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Sig P938 review

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Shuler13, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    Saturday I picked up a Sig P938 extreme. I was looking for a single stack 9mm compact pistol. I have owned .380s (bersa, Ruger,) but most of my guns are 9mm or .45. I considered the Shield, Bersa BP9CC and the P938.

    This weekend I found the model I wanted (extreme) which had the features I liked (night sights, nice grips) at a price I was willing to pay.

    I cleaned it, lubed it, grabbed a variety of ammo and headed to the range.

    All shots taken at seven yards. I shot one full 7 round mag followed by a full 6 round mag then started varying ammo. As the session rolled on I got better. All shots were standing two handed with 5 rounds in the 7-round mag with no more than 2 seconds between shots.

    Ammo tried:
    Federal Classic 115 JHP

    NATO 124 gr FMJ

    Remington UMC 115gr MC

    Lawman 124 gr FMJ

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  2. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    Monarch Steel 115 FMJ

    Winchester White Box 100rd bulk 115 gr FMJ

    Federal 100rd Bulk 115 gr FMJ

    The gun does have some bite, but less than LCPs that I have owned and on par with Bersa Thunder 380. The extreme grips are a bit coarse, but not bothersome.

    The trigger was what I like. The pull was short and there wasn't any mush to it. I was also shooting a Caracal c and S&W m&p9c. The trigger was not as good as the caracal, but great for a pocket pistol. The extended magazine is a must for a full range session in my opinion, but not needed for a few number of good shots.

    I like the night sights and will likely never change them for anything else.


    I think sig has a quality winner in this one.

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  3. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

  4. Dreamliner787

    Dreamliner787 Well-Known Member

    What was the manufacture date? Any FTF or FTE with the 115 grs?
  5. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    I had no problems at all which after reading some other reviews I had some concerns. So I was very pleased when all types of ammo went off without a hitch (steel, brass, ball, hollow points)

    I'll have to get back to you on the mfg date.
  6. Orion8472

    Orion8472 Well-Known Member

    I got to shoot one a few weeks back. Fun. A bit snappy, but nothing uncomfortable enough to not shoot more. Accuracy was adequate for a close up gun, but then I didn't get to shoot it that much to get to know where to best hold and learn its trigger characteristics.

    Congrats on your new gun!
  7. CommanderCrusty

    CommanderCrusty Well-Known Member

    This would make a nice match with my Para GI Expert. THIN!
  8. ssyoumans

    ssyoumans Well-Known Member

    Here's some groups from mine. I too picked one up last week. Unlike the original poster, the thing I hated the most about it was the trigger. Mine is over 9lbs. My scale doesn't go any higher, so not sure what it really is. Also, the trigger has a curve to it that punishes your finger under recoil, largely due to how narrow the trigger is and the serations on it. Mine was 99% with 1 failure to fire on a reload, and 1 failure to feed, but I think I wasn't holding tight and it was recoil induced.

    Mine has digested everything from 115 Speer gold dots with max load of Power Pistol to mild loads using 124gr LrN over W231 to 124gr Berrys Plated RN.

    The front and rear searations in the grip frame really provide a great grip on the pistol without biting into you.

    My only complaint is that a $650 pistol should come with a better trigger, come on, over 9 lbs!
    Mfg 10/17/2012
    First group, 115gr Montana Gold JHP over 6.0gr PP
    Second group, 124gr Berrys PRN over 4.2gr 231 very mild load at 950 fps
    Groups at 7 yards.

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  9. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    Mfg date 11-1-2012
  10. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    I keep seeing lots of targets on here with range reports and nary a mention of the distance. C'mon guys. Is it seven yards, fifteen yards, twenty five yards, two feet? Please.
  11. ssyoumans

    ssyoumans Well-Known Member

    Mine was 7 yards. Sorry :-0
  12. springer99

    springer99 Well-Known Member

    Give that trigger a little time to smooth itself out and lube it well. The extreme that I have started out heavy with some creep, but now after about 500rounds, the creep is much less and the pull is a measured 5.75lbs.
  13. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    Went back and re-read. It's in there. Yes 7 yards. And I'm a once or twice (twice if I'm lucky) a month range guy (no pro).
  14. Sergei Mosin

    Sergei Mosin Well-Known Member

    Would love to see some pictures of the extractor, see if they've made any changes since the beginning of production.
  15. utbrowningman

    utbrowningman Well-Known Member

    Held a P238 yesterday at a store while helping a co-worker buy her first handgun. Liked the feel and can only imagine the P938 feels even better. I'd like to pick one up.
  16. Scuba_Steve

    Scuba_Steve Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your purchase. I've had mine for a little over a month and put over 500 rounds throught it without cleaning (just to test reliability), other than before the first shoot.

    It has been 100 reliable, Surprisingly accurate, and the trigger is much better after a few hundred rounds. Great little gun.
  17. cyclopsshooter

    cyclopsshooter Well-Known Member

    I just picked one up too! Great little pistol but the trigger is really heavy and creepy... its going to Sigs custom shop for a t-job. I ran into a few issues running an older box of S&B 115s but federal 115s and 124s have been flawless.
  18. maxsnafu

    maxsnafu Well-Known Member

    Mine had multiple FTF's & FTE's with 124gr.'s. It couldn't deal with 147gr.'s at all. +P loads caused the slide stop to engage after every shot. Also had frequent light primer strikes. I dumped that turkey fast.
  19. firecrackerktm

    firecrackerktm Well-Known Member

    How does the trigger compare to the 238? I love mine but a .9mm would be good.
  20. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    A .9mm would be really small;)

    I actually haven't had my hands on a 238.

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