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Single stage fun and a 303

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by HANDLOADER, Sep 15, 2008.


    HANDLOADER Well-Known Member

    I have taken a little break from work the past 3 days and have begun to see wht I love my LEE. I set down and work on HD and carry loads. I finaly got 2 worked up. My HD loads are 150 KIETH with 5 gr of UNIQUE in the 38 sprcial. My carry load is a Siera 170 JHP with 4.75 gr of 800X in the same 38. Then I sat down and loaded up all but 120 303 brits. Any way I go to my home made range brhind the shop and fire some off. It was a terrible day for rifle shooting. I kept the shoots on the target but I was out of timming. I kept pulling yjr trigger before I was ready. So I just put it down and started shooting the pistol. Great for that. Hit every target between me and 25 yards. So it wasn't such a waste after all. The 303 loads I realy love 11.9 gr of UNIQUE with a 155 gr cast bullet. So today was a great day of shooting and loading. Has anyone else had on of these days lately?


  2. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    In my experience the .303 British is an extremely easy round to reload.
    How many of these loads have you shot from yours and what kind of life are you getting from your brass?

    HANDLOADER Well-Known Member

    303 Brit

    I just got the rifle back in the the summer on a horse trade and have not put that many rounds through it at all. All I have counted up for is 20 factory rounds and 11 of the handloads. I just tested the accuracy of it see if I was onto a good load. I will say I like my 30-30 load better due to the fact that it has a heavy crimp on the cast bullet. I am using the lee collet dies to load for the 303 Brit and am getting up to the 3rd reload and no problem at all. So I guss that about all I have to say.



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