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Sighting in my in-line---

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Whump, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Whump

    Whump Member

    What is the standard "sight in" method for a .50 caliber CVA in-line "loader"--Even though the rifle is capable of handling the magnum powder charge (150 g) I plan on using only 100 g's--I presently have a box of 200 grain ShockWave sabots as well as 240 grain MagExpress sabots--Louisiana whitetail is my goal from thickets to open fields and food plots--Do I sight in to "zero" at 25 yards or "high" at 25 yards--In either instance, what is the bullets trajectory from the 25 yard sight in ?--I also read where one must "season" a loaders barrel much like you season a cast iron cook pot--I have made several applications of "bore butter" to the barrel but have not shot it yet, waiting for the sight in advice--How long or better stated, how many shots/cleanings does it take to season the barrel--Old saying is that "one does not get a second chance to make a first impression"--I want my first shot with my loader to make a good first impression on me--BTW--Forgot to mention that my new loader uses the 209 shotgun primers and I will be using triple 7 pellets--Looking forward to any input because I want to sight in today--Muzzleloader season opens here next Saturday--I need all the help I can get--Thx-a-ton---
  2. Whump

    Whump Member

    Jeez, five visits and no replies--:(
  3. Chawbaccer

    Chawbaccer Well-Known Member

    Between what ranges are you expecting to get a shot at a deer? I would site in for the mid point and also practice shooting at shorter and longer ranges so I would know if necessary to hold high or a bit low. Deer have a large kill zone, I sight in at fifty yards and hold a bit high out at 100 and am pretty much on target at closer ranges. Sighting in isn't the whole deal, it takes practice to get to know your gun and know where the bullet will impact.
  4. Ferret

    Ferret Well-Known Member

    100gr 777 load with either of those sabots should put some good deer medicine out there.
    Are you using open sights or optics?

    My method of sighting in is to start at 25 yards to make sure that I am at least on paper, then move out to 50 yards to work out where the projectile is hitting and altering the sights to hit spot on where I am aiming at 50 yards.
    Aim at little high, not much, for 100 yards. It is also a good idea to actually shoot paper at 100 yards to find out exactly where the bullet is smacking.

    As to 'seasoning' the barrel. There are different viewpoints on this, but, I for one would recommend getting the barrel nice and hot and then running a few patches of Bore Butter or Crisco down there. Let the barrel cool, and then repeat a few times.

    I have seasoned all my Black Powder guns like this and am not seeing a problem either with true holy black, or pyrodex. In fact, I have a pair of Remmies with conversion cylinders that I dont even bother 'full cleaning' after my SASS shoots; i just spray with Ballistol, stick them in a 'gun sock' and put them away til next time.

    Good luck on your hunt
  5. Whump

    Whump Member

    Hey guys--Thanks for the response--My range will be from 25 to 150 yards--I think past that would be asking for too much--Will probably not even attempt a shot at 150--Who knows what kind of "ailments" will afflict me when "buck fever" sets in--

    I will get set up and try to "hit the paper" at the ranges you recommend--Last year, just before the muzzleloader season started, my son-in-law let me shoot his in-line--I was surprised at how well the gun leveled off when I brought it up to my shoulder--We put a milk jug full of water on a fence post about75 yards away--I swear it seemed like that jug exploded before I pulled the trigger--I was impressed--For sure the "one shot, one kill" line worked on that jug--

    How do you get the barrel hot?--By shooting or by other means--Sounds like a good technique------I love this forum--Thx again--Mike--;)
  6. Chawbaccer

    Chawbaccer Well-Known Member

    Use very hot water when you clean it and the barrel will warm up. I am not in the seasoning camp, I just clean my barrels and then give them a swabbing with atf. I have no problems with it yet.
  7. Whump

    Whump Member

    OK--Do you use the "brush" to break all the gunk loose after you run the hot water thru?--How bout "solvent" or just hot water--Forgive me for asking so many "lil" questions, but I am a complete idiot when it comes to this type of "shooting"--Now, when it comes down to AK's, SKS, Mosins, and the like, I know my "dooty" on shooting and cleaning them "ugly beauties"--
    BTW--Ferret asked about my sights--I will be using "open" sights--Thx again--After I feed my beagle pack I will be shooting my loader for the first time--Wish me luck--;)
  8. Yellowtail3

    Yellowtail3 Well-Known Member

    Here's how to do it. Shoot at 25 yards, get it right on. Run a spit patch and a couple dry patches between shots. Go to fifty yards; sight in about 1" high, and you'll be good to 100+. Go to http://www.handloads.com/calc/ and plug in weight/dia./etc and you'll get good idea of trajectory. But if you've got it about 1-2" high at fifty, you're good to about 100ish, bullet not deviating from line of sight more than a couple inches. It'll drop fast much past 100. 150 yards is getting out there, for a 100gr/240 load; if you're good at range estimation maybe, but that is getting out there a bit.

    Try to fire a few shots at 100... just to see how well it & your!) works, and adjust from there if you'd like. I adjust my scope for shots from clean & cold barrel, to duplicate what I'll actually get in the field. It takes a while, it is inconvenient, but I know where it'll hit.

    I've killed three deer this season with 90gr Pyrodex RS & same bullet you're using - TC's 240gr XTP (actually, killed the buck with a TC CheapShot). enjoy your hunt.
  9. Whump

    Whump Member

    Thx all for your response--I tried the 200 gr. ShockWaves but had nothing but "flyers"--They were fairly hard to load even with "swabbing" every couple of shots--I then tried the XTP's and got the results I wanted--Very similar to what Yellowtail3 described, only my groups are ap. six inches high at 100 yds. but dead center on windage--I may do more fine tuning but I am satisfied that I can now put meat on the table--The 200 gr. ShockWaves do not work for me--Thx for all your help, I really appreciate it---:cool: ;)
  10. Yellowtail3

    Yellowtail3 Well-Known Member

    6" is waaay too high at 100. Get it to where they're right on at a hundred, and you'll be much better off - that way you don't have to mess with holding under. Get it right on at 100, maybe an inch or two high AT THE MOST.
  11. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    Seasoning a bore.

    I do it and it's worked out well for me. I use T/C bore butter to clean and as a lube in my .50. My .36 gets a spit patch for lube. Use hot water to clean up the initial mess (pull the barrel from the stock and put the breech end in the pan). After getting all the loose gunk out, it's time for a brush. A few passes, then back into a fresh pot of hot water. Run cotton patches down the barrel to dry it, then bore butter or the homemade brew from Gotfeo (sp?) while it's still hot.

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