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Since I can't tell my wife this...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JaxNovice, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. JaxNovice

    JaxNovice member

    I went down to Academy yesterday and bought the first new gun in a long time. I bought myself a Glock 17 RTF2 with some extra cash I had stashed away that no one knew about but me.

    Pretty pysched and look forward to shooting it.

    I had to tell someone so it might as well be you guys. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    Let her shoot with you!
  3. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    Maybe not that gun ... :uhoh:
  4. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    If that pistol ain't for her I can see future issue between hunny and wifey.

    My wifes play gun is also a g17. I rest next to her side of the bed at night.
  5. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    My wife would hate it if I did that! Not only would it be tantamount to embezzling in our shared finances, but also, she would berate me for not getting a Beretta, like civilized folks. 8)

    On a more serious note though, I would feel pretty bad for not letting my wife know about a 500ish dollar buy. Also, there is no way I would be able to go home nd not yell "RANGE TRIP!" while waving the case around frantically.
  6. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    Why not just be honest with your wife about it? When I'm going to go buy a gun, I tell her, or show her after the fact. When she's going to go to the spa (her expensive thing of choice), she tells me either before or after.
  7. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    No offence, but you might have a problem if you have to hide something like this from your Wife.

    Personally, I use to take a lot of pleasure showing my Wife the latest thing I bought. She would act interested and we both felt good.

    Since my Wife died, every time I get to my front door after a gun show I feel bad that my Wife isn't waiting inside for me to show her what I bought.

    Think about it.
  8. WinThePennant

    WinThePennant Well-Known Member

    Well, let him have his fun. Not everyone has an understanding spouse when it comes to boys and their toys.

    I'm building an AR15 because my wife would never let me spend $1,000 on a rifle. ;)
  9. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator

    Good luck.

    Relationship advice is not my specialty.

    Mine would not care about the purchase but I would get stuff about it being a glock. :) just kidding!

    Her latest purchase was Smith.

    We do not have any secrets. Today we will go to the range and the loser will buy dinner with our money. :) We are not rich, but frugal, Retirement income needs close management, yet there is aways a surplus in the gun and ammo fund and I suspect there will another delightful addition to her/mine collection soon. Shopping together is fun.
  10. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    My wife would be fine with me buying it; would just want to know when she could go get hers.
  11. BigN

    BigN Well-Known Member

    Sooner or later she's going to catch you with it. The onslaught of many questions you can't answer is forthcoming...:evil:
  12. Dr_2_B

    Dr_2_B Well-Known Member

    One day soon...

    Wife: "Hey, where'd you get that?"
    Jax: "What, this old thing?"
  13. k soze

    k soze Well-Known Member

    Well, the money is relative, $500 might not be a big issue it may be that she is not as interested in guns as we are. My wife knows collecting and shooting makes me happy and she rather not know how much I spend on them.

    I hope you enjoy the gun and your wife, not at the same time. When you get a chance please post a review and pics of the .......
  14. Zerstoerer

    Zerstoerer Well-Known Member

    Think of it this way - when they come to confiscate your guns, she will not know anything about that one.
    It is your responsibility to keep yourself armed with a secret stash of weapons to protect your family.
  15. JaxNovice

    JaxNovice member


    She could not tell the difference between an O/U and a Glock. All she thinks is "guns".

    $500 is not a big deal around this house as she will drop that on a purse. We have separate accounts yet she still gives me grief about having so many guns. She can have 100 pairs of shoes but give me <deleted> for multiple guns.

    I should have clarified when I wrote this post that I would not tell her as she could care less. I was sharing my excitement with my fellow board members.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 31, 2011
  16. MJ_ATL

    MJ_ATL Well-Known Member

    Jax, I get where you're coming from, my wife is completely uninterested in the guns and pretty much just tolerates my interest in them and in shooting. I also have the same stash box for cash to use on something I want. We operate on DADT with my guns in this house, she doesn't ask, I don't tell. Mine won't even ask where something came from.

    My only problem is that I'm at the point where to get a new one I have to sell something as my allocated space in the house is full.

    Others shouldn't be judging marital situations from a 2 paragraph post... just saying.
  17. hvychev77

    hvychev77 Well-Known Member

    my wife and i have the agreement that, for every new gun i buy, she can get another piece of furniture. So, i got the best of both worlds so far. One day i won't be able to walk in my own house!!!! We got a little one now, so her thoughts on where we spend money is definitely changing!!
  18. Lex Luthier

    Lex Luthier Well-Known Member

    My wife knows how to load and shoot her LC9, and is aware of the recoil factor with larger handguns. We both agreed that she absolutely must be able to shoot the bad guy if I am laying there bleeding to death.

    I "make her" go to the range with me a few times a year and she has to shoot everything right along with me. The last situation you want to be in is having to give basic handgun operation and handling instructions in a hot zone.
  19. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    Fiscal problems/disparities/lies trump infidelity regarding divorce in the USA. Put your foot down if you feel you must. But lying/hiding is never a good idea.

    ETA: She may argue but at least she can respect your honesty with her.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2011
  20. Zerstoerer

    Zerstoerer Well-Known Member

    ...and instead of your wife giving you <deleted>, you got nagging and bickering from fellow forum members!
    Buy more guns, don't tell anyone.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 31, 2011
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