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Sightron 20x42 mmd fixed power any reviews?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Heavies, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Heavies

    Heavies Well-Known Member

    I'm on a tight budget right now and I need a new scope for my target rifle. I am considering the Sightron fixed power 20x42 siii with the modified mil reticule.

    Anyone out there have this particular scope and have any comparisons to say a Leupold mkiv optically? Any cons that have been encountered?

    I have seen some reviews that this scope is as bright, if not brighter, than the Leupold.
    Furthermore, I can't seem to find any cons to this or any other sightron optic.
    I will be using this scope for 300-600 f-class.
    Thank you for your input.
  2. Heavies

    Heavies Well-Known Member

    No body tried one of these yet?
  3. Heavies

    Heavies Well-Known Member

    Well I have ordered one and can do a comparison myself. Hopefully the other reviews I has seen are accurate.
  4. Heavies

    Heavies Well-Known Member

    I guess no one has tried one of these,:confused: so I ordered one and now you can read my review of the scope.

    I took the Sightron SIII 20x42 fixed power out yesterday to a practice match and got to shoot at 200, 500, 600 yards.
    I can say that I was impressed by this little scope.
    I did not get a chance to rezero after mounting the scope to my rifle, and with a quick bore sight, I was able to get on the X ring in three rounds. The 1/4 moa clicks were very precise. I then proceeded to murder the spotter at that distance. I could see it very easily and had no trouble knocking it through the target board. At 500 X ring and spotter was still very clear and had no trouble holding many X's and ten's. 600 was just as clear, but the mirage started picking up and the wind started acting squirly. (gotta work on my wind skills).
    Even though the turrets are quite easy to turn, I did not have any problems with it changing during movements to different yard lines. I just tossed the rifle in my drag bag and humped to the next firing point. I think for quick moving tactical matches the turrets may pose a problem with getting bumped.
    The half mil hash marks were great help in holding off with switches in the wind.
    Well I have to say I think this scope for the price was worth it! It's not quite as bright as the MKiv at 20x, but it cost half as much. In my book it give you a good bang for your buck.:)

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