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Sig Mosquito

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by firstshot01, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. firstshot01

    firstshot01 New Member

    Can anyone give me any thoughts on the Sig Mosquito in .22? I've got a RIA 1911 in .45 but wanted another pistol...something a bit cheaper to shoot. And yes I know there's a .22 conversion for 1911's but i figure for the price, i might as well get a second pistol.
  2. 2nd 41

    2nd 41 New Member

    I had an early Mos. I sold it as fast as I bought it. Worst pistol/gun I ever owned. Buy something else. I'm not bashing. Just telling my experience.
  3. benzuncle

    benzuncle New Member

    Mine's Fine

    I read all of the negative things about the Mosquito; most were older models. I also read what recent owners said. Because I was looking for a new one, I discarded the old stuff. (Sort of like the Taurus owners of years ago.) I bought a new Sig Mosquito a year ago; mine has been just fine. I shoot CCI Mini-Mags in it and Remington Golden Bullet (525 bulk pack) with little or no problems. There are the occasional FTF's and FTE's but as I did not buy this firearm for SD, I could care less. The Mosquito breaks down very simply and is easy to clean. The DA/SA trigger comes in handy as rimfire ammo is not the most reliable stuff out there. Using the DA trigger to hit the round a 2nd time is nice. I bought extra mags from Top Gun Supply, as I have with my other 2 Sigs. One of the nice things about the Mosquito is that the controls, decocker, mag release and slide release are located in the same place as my other 2 Sigs.
  4. WoofersInc

    WoofersInc New Member

    Mine has given me no problems. It has been shot exclusively with a suppressor on it and feeds the Remington subsonics just fine.
  5. f4t9r

    f4t9r New Member

    I had 2 of the Mosquitos and both were big dissappointments.
    Get a Browning Buckmark.
  6. paradox998

    paradox998 New Member

    Mine works well. You do need to break them in properly, about 300 rounds of CCI minmags. Make sure to clean the new gun and the magazines. Be sure to put the spring in correctly. Fun pistol, great feel, I would recommend it. I also have a Browing Challenger III, precursor to the Buckmark. Great gun, but not a much fun as the SIG
  7. 23Glock

    23Glock New Member

    The earlier generations of Mosquito’s had issues. Mine has a higher serial and has run fine – about 3000 rounds through it. Every .22 is going to have the odd ammunition troubles - just the nature of rimfire ammo. The Mosquito likes to be clean and wet. It loves CCI Mini-Mags. It does not like CCI Stingers or low velocity ammo (at least mine didn’t). Most of my failures actually pertained to the magazine, and not the pistol. Once I took the magazine follower out and buffed it with 1500 grit, I had significantly less issues. Using the proper spring for the ammo is also important, however, in my experience, mine runs fine with either spring and Mini-Mags.
    Sure, the Browning and Ruger are the cadillacs of .22 handguns, but are you going to get into serious bullseye competition? If it's just for general plinking go with the Mosquito or Walther P22. You can find them for almost half the cost of a Browning or Ruger.
    Here’s a 25 page thread discussing the Mosquito, detail stripping, trigger jobs, ammo, etc:

  8. tbraddy

    tbraddy New Member

    I bought one for my wife to learn how to shoot. It is great for that. She now knows how to clear almost any malfunction an autoloading pistol can dish out. My advice: buy a Ruger MKIII or MKII. Much more pistol for less money. My little brother has a Sig in .40 S&W. It's a great pistol. The Mosquito is just like its namesake-a pain. Just my experience, hope yours will be better.
  9. tweakkkk

    tweakkkk New Member

    If you're willing to spend just a little bit more, you can get a REAL Sig in .22lr --- Sig Sauer has started making the P220, the P226, and P229 in .22lr. And unless I'm mistaken, I believe the guns come with a certificate to get a discount on a factory-direct slide assembly, so you can make it a 9mm, .40, .357 SIG, or .45 ACP later on.

    Given the so-so quality I've heard about the "plinker" .22lr pistols, like the Walther P22 or Sig Mosquito, I'd feel a lot better putting my money on a real Sig that I can upgrade later.
  10. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 New Member

    Ive sold a few of them and half of them come back with problems.
  11. OcelotZ3

    OcelotZ3 Member

    No problems with mine that I bought last summer.
  12. firstshot01

    firstshot01 New Member

    Thanks guys. Sounds like it's just the older models i have to look out for. One more question..Do all the new ones come with that threaded barrel? I mean I guess it would be cool if i one day decided to go through all that paperwork to get a supressor..but if not... :-s or Do you know where i could get a replacement barrel for it? that way i could change the look out
  13. panther22

    panther22 New Member

    You can still get the standard model, which does not have a threaded barrel. I was in an Academy store about a month ago and they were selling for $299 new. Academy also had factory magazines for sale at $20 each.
    Mine likes CCI and Fed. American eagle copper bullets. I've had mixed results with the Rem. Golden bullets.
  14. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter New Member

    I just got the mosquito its a great little gun, however it DOES NOT like standard velocity ammo so you need to shoot the high velocity through it so it cycles right. I usually use the federal bulk box.
  15. Ben86

    Ben86 New Member

    I too am in the market for a .22 handgun for cheap practice. To me ,on the surface, the sig mosquito sounds like one of the best available .22s to use with for training mainly because it has a grip, trigger and sights much like most sd caliber pistols. However, I keep hearing/reading so many bad things about them I might just get the Ruger 22/45 instead. I don't even have the patience for a picky .22 handgun, much less one that doesn't function well.
  16. Shytheed Dumas

    Shytheed Dumas New Member

    After reading up on all of them and weighing in ease of disassembly with accuracy, reliability & price, I think I have settled in on the S&W 22A. $260 at Bud's with great accuracy and reliability reports; +++ over what I had read on the Sig.

    I had a MKIII a year or two ago and hated disassembly so bad that I ended up trading it for my first Kahr, even though it was a great little pistol. In hind sight, I was probably cleaning too much, anyway...
  17. Jed Carter

    Jed Carter New Member

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the Sig mosquito is not actually manufactured by Sig Arms, it is built by the same company that manufactures the GSG-5 .22 Mp-5 clone. I own an GSG 5 pistol and it has some issues... the metal the chamber is made of looks like unhardened metal, may be some sort of coating... I hope. The 22 round magazines are touchy any pressure on it and it doesn't feed. It too needs high velocity ammunition.
  18. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I had one. Bought it new. It fed fired and ejected without issue, but was inaccurate compared to other .22's. I was surprised by it.

    I sold it and bought a Trailside. It is a super gun, very accurate. They can be found reasonable and are a great buy. My Browning Buck Mark is also a better gun.

    S&W 442's can be found used at reasonable cost and I would buy one of them over the Mosquito. Mine is not quite as nice as the other two I 22's I have, but not by much. It shoots very well. I would take one of them over the Mosquito as well.
  19. Runningman

    Runningman New Member

    Sig does not have a good reputation with there last two 22 RF pistols. The Trailside was a train wreck.

    So they came out with the Mosquito it got off to a very rough start. From what I have seen at my local range I would not buy one.
  20. swmp9jrm

    swmp9jrm New Member

    Buy it, follow Sig's directions, and enjoy the cheap fun. It's a great plinker, it's not a precision target pistol, and if you keep it clean and lubed it works just fine. Mine's been flawless through many, many rounds. The trigger is NOT like a 1911 - by a long way. But you can do a quick trigger job on it yourself that smooths it out quite a bit. Check out the LONG, LONG thread on the Mosquito on the Sig Forum and check in with Mississippi Dave and Wrangler - they are the defacto experts on the skeeter.

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