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SKS using AK mags...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Dgreno, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Dgreno

    Dgreno Well-Known Member

    Hey all, are the SKS to AK mag conversion for sale on eBay and gunbroker any good? Me and a my father in law were thinking about getting one to convert a norinco and a yugo... I figured someone on here had tried it...
  2. yesit'sloaded

    yesit'sloaded Well-Known Member

    I would rather buy an SKS that was made to take them( SKS-D or SKS-M) or use the Tapco mags than try to do the conversion. Do you have machining experience?
  3. Dgreno

    Dgreno Well-Known Member

  4. brentn

    brentn Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty vague if you ask me. Doesn't tell you how much of the bolt to shave off among other things...

    Well if you manage to get it done, please post pics cause i've never seen an sks using ak mags before.
  5. kaizer

    kaizer Well-Known Member

    Why not give it a shot on the Yugo and if you manage to do it then try it on the Norinco. Personally, my tapco mags have been flawless so I am not that interested. I did mod the bolt in my yugo like they suggest so that I can insert and remove mags without screwing with the bolt. It is an easy and I believe fairly common mod.
  6. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    Looks like something they'd be making in Khyber Pass.
  7. Zedicus

    Zedicus Well-Known Member

    Saw some interesting SKS mags at Cabelas today with 10rnd-50rnd caps ($15-$29 price range)

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