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Sig Sauer SP2022!!!!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by fattsgalore, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. fattsgalore

    fattsgalore Well-Known Member

    How do these models compare to other sigs and most of all I'm intrested in the 40cal, but want peoples opions and fact on this in any caliber.
  2. tydephan

    tydephan Well-Known Member

    I have one in .357sig and love it. Shoots good. Doesn't fit in my hand as well as my M&P, but it is definitely a shooter. Has a real good trigger. The .357sig round out of this gun is real snappy. Follow up shots, for me, are generally not very accurate. I would suspect the .40cal is going to be very similar. But the recoil is certainly nothing to be scared about. With practice I am becoming more accurate with double taps.

    It's not my favorite polymer, but it is definitely on the list.

    Good luck!

  3. rcellis

    rcellis Well-Known Member

    I had the SP 2340, the earlier .40 S&W version of the 2022 - excellent handgun in all respects. I've heard more than one person say that they are more accurate by nature than the all-metal 226.

    The ONLY reason I don't still have mine is that I'm more interested in compacts and subcompacts. It got traded for a Para Ord Covert Carry 3". It was one sleek pistol.
  4. rick melear

    rick melear Well-Known Member

    I too have a 2340 in .40. I prefer it to my 239 9mm or my 229 in .40. It simply fits my hand better and I shoot it better. IMHO it is the best poly gun out.
  5. SAG0282

    SAG0282 Well-Known Member

    I have a 2009.......easily one of my favorite polys, if not my fav. Mine has over 6k through it and still running strong.
  6. dao

    dao Well-Known Member

    I have a 2022 for working ( I'm a french policeman ).
    It is a good gun, light, with a good grip ( for my small hands ).

    DA is good, and SA is long and a little bit heavy ( for liability reason, I presume... ). :rolleyes:

    The only bad think about this gun : when they have been used a lot, the trigger security don't always disconnect when you fired.
    The gun go "click" instead of going "BANG"...:scrutiny:
    Funny at range, maybe, but not on the street !

    When dicovering this at range, at formation, wee talk with instructors.
    The said "Yes, wee are knowing this, and the administration too."
    It seems there is not a problem for them... :banghead:
  7. jwerlc

    jwerlc Well-Known Member

    Sig comparison...

    I can compare the .40 cal 2022 to the P245, as I have both:D . Aside from the difference in caliber, the main difference is the 2022 is the tiniest bit wider and about 1/2" taller in the grip than the 245, all other dimensions being so close as to be considered identical. I can even use the same holster, fitting both guns snug in all areas. I can't even tell any difference in weight, though since the 2022 is polymer I'm sure it may be a few oz lighter. Aside from the physical differences, both guns are way more accurate than my abilities allow, because of limited time for practice.

    Anyway, that is my input FWIW.:p
  8. Fun2Shoot

    Fun2Shoot Well-Known Member

    The Sig SP2022 won't disappoint you.

    My SigPro (SP2022 w/rail) has been my main HD guns since it was put on the market and I bought one. I expect a lot from my handguns and the SigPro comes through in all ways.

    I've owned many, many handguns in both poly and all-metal in the last 30 years and I have thought about trading (the SigPro) up to a 1911 or all-metal Sig before, but the more that I really evaluate my SigPro and shoot it, the more I realize that it meets my HD needs fully in all ways.

    IMO, the SigPro is the best value in the Sig inventory. One caveat though, in my experience, the Sig service dept. in New Hampshire does NOT give a rat's rear end about any emails or letters you send them. I have sent the Sig service dept. a written letter and two emails in the last 18 months and had ZERO response from them! YMMV

    Buy the Sig 2022 and shoot the heck outa it! :D
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2007
  9. fattsgalore

    fattsgalore Well-Known Member

    How much have all of you paid???
  10. jwerlc

    jwerlc Well-Known Member

    Bought mine a year ago (13 months to be exact) and walked out with the gun and a box of ammo for 610.00 tax included.
    That's in Oklahoma City...
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2007
  11. outofbattery

    outofbattery Well-Known Member

    I have a 2340 in .357.It's an outstanding pistol and as an owner of 4 other SIG's,really don't know why some SIG snobs look down on the polymer pistols as they have a better trigger and are just as if not more accurate than its siblings.
    I paid $379 NIB for mine 3 years ago.
  12. tydephan

    tydephan Well-Known Member

    I paid $450 for mine (albeit CPO) out the door. Was Certified pre-owned, but it looked brand new (no wear, blemishes, all internal components looked new).
  13. Fun2Shoot

    Fun2Shoot Well-Known Member

    How much have all of you paid???

    I paid $595 ($50 under MSRP then) because I my LGS had one and I was hot for it. Some online stores were at about $525, but were out-of-stock on it.

    It was not my best buy price-wise, but I got it in hand the day after I paid for it.
  14. rick melear

    rick melear Well-Known Member

    I paid $399 for my 2340. It was the last one the dealer had prior to the intro of the 2022.
  15. fattsgalore

    fattsgalore Well-Known Member

    You people don't know how lucky you are.
    When i went to purchase my pistol(ended up with Glock) they wanted $650 then tax&fees for the poly Sig. Thats why i got the Glock. It fit my requirements, but I'm still not gelling with the Glock so it may be time for a new brand.
  16. SAG0282

    SAG0282 Well-Known Member

    Paid $499 in 2004 for my NIB 2009, and $439 for a virtually brand-new 2022 I bought as a gift for my brother a few mos ago.
  17. tbreed725

    tbreed725 Well-Known Member

    i got my sp2022 9mm a few weeks ago i love it its my most favored pistol and my primary carry weapon it fits my hand better than any other pistol ive owned the trigger is great , reliable, and more accurate than me
  18. olivedrab

    olivedrab Well-Known Member

    i bought my SP2022 a few months back and it's kept me happy, except for the holster
    picked up a fobus paddle for the older model and the trigger guard is different, drilled a little hole, and now it's fits perfect
  19. dcowboyscr

    dcowboyscr Member

    DAO, what is this malfunction you speak of where the trigger safety doesn't diengage causing a misfire? This is the first I've heard of it. What parts were replaced on your duty pistol to bring it back to spec? Surely the administration wouldn't let the police/soldiers keep a defective pistol in service.
  20. dcowboyscr

    dcowboyscr Member

    Anyone else hear of this malfunction? I posted this over at sigforum and no had there. I've heard of some Glocks having this problem however.

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