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Silencerco Osprey 9mm review

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by Ironman, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

  2. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    Osprey 9mm video review part2 (Shooting range)


    1. Sorry about the other shooters, it was extremely busy today. I'll do another video in the future on my uncles land. This however shows a comparision with unsuppressed and suppressed shooting.

    2. The Osprey stayed tighter on the USP9SD and I found it would loosen on the glock with LWD threaded barrel. Maybe I was being too delicate with the tightening of the can.

    3. Using 10cc's water will give some blowback, I used 5cc's and obtained the same suppression with no blowback.

    4. The 158grn had a deeper tone, but I think the 147grn sounded better.

    5. Its hard as hell to review a can when people come up to you every 5 seconds wondering what the hell it is. lol

    6. This thing is the FIRE, I love it.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2010
  3. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    nice review! can't wait to get mine
  4. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    Youll love it! Great can!
  5. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    Ironman - any reason you are using water specifically? I figured you'd be using wire pulling gel.

    BTW, did anyone else laugh at this?

    "It has a manual. Don't need that...."
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2010
  6. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member


    What I didnt tell ya is I had already taken that manual home and memorized it for 2 months. ahahahaha

    I forgot the wire pulling gell at home...so I had to use the sink at the range. oops.
  7. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    Gotcha, Would you mind if I distributed that link to a few potential customers? I want to make sure i give credit where credit is due.

    I also talked to Josh today. My Osprey 9/40 and Sparrow's are waiting Form 3 approval. The Osprey 45's have not completed yet and have yet to have form 3's sent out.

    So I decided to ask about the Dark Earth Osprey 45..... at which point he said he can have them serialized and form 3's completed in a week and I ordered 10 of them.

    More osprey's for everyone!
  8. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    Nice! lol. Busy man.

    You can link the 3 videos to whomever you want. -Adam
  9. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    Thanks adam! Next time you need anything from Silencerco - let me know. If your video helps me sell some product, I'll return the favor on your next purchase.
  10. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    Thanks man!


    Ok, just got an email from Josh@Silencerco.....He saw my review and the post about the Osprey coming loose on the LWD glock barrel. So he checked the threads on their Osprey pistons and they all measured at Class3a thread. The LWD barrels they had, did not. So they are working with LWD to get the threading tightened up on future barrels....Its proactive stuff like this that bring companies like Silencerco to the top.

    Just felt you all should know this, Josh didnt ask me to post this but I couldnt keep this info to myself. -Adam
  11. GoingQuiet

    GoingQuiet Well-Known Member

    Note to self: Don't order LWD Barrels.

    I like Storm Lake except they're rather hard to find in the models I want.
  12. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

  13. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2010
  14. rodensouth

    rodensouth Well-Known Member

    Great review! Good shooting too IMHO.

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