HK's and Sigs in my prefered caliber and price range. Now I need to decide if the extra .6 inches of sight radius and barrel on 226 going to be worth the extra overall length vs. the 229.

    I shoot my GP 100 .357, Glock 22, and Kahr PM9 about 50-75 rounds per month each although I do tend to lay the Kahr down a little quicker sometimes - it's the ouch factor). Hopefully that info gives you more experienced shooters a way to guage both my current and future time commitment and ability.

    I do like the looks of the 229 better, but I don't want to spend that kind of money and regret my decision. Bottom line is ........"will the 226 help me shoot better", or can I achevie the same results with the 229?
  2. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    Both fantastic guns. Similar ergos, similar performance. Get the one that blows your skirt up. You won't regret either. I prefer the P226 just because I like the full-size design. But the new P229 with the new (P220/226 style) trigger guard is pretty dang sexy...
  3. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    I prefer the P226 for a number of reasons, not the least is the availability of inexpensive and reliable hi-cap mags with steel bottoms.

    Having a magazine design that only offers a plastic base does not strike me as overly robust. For a department issue weapon, it's probably fine. For my own purposes (without backup or alternate weapons at hand and without an armorer and significant resupply capability to make things right in the end), I prefer steel bases on my mags.

    I guess that I'm just funny that way, but I do expect my mags to last a good long while.
  4. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and Top Gun supply has used police trade-in mags right now in great condition for dirt cheap, like $19.95 a pop!
  5. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

  6. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

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  7. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

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  8. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

  9. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    The P226 may be a bit easier to shoot due to its longer sight radius, but the difference would be small. The P229 may be easier to carry due to its slide being 1/2" shorter and the grip being a bit shorter in the back, but again I find that difference to be relatively hard to find in everyday carry.

    This is why I gravitate towards the p226 for reasons such as availability of affordable and robust mags, and other such factors. You'll not likely find a huge difference in the shooting experience between the two.
  10. UnTainted

    UnTainted Well-Known Member

    229 in 9mm will take 226 9mm mags.

    A 17 round 226 mag will fit in a 229, and an x-adapater (from same topgunsupply.com) will extend the grip to the steel baseplate. My 229 loves to chew through the sig 20 round mags too, no problems.

    The main difference in my opinion is the difference of the grip ergos and size for the two weapons. Go feel them side-by-side and make a determination. Besides getting an x-five 226, any 229 should be akin in accuracy performance to a comparable 226.
  11. MDW GUNS

    MDW GUNS Well-Known Member

    The question is, what do you want to do with the gun?
    CCW the P229 is better.
    Range the P226 is better.
    I prefer personally the P226.
    I carried both for years before I changed to a HK P2000!
  12. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    That's actually a good point - from what I recall, the P229's grip is marginally thicker/wider than that of the P226. It was most noticable when holding my older W German P226s alongside a new P229.
  13. GZOh

    GZOh Well-Known Member

    P226 vs P229...

    Went thru what you're going thru many months ago... Own a bunch of CZs (love 'em all) and wanted to get a 9mm Sig!!.. Looked at/shot both the 226/229... wound up getting the P-229, and love it!!! That, and my CZ P-01 are my most accurate shoots (P-01 is my FAVORITE). The 226 and 229 are basically the same gun (1/2"+ difference in overall length)...
    As MDW asked... What do you want the gun for?... The 226 is a full-sized service pistol while the 229 is better suited for CCW... BOTH will serve well for HP.. and both are great range guns. Bought a Sig P-6, also a great gun (single stack so a 'slimmer' grip)... and will probably get a 226 someday (CPO)...
    You won't go wrong with either... try to hold 'em/shoot 'em both if you can... like you, I think the P229 is 'better looking!'
    For me, CZs and SIGs are both 'top-of-the-line' guns!

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