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Sig p232 -Getting a good deal?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Fish Miner, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Fish Miner

    Fish Miner Well-Known Member

    I have been offered a sigp232 (stainless) for $350 and a 12 pack. Good deal? I have been looking for a smallish type gun for summer carry here in FL.

    I have been looking and prices seem all over the place. Let me know if I should grab this gun..

  2. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    Price is almost always determined by condition in addition to make, model, accessories that come with it, etc... but you didn't tell us about the condition.

    Is the gun in nice shape? Holster wear? Internal wear? any work done (ie. trigger job, or non original springs)? Round count? stock sights? Night sights?

    These are all things that we'd need to know before saying if that's a good deal. that being said, the SS model does carry a premium to it, and if the gun your asking about is in great shape then yes, that's a very good deal.
  3. Fish Miner

    Fish Miner Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that- I have shot the gun once- worked well, no real condition issues, and no work done to it that I know of. Kept in a safe and not used for cc at this time.

    My friends uncle passed and a bunch of guns ended up in his hands. He took what he wanted and gave the rest back to his dad. I have no idea of the round count or how the internals look. It very well could have been sitting in the safe since I shot it some 5 years ago....
  4. KevininPa

    KevininPa Well-Known Member

    If it's in good........

    ..........shape and shoots well, then yes that is a good price.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    If it's the P232 SL model with night sights?
    A real good price even with two or three 12-packs thrown in.

    And I ain't talking Keystone light or Old Milwaukee either.

  6. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    That is a good price for a stainless P232. It would be very difficult to find one much if any less expensive.

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