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SKS Prices

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by wcoats, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. wcoats

    wcoats Well-Known Member

    So I went to the dixi gun and knife show this weekend, and saw a lot of variety in SKS prices. I knew prices had gotten kinda high, but wow, I saw some really expensive SKSs. I did see one $350 Norinco, but most were in the $500ish price range, I was a little surprised they had gotten that high. I also saw a $999 Russian one. I knew the Russian ones were the most expensive but had never heard of a thousand dollar SKS, what has the world come to?
  2. joejoeshooter

    joejoeshooter Well-Known Member

    Paid $200 for a yugo a few weeks back. It was from a friend though...but that's what he paid for it about a year ago...

  3. ssbn731g

    ssbn731g Well-Known Member

    They are selling here in SD for about 250-400

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