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Sig232 vs KT P3AT vs Khar P9 for pocket carry?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by buenhec, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. buenhec

    buenhec Well-Known Member

    Ok guys,

    Thanks to all your input I bought a Sig 220 Compact C3 .45 Cal I am very happy with. I have my Sig 239 9mm two tone for sale if anyone is interested.

    I am looking to change pocket guns for the Summer here in Phoenix. I have a Ket Tec P3AT I am ok with, but was looking to trade up to the Khar or the SIg 232.

    Which one of those two do you guys recommend? Sig 232 or Khar P9?? They cost about the same. Or should I just settle for the P3AT I already have???
  2. cuervo

    cuervo Well-Known Member

    I can't speak for the Kahr directly, but I think the Sig would be a little too large for comfortable pocket carry; about like a Bersa.

    If you're happy with .380, stick with the P3AT. If you want to go up to 9mm, a P11 is also something to consider. It will be bigger than the Kahr, but also hold twice as much ammo.

    Here is a chart that may help:
  3. camper

    camper Well-Known Member

    Unless you are wearing shorts with cargo pockets, the 232 is a bit large for pocket carry. I do it with cargo shorts, but am more comfortable with a Colt Mustang or Khar PM9 for pocket carry.
  4. Jackal

    Jackal Well-Known Member

    Well, comparing the Sig to the KelTec is not quite right. Kinda like comparing a Ford truck to a Mercedes. For pocket carry, stick with the P3AT, unless you just must have 9mm, then the Kahr MK-9. Its a little heavier, but it helps in the recoil dept., trust me...
  5. PaladinX13

    PaladinX13 Well-Known Member

    The PM9 is small, but not as small as the P3AT... there's going to be times when the P3AT is the only realistic option. The P232 is a nice piece but hard to justify its size and weight when reliable alternatives in bigger calibers and smaller packages exist.

    PM9 pushes the envelope of pocket carry but is more concealable than most other small 9s and more reliable [I have found] than the R9 and PF9/P11... and, IMO, a good step up in terms of power and shootability than the P3AT. If I can conceal it properly, no question, I take the PM9 over the P3AT.

    The question gets a lot tougher for me in picking between the PM9 and the 340 (.357 J-frame)... the 340 is faster to draw, an irregular shape (less pocket printing), more powerful round, shoots from the pocket, and is stone cold reliable... the PM9 is thinner, easier to shoot, faster follow-ups, and has greater capacity. For pocket carry, I lean towards the 340... IWB, the PM9... and the P3AT rather than be "naked" all those other times.
  6. cookekdjr

    cookekdjr Well-Known Member

    For dress pants (like you'd wear with a suit) I'd stick with the Keltec or get a S&W alloy j-frame. For casual pants or shorts, an alloy (not stainless) p232 carries very well in the front pocket. I'm speaking based on my own personal experience. YMMV.
  7. sfmittels

    sfmittels Well-Known Member

    I have both a Kel-Tec P-3AT and a Kahr PM-9. The P-3AT was purchased for its incredibly light weight and handy size, but I'm one of the unfortunates who hasn't experienced very good reliability with it. It continues to be a work in progress, but it's nothing I'd stake my life on.

    Based on my bad experience with the P-3AT, and reading multiple posts about pocket pistols in decent calibers giving inconsistent reliability (Kel-Tec, Kahr, Rohrbaugh, etc), I decided to go the expensive route. I bought a Kahr PM-9 directly from Cylinder & Slide gunsmiths, who did their "package #2" on it. This consists of a trigger job; a polished hammer face, feed ramp and extractor; a target crown on the muzzle; rapid-acquisition night sights; and a few other reliability and accuracy goodies.

    To say I'm pleased would be an understatement. The PM9 was 100% reliable out of the box and quite accurate at self-defense distances. The DAO trigger pull is as smooth as a good S&W revolver's and around 6 pounds or so. It weighs less than 19 ounces and is roughly the size of a PPK (it's actually about 1/2" shorter). And it fires 6+1 rounds of full power 9mm Luger (7+1 with the included extended magazine). It wasn't cheap, but my ass is worth it.

    Incidentally, I might be interested in your P239. I live in Mesa. Send me a private message with particulars and we can communicate about it. Thanks.
  8. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    I live in Buckeye, so I know your pain (112 is HOT).
    I generally switch off between my MK9 and my G36 for pocket carry depending on what pants I'm wearing. If Jeans, then the Kahr. If cargo pants or shorts, the Glock. I got the MK long before the polymer Kahrs came out and see no reason to get one now. The DeSantis Nemisis breaks up the outline of the Kahr well.

    I had a brief flirtation with my P3AT, but decided that with the gangpunks roaming the streets at night (I'm nocturnal), I'd rather have a bigger caliber at my disposal.

    With a proper belt, the MK is no problem. Neither is the Glock!!

    I do think you are wise to seek something other than the Kel-Tec, though.
  9. BigdaddyG

    BigdaddyG Member

    I would go with the Kahr PM9. Fills the pocket gun niche for me in many types of pants. If wearing nicer slacks I have found the rear pocket preferable to the front pocket.
  10. Michigunner

    Michigunner Well-Known Member

    My PM9 performed well, but was far too large and heavy for pocket carry, in my case.

    The ultimate solution is a Seecamp, which is reliable and very small.

    I try to keep a larger handgun in a belt holster, but it is comforting to "always" have the Seecamp as a last resort.

  11. Ghostrider_23

    Ghostrider_23 Well-Known Member

    Hard to say

    If you are going to pocket carry the pistol it's an easy choice,
    go for the P3AT.

    If you're going to carry the pistol IWB, OWB or fanny pack I give two thumbs up for the Kahr K series. As I'm not a fan of the P series.

    The Sig 232 is a nice gun but very expensive for a 380, when you can buy similar pistols in size but in a much larger caliber.
  12. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    I'm not a fan of the small Kel Tecs and the SIG is a tad big for pocket carry -- so I would go w/ the Kahr.
  13. Anna's Dad

    Anna's Dad Well-Known Member

    I have a Kahr MK9 (steel, not polymer) and find it too heavy for pocket carry. I believe the PM9 is the same size but lighter. I'm honestly not sure if it would be too big or not as I just can't get past the weight issue.

    I do carry a Kel-Tec in the pocket (DeSantis Nemesis holster). I wear shorts and a t-shirt 6 1/2 days a week (gotta dress a little nicer for church). Super light, super small, very comfortable and no one ever knows its there.
  14. buenhec

    buenhec Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I can carry my 220 when dressed for it or all winter, the P3AT when wearing cargos and the Kahr IWB when wearing a t shirt minimal clothing. I like the idea of the khar shooting +p 9mm. A lot better and cheaper than .380.

  15. Keoni

    Keoni Well-Known Member

    Pocket carry

    No experience with the Sig. Comfortably carry P3AT, rear or front pocket in K&D convertible, or PM9 front pocket in Alessi when style of pants permit. Discontinued Colt Pony in a Don Hume is also easy to pocket carry.
  16. buenhec

    buenhec Well-Known Member

    Would it be a bad deal to trade my Sig 239 for the Kahr?? A Sig is a SIg is a Sig? They are about the same price, but I see less people trying to get rid of Sigs.
  17. PaladinX13

    PaladinX13 Well-Known Member

    If you can buy your Kahr from a place like Davidson's where they have a lifetime "no questions asked" replacement/repair policy (with FAST turnaround)... or if your store is similarly stand-up guys. Then you can part with the Sig now. A Kahr running 100% (or at least guaranteed to do so without much hassle) is, in my mind, worth more than a late-model Sig.

    Otherwise, you might regret it not because a Sig's "inherent" worth, but because you traded a perfectly functional gun for one with hiccups or worse. So, if you can't be sure, buy the Kahr first and hold onto the Sig until you're happy with the Kahr. Not saying there's a big risk- all the Kahrs I've personally run into have been flawless [with factory ammo]- but certainly Kahr's reputation isn't as sterling as Sigs.

    Maybe it's just me, but Sigs seem to be plentiful and widely available... I suspect the main reason not to sell is just because seller's remorse eventually kicks in, not any kind of low supply issue.

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