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sig p250 compact .45 info

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by mmartin101808, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. mmartin101808

    mmartin101808 New Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    Columbus, Ohio
    I've read a few threads on other sites about the p250 line, and it seems to me a lot of people aren't really sure how there packaged, modified ,interchangeable, and so on. I just purchased a p250 compact .45 and thought I might offer some insight. First off the grip and slide are slightly larger than the other calibers(9mm,.40, .357), so you can't swap out the frame(trigger mechanism) with a smaller caliber(You can swap out the barrels and frame mechanisms on other calibers). You can however switch out the grip size to have full size, compact, or sub-compact grips. For those thinking it's an issue to take out the frame, it's not. All you have to do is remove the takedown lever and rotate the assembly up from the grip once the slide and barrel have been removed. Field stripping takes no more than a few seconds even if you remove the frame assembly. I also think the trigger pull is like butter. If your a fan of sig's other DAK guns you should have no problem with the feel of this trigger. I haven't taken the gun to the range yet, but I dry fired it many times at the gun store, and during cleaning. The trigger is probably one of the smoothest DA trigger pulls I've felt. With practice it would be very easy to stage the trigger just before firing. Ergonomics are very good. I've been kicking around the idea of getting a g30, xd compact .45, or an m&p 45c, but once I held this gun nothing else could compare. It just felt nice and balanced. I'm in no way bashing any of the previously mentioned firearms. I've owned an xd 40 compact, 9mm m&p, and a g38 and I enjoyed shooting all of them. Specs are: weight 27oz, height 5in, barrel length 4in, and mag capacity is 9rds for .45acp. Mag capacities for 9mm, .40, and .357 are 15, 13, and 13rds. As a side note, a Safariland tac light will need slight modification to fit this gun. I had to sand down the base of the part that slides onto the gun. Now it fits perfectly, and the sanding didn't limit it's usage on other weapons. After I've been to the range I'll post my findings. I've never posted a review on a firearm before, so if I've left something out feel free to ask any questions.
  2. FullEffect1911

    FullEffect1911 Participating Member

    May 15, 2005
    Northeast PA
    Please do post a review about it's performance at the range. I am interested in the compact p250 in .45 and would very much like to hear how it goes for you.

    USMCMP New Member

    Apr 30, 2009
    CCW Holster

    I just purchased my P250 Compact .45 yesterday and I was rather disappointed to find how difficult it is to come across a holster for this handgun since it is so new. Can anyone help me find a good IWB or Paddle holster that this gun will fit into?

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