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Size matters!

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by ZVP, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. ZVP

    ZVP Well-Known Member

    while caressing a couple revolvers of mine, I noticed that myPet Piettia New Police is almost exactlly the same size (outside dimensions) as my 6 1/2" Single Six! The Ruger has about an inch more of barrel but cylinder width, frame height and trigger pull length are nearlly the same!
    No wonder the Navies were so popular,they really were SMALL!
    Just looking at these two revolvers I expected more of a difference but when I put them against eachothor the relative sizez came to light!
    This also opens up holster possibilitys for both guns. Since they are so interchangeable maybe one of those sweet Cabela's BP holsters would fit the Ruger?
    Just a bit of usefull information for ya'll
  2. 72coupe

    72coupe Well-Known Member

    Try one of these. Its on the Pocket Pistol frame. It is a tiny 5 shot 36 cal.
  3. swathdiver

    swathdiver Well-Known Member

    Pietta Police, is that the .36 cal with a 6-1/2" barrel length? I thought those were the same frame size as their .44 NMA? Or is it genuinely smaller?

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