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Sig Trailside?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ddj8052, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. ddj8052

    ddj8052 Well-Known Member

    Well I ordered a Sig Trailside today. I am picking it up for $400. Is this a OK price? Keep in mind I live in Cali, so our prices seem to be a touch higher then everyone elses. I orded the 4" target model. I have always liked the looks and feel of these guns, but I have never actualy shot one. I had a Ruger MKII, but mine was a POS. It constantly jammed, misfired failed to feed etc. Sights were always coming loose. If it could be a problem it was. It totally soured me on the Ruger .22 autos. So I hope the Sig is nicer. What are your guys experiences with the Sig. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments Thanks Juan.
  2. Shmackey

    Shmackey Well-Known Member

    I've had both. Still have the Sig.

    Actually, the Ruger was more reliable for me--my Sig is finicky--but the Sig's balance smokes the Ruger, and the trigger is better once you get used to it.

    I think the Sig is definitely "nicer," but the Ruger was strong like bull and very reliable.

    See if you can't get your hands on a pair of the laminated gray/blue wood grips that the Target models used to have. Super pretty and much nicer to hold.
  3. Sactown

    Sactown Well-Known Member


    This one is mine. Right after I got this, the IZH35M became available. I hardly takeout the TS now. It's a great gun, but for Bullseye, the IZH was way better. I had problems with my 2 MkIIs, but a quick change to the Volquartsen extractor and everything has been smooth. My front sights came loose as well, but a little loctite and all was well. They're all good .22s.
  4. j_a_espo

    j_a_espo Member

    I've had a trailside (4" Standard Model) for several months. I mounted a red-dot and once zero-ed it's been very, very accurate. The reason that I bought the pistol was to shoot silhoutte at the local club. Lot's a fun.

    Initially, there was a small flat-spring that broke but my local gun-store is factastic. They fixed it and even have extra springs on hand in case it happens again.

    Mine does not like some cheap high-velociity rounds. Loves CCI and shoots Reminton Golden Bullet HP and Winchester Super X nicely. All sub-sonic ammo that I tried worked fine. Just a little finiky about some high-velocity rounds that I was using for casual plinking.

  5. pellethead

    pellethead Member

    That pic makes me want one!

  6. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Well-Known Member

    $400 for the target model is pretty good around here. I think the lowest I've been able to find one as $459. 4 inch Target models aren't that easy to come by. Seems that everybody was the guns that have adjustable sights to have 6 inch barrels. 4 inch standard models are all over the place. I was going to get a 6 inch Target last gunshow, but something else caught my eye. It's on my short-term aquire list and I've already secured a set of factory target grips for it (www.e-gunparts.com has best prices if they still have them - $50). They also carry the barrel weights. This let's you build a Target model up for way cheaper. I think you'll like it.
  7. SiG Lady

    SiG Lady Well-Known Member

    A Mark II Kinda Gal...

    I've had a Mark II Government Model for nearly three years and it's been fabulous. Heavy gun with little or no recoil. I've also fired the Sig Trailside and at short distances it seemed fine but I didn't do a comprehensive testing with it (it wasn't mine). The owner of that gun at the time was having ammo selection problems with it, but I think he's ironed that out.

    The people that I've known who HAVE had 'trouble' with their Rugers usually just needed to find the right ammo for 'em. .22LRs are just fussy sometimes. I use Federal Gold Medal (711B) in the Gov Model and haven't looked back. It costs a little more but is easier on the gun and is verrrrry smooth stuff by feel. I don't put CCI Mini Mags or the cheap Federal or the cheap Remington thru my Mark II at all. It doesn't need that kind of blast. I want the gun to last and to feel good as it fires. In a nutshell, I've found the comfy AND reliable combination of gun and ammo in .22LR with what I'm now doing.
  8. phantom309

    phantom309 Active Member

    My 6" Trailside has been kind of tempermental. Failures to feed on the second to last round of every mag. Sig replaced the (MUCH TOO EXPENSIVE) mags under warranty and it works acceptably well - slide fails to lock back occasionally but it's getting better as the mags wear in.

    It's a sweetheart to shoot. Beautiful trigger compared to a Mark II. Very accurate.
  9. B27

    B27 Well-Known Member

    The only ammo I have found that is both accurate and makes my Tsides run reliably is CCI Pistol Match and Standard Velocity.
    With those two loads the guns both run and group beautifully.


    My bull barrel MkII is much less picky about ammo, and is 7Up can at 30 yards accurate with Remington Golden Bullet solids-


    -but it cannot prodruce groups as small as the Tsides do no matter what I feed it.
    But that doesn't stop me from considering it one of my favorite rimfires.

  10. SiG Lady

    SiG Lady Well-Known Member

    Weighs a ton but I love it...

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I long ago had the trigger tweaked a little on the Mark II. Verrrrry light. Nice tight little groups. :D
  11. gigmike

    gigmike Well-Known Member

    My 4" Trailside has been very accurate and has had no problems with Remington hi velocity rounds. I've only put about 400 rounds through it, but I can't imagine I'll run into any probs.
  12. 1911WB

    1911WB Well-Known Member


    I got my 4" Trailside not long after they came out. One thing about them is according to my dealer who got info from Sig is that they are made for standard velocity, not high velocity ammo! Other than that I love mine- great trigger and super accuracy. The $400 price isn't bad. :)

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