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Sig M11-A1

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by KentuckyBlue, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. KentuckyBlue

    KentuckyBlue Well-Known Member

    Is there any love for the Sig M11-A1? It looks mighty fine to me.
  2. BILLG

    BILLG Well-Known Member

    Who cares if there is any love for it.If you like it buy it.
  3. jrdavidson

    jrdavidson Member

    P228 clone

    Its basically a reintroduced P228 brought back for a US military contract, and now sold commercially. If I recall correctly, it has the P229's 9mm alloy frame.

    Devotees love the P228 grip contour/angle and weight. Because of the frame swap, I'm not sure the M11 is precisely the same as a stock P228. Perhaps others can comment on that.

    Even though transitioning from 9mm DA/SA to .45ACP SA (1911s), I have no plans to sell my P228s. They are rock solid dependable workhorses.
  4. Roverrich

    Roverrich Member

    I have a M11-A1 and 229. The M11 is really a rebadged 229. The slide is somwhat smaller but other than that it feels very similar to the 229. The allure (as I understand) about the original 228 was the balance and ergos. The problem with the new 228 is that the slide is not the same as the orginal and hence the balance won't be the same.

    That being said, I really like my M11, but it really isn't too much different in handling compared to the 229. Just my 2 cents and YMMV.

  5. jrdavidson

    jrdavidson Member

    Roverrich - your reply makes more sense than mine. Thanks. I didn't know they changed the slide as well.

    KYBlue - There are still lots of P228s out there, including Swiss police trade-ins. Some holster wear, but internals were great. I had mine refinished by CCR (www.ccrrefinishing.com) and still ended up at around $650 total. No need to be afraid of a used classic SIG - they were built like tanks.
  6. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    While I could always tell the difference in balance between a 228 (folded slide) and a .40/357SIG 229, I usually couldn't if I was comparing it to a 9mm 229...because of the different contour 229 slides.

    Just curious, does the M11-A1 use the 9mm 229 or the 9mm 229-1 magazines?
  7. Roverrich

    Roverrich Member

    M11-A1 uses the newer 229-1 mags. This was one reason to get the M11 vs an older 228 since I can exchange mags between the two guns. I believe in Col. Cooper's "Two is one, one is none".
  8. Bovice

    Bovice Well-Known Member

    I won't say the M11-A1 is a bad gun. I'm sure it actually works quite well. But it really is a P229. The P229 of the "old" days is a similar looking gun, but the construction is different.

    If it were me, I'd just get a standard P229 or track down a real 228. From what I've heard, after the discontinuation of the P228, the military has been accepting P229s as a replacement.
  9. KentuckyBlue

    KentuckyBlue Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all for the helpful comments. I would definitely consider a used 228 if I could find one. Just returned from the gun shop and some range time. They had both the 229 and M11; M11 was $180 more. I rented a 229 and it felt really good and shot great. Still trying to decide.
  10. Roverrich

    Roverrich Member

    Don't get me wrong, I love the 229 and M11-A1, they are both extremely well built and shoot darts, but get them for what they are ie: 229's and not a 228. Don't worry and stress about it like I used to do, whatever you decide, you'll shoot it and love it, can't go wrong with either! :)
  11. Bovice

    Bovice Well-Known Member

    If the 229 you rented worked out well, you can expect the M11 to feel the same way. What it boils down to is cost. Are you ok with paying 180 extra for the M11 designation? It's ok if you are, people buy fancy marked guns all the time. This would be no different. You'll have to decide what the markings are worth to you. From a mechanical point of view, it's all the same.
  12. KentuckyBlue

    KentuckyBlue Well-Known Member

    "Don't worry and stress about it like I used to do"

    That's priceless.....that is exactly me! I am already agonizing about it. My wife was with me and demanded to know why I was leaving without getting one. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow! I was researching more after I got home and saw that the 229 uses 10 or 13 round mags. I could swear I loaded 15 in the rental.
  13. clockworks

    clockworks New Member

    The M11-A1 is not just badged differently from a 229. Look at the internal specs- short reset trigger, short trigger, phosphate coated internals, and night sights. Depending on what 229 you were looking at, there's the $180 difference. I've read a lot of people who don't like that it's called a 228. Yes, the slide is not the original folded model. However, these are great guns no matter what the grips say. I love mine.

    The 229-1 mags hold 15 rounds, you were likely shooting a newer model 229 rental
  14. SGW42

    SGW42 Well-Known Member

    To me the big difference is this new M11 does not have the rail that the new P229s have. I think they look nicer.

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