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Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Hofstet, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Hofstet

    Hofstet Member

    Any opinions on the Sig GSR compared to the vast array of 1911's available?
  2. RTFM

    RTFM member

  3. glocker1911

    glocker1911 Well-Known Member

    I just bought a new railed Revolution , and couldn't be happier. When you look at all of the features, and add in that it uses no MIM parts, it is a hard value to beat when compared to the other 1911 factory choices, IMHO. Check one out in person, and I bet you'll be impressed. Good luck.
  4. hartzpad

    hartzpad Well-Known Member

    I had a cop come out to Utah for some training my company was conducting, he brought a brand new Sig GSR to shoot that week and it constantly failed to feed. He tried cleaning it and polishing, but it still wouldn't work. He was pissed after dropping that much money on it. It was good for me because he gave me all of his .45acp that he wasn't able to shoot (600 rounds of Speer Lawman).

    I love the look of the Sig GSR's but have hear about 4 times as many bad reliability reports as I have heard good reviews, not just online, even at the local shops they are having problems with them.

    Sounds like Sig is 0 for 2 with the Sig Mosquito and the GSR
  5. Phil DeGraves

    Phil DeGraves Well-Known Member

    SIG brought one up for me to test. It shot great...then it stopped working. Also, lots of sharp edges. I have heard from a SIG employee that they are having reliability problems with them. When they get it right, it will be a great gun, but wait til they get it right.
  6. glocker1911

    glocker1911 Well-Known Member

    I too have read the internet "horror stories" regarding GSRs, and they must all be true, or they wouldn't be on the net, right?:rolleyes:

    You read many stories going "My GSR wouldn't feed". No mention of, was it properly lubed, what kind of ammo, did it happen with more than one brand of ammo, what kind of mags, etc. My point is, most stories don't present enough info to decide if it is a weapon problem, a shooter problem, a equipment/ammo problem, or a combination. So everyone instantlyt says "all Sig 1911s are flawed, let's wait until they get it right." Do a little research, and you'll see there are just as many people telling of great experiences with GSR, especially the newer Revolution models. Bottom line, decide for yourself. Don't just buy one because I say it's great, but please, don't pass one up because someone else you've never met prints a bad review.
  7. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    Only know of one of our guys who bought one, and that was the first go-round model, not the current one. Not pleased with the functioning problems he experienced.

    He tired of sending it back to SIGARMS, and they finally offered to replace it with a different model of his choice. He chose a P220.

    Haven't shot a new version, nor do I personally know anyone who has done so.

    I'm conservative when it comes to 1911 platforms.

    It needs to work, each and every time I press the trigger ... consistently ... reliably ... and exhibit reasonable inherent accuracy ... that's all I ask.

    I prefer to handle, examine and test fire different examples of handguns before I actually spend my own money on one. Being a factory certified LE armorer for different platforms and manufacturers, and a firearms instructor, has helped further expose me to different makes, models and designs. One of the reasons I was originally interested in becoming an armorer ... to learn more about different designs and makes, and be able to work on them if I decided I wanted to personally own examples of them.;)

    I'll reserve forming an opinion on the new GSR's until after I've had an opportunity to handle, examine and fire at least a couple of random examples that come through our range. In the meantime, there are enough other 1911 style models with which I've had sufficient personal experience to make me comfortable and confident when it comes to owning and using them ...
  8. HMMurdock

    HMMurdock Well-Known Member

    Sig has fixed most of the reliablity issues with the "GSR Revolution" series. I had an original GSR and while I had absolutely ZERO problems with it, I have heard that those were the batch with the issues. They fixed them and now call them the GSR Revolutions. FYI. At least that is my understanding.

    My experience with the GSRs was a magnificent one. I currently own a Kimber Gold Match and used to have a Springfield TRP. I'd say the GSR was completely on par (no better, no worse) than my Gold Match and I'll take either my Gold Match or the GSR over my Operator any day.

    I've been around the 1911 block once or twice-- okay, I'm a gun slut! But I would happily return to GSR's house any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  9. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    I had an origianal GSR before the Revolution. It was a great gun, and I never had one failure with the gun. Sure there were some quality control problems early, but by the time mine was made they had it right.

    Mine was as good or better than any of the Kimber that I've owned, plus it had no MIM parts.

  10. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    I have one of the first -- which I bought used, unfired, from someone who wanted to build a custom gun. Its a sub 900 serial number.

    It has been absolutely reliable, very accurate, with a first rate trigger. It is as nice as several semi-custom guns I've shot that cost 2-3 times as much. (The mag well is a cheap one from Numrich that attaches under the grips -- I didn't want to spend $60+; it works well and cost less than $7.)

    Were I to have to replace this one, I wouldn't hesitate to get another. Warning: with the rail, it won't fit standard 1911 holsters; you need a GSR/rails compatiable holster.

  11. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    I haven't shot one yet, but the one's I've fondled seem to be well made and those I've talked to that have trigger time on them seem to like them (at least the more recent models :D )
  12. gnote

    gnote New Member

    I have had feeding issues. I have tried different magazines. I have tried different ammo. I have tried using tetra grease on the rail and the locking lugs, and have tried just clp oil. I am getting a lot less failures than I did in the past. Its now about every 400 or so rounds. I even make sure I have a strong sure grip.

    I own other guns (just not another 1911). I read other posts but gave it a shot anyway as I was getting a recent model with solid trigger. I now wish I didn't unfortunately. I am not bashing sig. I have other models. I am just warning of this sig. If you get, I hope yours turns out well.
  13. glocker1911

    glocker1911 Well-Known Member

    gnote, I'm keeping a close watch on GSR issues since I own one. Can I ask what you mean by "feeding issues", and what kind of ammo and mags you are having problems with? Thanx.
  14. Falconeer

    Falconeer Well-Known Member

    I've had my GSR Revolution Stainless for several months now and put over 1000 rounds through it. The only problems I had were FTFeeds with my first batch of 45acp reloads, which I didn't crimp/headspace properly. It's always run flawlessly with factory ammo as well as my current reloads now that I know what I'm doing (see my thread for how I figured that out). Week before last I ran 200 rounds of lead semi-wadcutter (100 round with Red Dot, 100 with Titegroup) with no problems. :)

    This is my first 1911, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It's also a bit odd in that is's a new production gun, but has the skeletal trigger of the older models (I believe they were trying to get rid of old parts):
  15. psychophipps

    psychophipps Well-Known Member

    Had a chance to hold of these badboys at the Sportsman's Warehouse last night before I went to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. It was a stainless XO model, kind of the 'Plain Jane' version, and all I can say about it is...

    Sweeeeeeeet! :cool:

    Trigger was smooth and short. Fit and finish were fantastic. Grips and sights were like the Baby Bear's porridge, "Just right!"

    My wife just rolled her eyes after I gushed about my new crush and simply said, "Start saving up...", ;)
    Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! )
  16. Falconeer

    Falconeer Well-Known Member

    Don't forget, the make a Carry and Compact model too. :p
  17. psychophipps

    psychophipps Well-Known Member

    Such ruthlessness and blatant disregard for my bank account is the true sign of the evil within your soul. That's just mean, man! :fire:

    No worries there. ;) I'll be getting the Big Daddy 5" model for range use and general pimpage. I have two good CCW pistols already.

    *concentrates to resist the pull of getting all three*
    Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! )
  18. Falconeer

    Falconeer Well-Known Member

    Of course, there's also the RCS (Revolution Compact SAS) for the Anti-Snag fans out there... and the Target.. and the TTT.. and the STX. :D

    Trust me, sitting here with my piddily little two gun (working on the third!) collection and hearing about these people who are working on picking up different models of the SAME gun make me wonder about the justice in the world too. :p
  19. varoadking

    varoadking Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't buy a GSR with your money...

    There are too many quality 1911's. The SiG is a reach...

    You want a SiG .45...get a P220...
  20. glocker1911

    glocker1911 Well-Known Member

    You don't have to, I bought one with my money. Good luck to you in your choices, why don't you tell us what they are sometimes so I can tell you why they are bad choices?:neener:

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